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hair color for green eyes

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Best Hair Color for Green Eyes, Fair Skin, and Warm Skin Tone, Pale, Hazel, Pictures

What hair colors go best with green eyes? What is the best hair color to bring out green eyes? What is the best color to wear for green eyes? What color should I dye my hair to make my eyes pop? Get more insight about the best hair color for green eyes, hazel eyes, and warm skin tone.

What Is the Best Hair Color for Green Eyes?

What is the best color for green eyes? Most women with green eyes get countless compliments on a daily basis because of how their gorgeous eye color is. Those amazingly beautiful green eyes that made us feel the calmness of nature that reflects in human appearance.

hair color for green eyes

hair color for green eyes

Have you ever notice why celebrities look beautiful by the way they always have perfect hair and eye makeup? Their hair colorists and stylists is that they select or go for hues that complement their skin tone, reduces flaws and bring out their bright eye colors.

If you have green eyes, you are among the lucky few who can try out a wide range of hair colors that are bound to complement your eyes.  Get more insight by exploring the posts below to know what matches those green hazel eyes and green blue eyes.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

Do you know having green hazel eyes make you look beautiful? Those people with either green hazel or green blue eyes are among the few people who are always considered to be the luckiest people since such type of eyes can easily blend with any colors except silver.

According to beauty research, most people find it hard to choose the best hair color for green eyes since creating the harmony between the green eyes that create the feel of calmness then reflects the nature and human appearance seems confusing making them not to stand out.

There are few factors to consider when going for the best hair color for green eyes such as skin complexion and your undertone. According to Allwomenstal’s Heather Jensen is that “one color that does not exactly work for green eyes is silver.”

Allwomenstal’s Heather Jensen has gone further to recommend that the best choices are warm golden and bronze hues. Therefore, for most of you who have green hazel eyes it is recommended to take brown hues. However blonde hair color can emphasize the beauty of your light eye color.

If you happen to have freckles on the skin, you should take the right color to diminish their appearance although you look very beautiful. The closer shade of chocolate brown can fantastically highlight the shine of your eyes.

Complete guide on how to choose the right color for your hair

  • Determine your eye color

This is done by considering if your eyes are completely green or they have some shades of hazel or blue such that it can facilitate to pick the right shade of hair color.

It gives you an opportunity to decide what colors you can pick to either make the green in your eyes pop out or play it down to bring out its cool or warm undertones.

  • Determine Your Skin Tone

This does not mean the color of your skin but instead it refers to the tone of your skin which can either be warm, cool, or neutral. Identify your skin tone color, it is usually done by checking the wrist of your hand such that if your veins appear to be blue or purple, you are cool toned, and if they are green, you are warm toned.

If it looks difficult to differentiate then you are either having a skin tone that is neutral or ‘olive.’

  • Determine Your Current Hair Color

Those of you who have extremely dark hair, going for a tone much lighter may take a lot of effort and damage your hair in the process. Therefore, pick colors that are close to your natural hair. Or instead, it is advisable to choose colors that have either three shades darker or lighter.

  • Determine your dressing code

You need to check on your wardrobe before trying anything new to your hair. Determine what colors would look good on you. I don’t expect to see you in striking clothes color while your hair is in cool tone. This is an offside and you will not be flattering.

If you appear good in warm colors such as red, yellow, gold, orange, etc., it is likely that warm hair colors such as golden, red, burgundy, and rich browns will look good on you. If you appear good in cool colors like blue, green, or violet, a cool hair color such as ash brown, platinum blonde, and most sandy colors will suit you best.

Therefore, as Polly Leider writing for CBS News puts it, “Picking the wrong shade can be a disaster for your overall appearance. It can make you look tired, sickly or unnaturally ruddy.”

Best Hair Color for Green Blue Eyes

Knowing your color type is definitely important and nobody wants to look washed out, pale or older because of an awkward choice of hair color. Take time to note how the color will complement with your skin tone and perhaps the type and color of clothes you are putting on.

Not only you need to appear natural but also flattering. Therefore, these green blue eyes can be made to appear gorgeous by using a variety of hair colors that matches your skin tone in all the dimensions.

Light blonde and medium brown hair color are the best that will make your green blue eyes to stand out. With this, you are likely to receive a lot of compliment throughout the day.

In cases, whereby you would wish to make a change of your hair color, always stick to the guide such that you have to consider your skin tone, dressing code, ear rings and other make ups you apply. It is however advisable to remain natural and this will make you to stand out naturally.

Also, honey, beige or gold are the color hues that sparkle the green blue eyes. You can also look nice in base shades like golden blonde, chestnut, golden brown or auburn. To look more flattering, try adding some streaks of cinnamon as highlights.

For a few of you who have fair skin complexion then best hair colors are copper brown or honey hues may seem fantastic. This can be enhanced with red highlights to make the blue eyes pop out and attract more attention.

