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Hair color for tan skin

Hair Color

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin, Brown Eyes, Unnatural, Brown, Ombre, Tones

Do you have tan skin? Get more insight in to the best hair color for tan skin male and women, unnatural colors, brown hair colors, light hair colors and even ombre hair color for any individual with tan skin.

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin

Tan skin can be of different undertones since there are some people who have warm skin tone while others have cool undertones. In addition, there are also some women who have olive skin undertone hair color for tan skin

All these skin undertones complexions require specific hair colors to complement with any trending tan skin. When you are tan what do you expect? Here are list of hair colors that will suit an individual perfectly, whether they are cool or warm skin undertone.

Warm skin tone:

  1. Blonde shades

Those women who have tan skin and are of warm skin tone may consider the following warm blonde shades to complement their skin tone:

  • Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

This shade of blonde hair color can combine well with any form of tan skin that has warm skin tone to bring out an amazing look whether with black or brown eyes. These always pop and blink amazingly with the tan skin especially during winter period.

  • Honey Blonde Hair Color

These blonde hair color is warm and shiny for tan skin women with either brown or black eyes. If a person considers using honey blonde then they have no reason of not consulting any hair colorist. The hair colorist will ensure to leave the darker roots intact and add honey-hued highlighting in order to bring out that warm honey blonde look in a client.

  • Golden Blonde Hair Color

This blonde shade brings out that natural looking in women with warm skin that has tan skin color especially when blend with butter, gold and honey hues when paired with those green hazel or light brown eyes and even becomes the best hair color for the tan skin.

  • Caramel Blonde Hair Color

These blonde shades have a light golden brown or dark iridescent blonde color that is lovely on any complexion, but most natural-looking on those with medium to dark skin tones. The shade look awesome mainly to tan skin females when they try to beautify by starting with the base of dark golden blonde tones through the mid-lengths and ends with pale highlights around the face.

  1. Red shades

These hair color in most occasion strikes or color clash with tan color. Therefore, according to professional hair colorist, there is no way both red and tan color will flatter whether warm skin or cool skin undertones. Those females with tan skin should keep off or away from any red shade hair color.

  1. Brown shades

Tan skin women may consider the following shades of brown that will glow their tan skin color with different eyes color:

  • Dark auburn brown

This is a shade of brown hair color that is rich in colors for both cool and warm skin, thus it brings out that perfect complexion for different eyes colors and tan skin color. Individuals look great on tan complexions.

  • Warm mahogany

This shade of brown has a deep reddish brown shade. These shades go for females with tan, neutral, beige complexion and warm brown eyes. People with similar skin tone, may consider warming up the natural dark brunette with mahogany brown hair color.

  • Chocolate and toffee browns

This shade is considered as a dramatic and exotic shade since it contains deep brown with hints of cool red. A person may consider using it in case they have a medium, warm or neutral complexion and cool brown, green or blue eyes, and also use of natural shade is medium or dark cool brunette.

  • Sandy brown

These shades of blonde appear gorgeous for people with light, warm complexions and light blue or green eyes.  Sandy brown hair color looks great with beige blonde highlights.

Cool skin tone

  1. Blonde shades as best hair color for the tan skin

The following is a list of blonde shades for cool skin tone women with tan skin. There are several shades of blonde that will always bring out the awesome appearance when they perfectly combine together.

  • Ash blonde

Traditional ash blonde hair color can be warmed up with buttery highlights to complement the tan skin tone needed since Ash blonde hair color is a darker, cooler shade of silvery blonde that is an excellent choice for those with darker natural hair, skin and eye colors.

  • Platinum blonde

This is one of the blonde shades that is usually considered to the lightest of all the blonde shades, and is best on fair skin tones or medium skin tones with a yellowish tint. But this palest of blonde hues appears fabulous with any eye color, and is particularly striking with bright blue or brown eyes.

  1. Red shade as best hair color for the tan skin

This is one of the complicated and sophisticated hair color shades for cool skin females with tan skin. An individual can find it difficult to combine with but due to its trending nature, experimental is the key to make a person stand out beautifully.

If a person happen to be a natural brunette especially women with medium skin or tan skin complexion then, some copper highlights can be the best flattering hair color they may consider going for. Also, Cinnamon is also a good tan skin hair color.

  1. Brown shades as best hair color for the tan skin

A person with cool skin tone may consider going for cool brown shades for the tan skin. Here are some of the colors an individual may opt for:

  • Natural Brown

These shades are a neutral tone where coolness and warmth is fairly balanced but they are best when complementing with cool skin tone women of tan skin color. The trick here is to try and stick to the range of cool hair tones.

  • Chestnut brown

These shades can be used as lowlights to enhance a great look on a light tan according to interest. This earthy-looking hue is best on tan skin complexions with dark eye colors such as black or brown but can be exotic on medium skin tones with blue eyes.

Note: Avoid going for one tone blonde where one wishes to attain the best look ever. For most people, honey or five-tone blonde looks fantastic.

Best Hair Color for Tan Skin and Black Eyes

Do you know how to match hair color for tan skin with black eyes? These two colors seem to be unique and also complicated to match but worry no more, in this world of fashion and beauty, the experiment is the key to stand out and look amazing.Hair color for black eyes

Before a person considers the best hair colors for tan skin and black eyes, let the following guidelines direct to them on the best hair color ideas to consider for people with tan skin:

  • Ensure the hair colors considered always match with the skin undertone once after understanding the skin undertone that is whether cool or warm.
  • Identify the color of the wrist vein to help in identifying the undertone that is if they are blue then a person is said to have a cool skin tone and if they are green, a person is said to have a warm skin tone.
  • Those with warm skin tone may stick to warm hair color shades while those women who have cool skin tone may go for cool shades hair color.
  • A person who wishes to make the cool skin tone glow and shine then they may consider going for warm highlights. Also, those ladies with the warm skin tone that required to be calmed down then cool highlights are the best for this.
  • The person may consider going for colors that have a good contrast with their eyes and skin tone.
  • Make good maintenance of the dyed hair so as to avoid fading away.

Here are some of the hair color shades that can go well with tan skin and black eyes:

  • Dark Chocolate Hair Color

These shade of brunette is the best hair color for the tan skin women with black eyes since they are enhanced by the hue. If well maintained, this shade stimulates a sense of luxury and sophistication.

  • Dark Brown Copper Hair Color

This brunette shade brings out alive those black eyes with tan skin complexion whether warm or cool since it is a rich, warm, burnished brunette shade.

  • Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

This brown shade can complement any skin color and eyes due to its nature of being rich brown color with a touch of coppery spice. Green, brown and hazel eyes can also come alive with this shade of hair color.

  • Caramel Brown Hair Color

This is among the cool colors for tan skin ladies with dark or black eyes and they are used with a highlight shade with dark brown hair color. These hair color can also flatters well with olive skin tone and dark brown eyes.  It’s ideal for people with natural dark or medium brown hair.

  • Mahogany Brown Hair Color

When a person wishes to warm up the dark natural brunette may consider mahogany brown hair color. It work best for ladies with tan, neutral, beige complexion and dark or black eyes.

  • Chocolate Blonde Hair Color

When these color shades are adjusted well, they can suit the tan skin complexion and even make those black eyes to pop amazingly thus appearing to be the best hair color for tan skin.

  • Cherry Blonde Hair Color

The shade appears great on tan skin or dark skin tones complexion with dark or black eyes. The appearance is best created by dying the hair blonde, then adding cherry color over it.

  • Copper Blonde Hair Color

This is a blonde shade that can work best with individuals with tan skin tone together with either black or brown eyes since it is a luminous darker golden hue with amber undertones.

  • Honey Blonde Hair Color

It is a warm color for tan skin complexion with darker eye colors such as brown or black.

Note: there are a few brown shades that can turn the appearance and in turn make a person flattering. Selecting brunette is the most perfect decision ever when you think of highlights and lowlights.

Hair Color for Tan Skin and Brown Eyes

There are fabulous hair color ranging from blonde, red and brunette shades that can suit the tan skin complexion with those gorgeous eyes. Some colors appear dramatic and exotic if blended well with those amazing eyes colors.

Here are a good number of best hair colors for the tan skin complexion:


Blonde shades as best hair color for the tan skin

  • Caramel Blonde Hair Color

It is a light golden brown shade that look great to any skin complexion, but appear great more on natural-looking medium to dark skin tones that is tan skin women.

  • Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair Color

This shade falls under those warm colors that are beachy-looking hue on tan, medium, tawny complexions with light- to medium-shade eye colors such as blue, gray or light brown.

Brown shades as best hair color for tan skin

  • Plum Brown Hair Color

It is a warm color and has a deep violet cast that blend well with any complexion for people with cool, fair or medium or tan skin and cool brown or blue eyes. If you are attracted to plum brown hair color then opt for a few deep plum balayage or ombré highlights within their brunette hair, in lieu of an overall plum brown.

  • Chocolate Cherry Brown Hair Color

It has an awesome blend with medium, cool or tan complexion and cool brown, green or blue eyes due to the hints of cool red and its nature of being dramatic and exotic.

  • Dark Ash Brown Hair Color

It is a cool shade that has no any traces of red or gold. These shade also complement with any skin complexion but blends well with people of brown or blue eyes.