Beauty tips to consider:

  • Determine your eyes color always to avoid color clashing.
  • Determine your skin tone by checking your wrist.
  • Determine your present dressing
  • Determine your current hair color
  • Choose the right facial make ups.

Hair Color for Green Hazel Eyes

How can you determine your eyes color? It is simple just pick a mirror and look directly into it then carefully observe the color that dominate your iris.

Hair color for hazel eyes

Hair color for hazel eyes

If one of the following hues defines and they are in abundance, then you have hazel eyes. Green, golden brown, green yellow, amber, blue or a mixture of two of any mentioned color hues.

The green hazel eyes can interact well with any color that matches similar with that of green eyes by keeping in the mind the main key factors to consider such as skin undertone, dressing mode and the color of the natural hair.

Therefore, the vibrant shades of red hair color form the best matches of green. Reddish brown or auburn can be the best alternative if you are not comfortable with bright red. Ash brown and platinum blonde are not suitable hair color for green hazel eyes.

Factors to consider the right hair for green hazel eyes.

  • Your skin tone
  • Your eyes color
  • your current hair color
  • The color of your clothing
  • Skin complexion.

Hair Color Ideas for Green Eyes and Cool Skin

Green eyes that are either hazel or blue with a cool skin tone leave you with a lot of light hair color options, but there are a few darker shades that can make you to stand out too. With the right shade, you can pull off any hair color, be it blonde, red, or brown.


The ideas include:

  • Pale, strawberry, ash, white, and platinum are the shades of blonde that look gorgeous on cool skin.
  • Reds with a purple tint and purple burgundy are some good shades that bring out the green in your eyes.
  • Ash browns and soft chestnut browns also look good on cool skin.
  • Colors with a blue or a violet base are also ideal.

Precautionary measures:

  • Avoid black hair on cool skin as it creates a harsh contrast between your skin and the hair color.
  • Avoid Golden hairs along with caramel and honey.
  • Anything with an orange base is also to be avoided when it comes to cool skin tones.

Best Hair Color Ideas for Green Eyes and Olive Skin Tone

Those of you who have eyes color that has golden flecks, usually tend to have olive skin tone. This combination makes your eyes and skin perfect for trying out a wide variety of colors.

The following is a list of colors and ideas about olive skin tone with green eyes:

  • Rich golden blondes look amazing on an olive skin tone, and make it glow.
  • Copper based colors work well with this skin tone as they highlight the golden flecks in your eyes.
  • Chocolate browns and rich golden browns are a good choice.
  • People with olive skin can pull off rich auburns very well.

However, there are other colors that you should keep away from such as:

  • Platinum blonde or anything ashy is something you must avoid with olive skin.
  • Blue, violet, and green bases rarely work for people with olive skin and green eyes and are best avoided.

This will always remain applicable once the following factors are put into consideration:

  1. Your skin tone
  2. Your eyes color
  3. your current hair color
  4. The color of your clothing
  5. Skin complexion.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Fair Skin

When it comes to fair skin toned and green-eyed women the perfect hair colors that can match them are lighter shades. When selecting the best hair color for green eyes, the main aim is to complement your skin tone in order to minimize flaws and bring out the best in your complexion.

hair color for green eyes and fair skin

hair color for green eyes and fair skin

Choosing the wrong shade can be a disaster for your overall appearance. It can make you look tired, sickly or unnaturally ruddy.


In such a situation, women with darker skin tones cannot wear lighter hair colors because they will look unnatural. Moreover, when it comes to women with fair skin and green eye color, lighter shades and hues can look gorgeous and perfect since it suits them.

Check out on the following shades that can match green eyes and fair skin:

  • Red and its shade

These shades are probably the best since If you have freckles and blemishes and want to bring the focus to your pretty bright eyes you are expected to choose red hues.  If you are thinking of red, go for deep and bright reds or browns with red undertones. Shades of maroon also look great on fair skin, especially if you are warm toned.

  • Black hair

It is best to avoid black if you are extremely pale. But if you have some color in your cheeks, black hair can look really amazing on fair skin.

  • A range of blonde hair

If you have been thinking along the idea of going blonde, you can experiment with pale blondes, whites, and honey blondes.

  • Brown

For brown hair, almost all shades look good on fair skin. From warm tones like golden brown and rich chocolate shades to cool ashy blondes, it’s all a go.

According to allure, medium auburn is also a good color for green eyes and fair skin. A soft ginger too can also be a great choice.

Precautionary measures to adopt:

  • Golden hair is not the best option for people with fair skin. It undermines the green in your eyes, setting your features off balance.
  • Copper hair can make your pale skin and redness stand out.
  • Auburn hair can bring out the blemishes on your face which most of us don’t always have the time to cover with makeup.

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Fair Skin

  1. Your Skin and Hair Work should be compatible.

Going for a shade too far or in contrast with your natural hair color can only make your hair color look obviously fake. Therefore, you should pick the best hair color that has a complexion with your skin to remain natural.