Red shades as best hair color for the tan skin

  • Medium Auburn Hair Color

It is considered to be ideal to people of tan skin and green or warm brown eyes. The shade has a combination of medium golden red and medium brown.

  • Golden Copper Hair Color

A person who have a porcelain, peach, tan, golden or neutral skin complexion and also an individual with blue, green, hazel or warm brown eyes may consider going for golden copper hair color.

  • Burgundy Hair Color

It has similar color with dark red violet shade that can suit people with complexions that are dark or olive-toned and looks striking with brown or icy blue eyes.

Hair Color for Tan Skin Male

Men should also go for various dye colors for their hair and tan skin complexion so that they can also enjoy the adventure of glowing and being handsome too.  Choose the best hair color for the tan skin, especially when someone has understood the skin undertone color. This dying job will complement well with the skin complexion.

A person who has a dark skin complexion may consider visiting a professional hair colorist to offer pieces of advice on trying out something great on the hair.

Check out on the following hair colors:

  • Rooty blonde

Those tan skin men with hairs that have black roots should bleach the hair with bright blonde color while maintaining the natural black color.

  • Medium neutral brown

These color shade for hair complement many skin complexion but go best with fair or medium skin or neutral skin complexion. Those men with cool red hints look great.

  • Copper brown

Guys with warm skin undertone look great in this shade. Anyone with long straight hair look awesome with this shade.

Note: The best hair color for tan or dark skin men are those that flatters with their natural dark hair well such as golden highlights, golden with red highlights, golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, copper, auburn, mahogany, and warm tones of gray and white.

Unnatural Hair Color for Tan Skin

There are numerous types of unnatural colors like Green, purple, blue, pink available out there. But a person may need to be very careful in selecting such colors at it would attract a lot of attention. The best way to incorporate these colors is to use them as highlights or streaks thus making it to be the best hair color for tan skin.Tan skin hair color

Go for purple pravana dye in case a person wishes to have a color that will definitely hold up in the hair as well during summer season. Pravana is the favorite dye that comes and wild colors that tend to hold the longest.

If you are going to color your hair a wild color then Invest in a good sulfate free shampoo & conditioner.  Only shampoo your hair once when you wash if you want your best hair color for the tan skin to be great.

Note: Roxie Darling, a hair colorist at Hairstory Studio in New York City, advises: “Anyone can wear any color, but it’s all about placement and saturation…The way to go about this is doing something that will make you look your best.”

Brown Hair Color for Tan Skin

The following is a list of detailed range of brunette shades:

  • Dark Brown Copper

It perfectly complement tan skin women with natural warm or neutral brown hair. It makes brown, blue and green eyes to pop or come live.

  • Dark Brown Auburn

This shade looks great to people with tan skin complexion and cool brown or green eyes.  It’s also complimentary for people with olive complexions.  It’s a perfect choice if you have natural dark brown hair.

  • Light Brown Copper

This shade is amazing on people with tan, warm skin tones and green eyes. It’s necessary to use care with warm hair colors like this to prevent them from fading or losing vibrancy.  Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair.

  • Golden Bronze

This is a warm shade that has a mixture of golden and red tones that looks beautiful on warm skin.  Avoid this color if your complexion is ruddy or cool.

  • Unnatural hair color

You can possibly put on some black or brown hair dyes but spice them up with burgundy highlights.

Light Hair Color for Tan Skin

These shades of light hair color include:

  • Mocha swirl

This is a shade of light brown hair color that works well for blondes who wish to go brunette since it is not too dark or warm. Thus you can go easily black or brown when summer starts.

  • Color melt

This is ombre shade that has a pretty transition from black, almost black roots rich, warm colored light brown making be the best hair color for the tan skin.

  • Gingerbread delight

Tan, dark to medium skin women will complement to this color shade. Hair that is medium to light brown can easily attain these colors shade.

Ombre Hair Color for Tan Skin

Most of this shade usually complements tan skin women especially if they go caramel hair color shade which looks great if they are out on a sunshine beach or a dinner on beach. It is considered as one of the best shade ever since it complement well with your brown natural hair when you are tan skin woman.

Cherry cola is also a shade of ombre hair color that flatters well with tan skin ladies since when blend well with cherry and dark cola, the beauty of both your eyes and skin color complexion pop out.

When you try deep brown chocolate with highlights of ombre, it appears more gorgeous when you curl your hair. Chocolate with highlights of ombre can be an alternative that will leave your face bright and vibrant.

Ombre hair color sparkles and brighten up your natural blonde or brown hair if you decide to go Chocolate cherry. Apart from this, then you will find yourself fond of lavender, coral, and pale yellow and mint green thus great or best hair color for tan skin.


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