  1. The hair color and skin tone must be of same level and shade

When you use permanent hair dye for coloring, it enhances your hair’s outer color, and it will make your underlying hair pigment or highlights more visible thus you should identify the best shade that is of the same level with your skin tone

  1. Identify Your Skin Undertone

Regardless of your skin tone, determining your skin undertone is important in choosing the hair color that will look natural on you. This is because your skin undertone contains similar pigments as your hair.

  1. Identify hair color suitable to aging skin

Your skin tone is always dynamic as you age, so it is good to go for colors that are not too different from your natural hair color. As your hair changes to gray, your skin tone will go lighter. selecting the same colors when you were a teen would not be suitable for you at this age.

To be on the right side, pick colors that are two levels lighter or darker than your natural hair color. A softer color will soften your characteristics and can make you appear younger. If you pick the extremes such as platinum blonde or jet black, your fine lines and wrinkles may be emphasized

Nevertheless, it depends to you if you should decide to be safe or make a bold step with extreme color changes. No matter what, just select colors that suit your skin undertones so your new hair color can look even just a bit natural.

The Best Hair Color for Fair Skin with a Golden Undertone

Individuals with this complexion have clear skin that tends to blush easily and have freckles. Their eye color can be blue or green with flecks of gold. Their hair is usually blonde, but some may have dark or red hair.

If you have this skin color, you should keep away from ash blonde or pale blonde. Instead, opt for warmer colors for fair skin such as golden brown, golden blonde, honey blonde, copper and reddish tones like strawberry blonde or gold-based red.

However, Light or medium brown with warm tones will also work well. Just make sure that the hair color is light and warm. Darker color only suits people with cool undertones.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

Green eyed ladies with warm skin complexions are quite bright to look at and if you choose the right hair color complimenting your eye and skin tone you’d be just sparkling.

For instance, if you have warm skin tone with some yellow undertone the perfect hair colors for you are cinnamon, copper hues, ginger, some light shades of red like strawberry and russet.

However, if you have warm skin with golden undertones you’d better keep off from deep brown hair colors. The best options for you can be rich shades as base colors including mahogany, auburn, chestnut and darker hues of brown.

Factors that influence the intensity of green eyes color and warm skin tone include:

  • Natural Hair Color

Green eyes are very unique color you can possess and therefore, natural hair color is the most powerful determinant to make your eyes “pop” when people gaze at them. The best hair color for green eyes should accent the predominant color without washing them out.

  • Type and colors of make-ups

Green eyes always tend to change the color basing on the makeup you are wearing. Therefore, you should experiment on various eye shadows. Green eye shadow tends to make the green hues in hazel eyes more predominant.

  • Clothing style

The color type of the cloth you are wearing will greatly determine the intensity of your eye colors. Some clothing types will make it weaker while others will make it stronger. The best colors to give your green eyes a deeper appearance include; gold, blue and various shades of green.

  • Emotions

This affects the rate at while blood flows in your eyes. The intensity of green hazel eyes can change depending on various emotional set ups such as crying and joyous. It is a temporal scenario and can easily be corrected.

  • Drugs

Certain medications, illicit drugs, alcohol and narcotics can greatly impact on how your eyes appear. Marijuana and alcohol can make your eyes red and continuous consumption can permanently affect your natural eye color.

  • Diseases and Allergies

Eye ailments such as pink eye can alter the nature of eyes giving it a permanent or temporal different color appearance. Allergens similarly can make your eyes appear puffy, watery or reddish.

  • Lighting

Both light from the sun and artificial forms can impact on the appearance of your eyes. According to studies, people with hazel eyes are susceptible to the harmful UV radiations from the sun.

This is due to the fact that this type of eye color has little melanin, a dark substance that protects our eyes and skin against harmful effects of the sun. It is therefore highly suggested you wear UV protection sunglasses

Tips for Best Hair Color for your Skin Tone

  • The color should be the right complement for your skin undertones. This is possible if you realize your skin tones, either cool or warm.
  • Examine the color of your veins at the wrist, if blue tinged, then you are cool girl, and if green then you are warm.
  • For warm skin tones, chose the warm color shades that make your yellow or golden undertones appear radiant.
  • For cool skin tones, cool color shades like ash or silvery are suitable for making the pink undertone stand out.
  • Your eyes need to stand out. This is achieved by knowing your eyes color. Check in the mirror to see the dominant colors in the iris.
  • To make the eyes pop, look for the hair color that match your eyes color. For example, golden blonde as the best hair color for tan skin greatly matches the golden hues in hazel eyes.
  • Your childhood hair color or natural hair color is always the perfect match to accent all your features. Therefore, coloring to chance should be within the three shades of this natural hair color.
  • To make your cool skin tones vibrant, go for warm highlighting, conversely, your warm undertones need to be calmed with cool highlights.
  • Dye can cause hair damage and immediate treatment should follow such an instance to avoid further breakages that may lead to lose of hair.
  • Maintenance should be done to avoid fading. There are hair color shades that fades when exposed to the sun and avoiding them can be the only best option.


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