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Blisters on Penis or STD? Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

Blisters on penis

Are you having small blisters, sore or bumps on your dick? Blisters on penis can result from different causes, some of them are harmless while others can be a threat to your life when left untreated. Continue reading to explore more.

Signs and Symptoms

Herpes is a viral infection which is brought about by the herpes simplex virus. Herpes can affect the mouth (oral herpes) or the genitals (HSV Type 2).

Herpes is usually transmitted via direct contact with the mouth or even the genitals of a person who is infected with the virus via sexual intercourse or even oral sex and also kissing.

The symptoms can be very much difficult to spot. Most of the people won’t have any symptoms. Those people who do can develop blisters which are often mistaken for several other skin conditions such as the pimples.

Symptoms normally happen between two days and about two weeks after an infection. The initial outbreak might be very severe. Common symptoms of the condition in men are:

  • itching, or burning of skin in the skin area where the blisters appear
  • blisters or sores on the penis, on and around the anus, or thighs
  • blisters on lips, gums, and several other parts of the body
  • aching muscles in lower back, thighs, or even the knees
  • swollen and tender lymph nodes in the groin
  • loss of the appetite

What Causes Blisters on Penis?

Some diseases such as diabetes might lead to a persistent itchy swollen penis which is red. These are signs of thrush infection on the penis. Causes of the sore on the penis are much wide and some might depend on the strength of an individual’s immune system.

Most of the STDs and also STIs have sores, blisters and also rushes as symptoms and also advanced sores may cause a checkup of the sexually transmitted diseases. Below are some causes of the penile sores;

  1. Candidal balanitis infection in men

Candidal balanitis is a cause of sores on the penis which also appears to be swollen, irritated or itchy. It is normally characterized by a swollen penile head and thus giving it the name “Corn inflammation”.

Thrush infection is very much common in women but it also affects the men. Diabetic men might experience extreme pain and also the red penile head if they do contact candidal balanitis.

  1. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is purely a skin disease which is always characterized by a scaly skin that is reddish in color. Psoriasis can happen on the penis only and is usually identified on the penile shaft or even the glans as many small red patches.

  1. Masturbation and injuries

Over masturbating can leave one having a sore penis because of the constant friction. It is very easy to bruise the surface of the skin because of its delicate nature.

The penis can also be injured from the painful sores such as in car accidents, severe burns or even having rough unprotected sex

  1. Condoms

Some people have blisters, itching or even swellings on penis after use of some types of condoms. This occurs mostly in people who are sensitive and also allergic to latex which is used to make condoms.

This can disappear on their own after some period of time but you should ensure that you seek medical advice if symptoms persist. There are several condoms which are designed for the allergic individuals in the market.

Just ensure that you seek the assistance of any pharmacist near you so as to identify them and thus enjoy your sexual life.

  1. Penile rings

Prolonging of the penis manually. Individuals having a small penis do use rings around the penis so as to prolong erections. An individual having the extra-long penis can also use the rings so as to mark the point at which they should not go any deeper while enjoying sex.

  1. Scab on penis

A scab on penile shaft might lead to extreme blisters when it is fresh. Areas that are around the scab can be itchy, sore and also pus-filled in some of the cases. Scabs are supposed to be treated with a lot of caution so as to avoid peeling them. Peeling a scab on the penis can lead to blisters.

  1. Poor hygiene under the foreskin.

Accumulation of smegma under the foreskin because of the poor hygiene. Smegma is the white deposits that are found under the foreskin when not cleaned properly. They easily lead to an infection that leads to a red, swollen penile head which is itchy.

  1. Vaginal thrush or yeast infection

A sexual intercourse when a partner has a yeast infection on vagina might also lead to a sore on penis head. This occurs when a person is allergic to thrush in the female vagina. This is a mildly inflamed penis which can easily be treated.

According to the doctors, vaginal thrush is not usually classified under sexually transmitted infections but it might be passed to a man when having sex and this also depends on the man’s immune system or several other related risk factors

  1. Allergic reactions

Using the soaps, or any allergens which might come into contact with the penis can lead to blisters. This can be in form of sores from the rashes which might be itchy and if it is left untreated might turn into open sores.

  1. Priapism

Priapism is an erection which is stiff, prolonged and also painful erection which can occur when you don’t plan to or even expect any sexual intercourse. This prolonged erection can also affect children who are as young as 5 years of age.

Priapism leads to the strain of erectile muscles making them remain sore and also very painful.  Is brought about by any of the following;

  1. Mental health conditions
  2. Erectile drugs can lead to constant erection
  3. Drugs that are used for depression can as well cause priapism
  1. Scabies

Scabies are brought about by itch mites called the Sarcoptes scabiei

Scabies is brought about by itch mites called the Sarcoptes scabiei are identified and related to by the small spots which appear to be raised and also red in color.

They can also be itchy and might appear on the penile shaft as well as the head. The irritation and agitation to scratch can increase at night.

  1. Penile Cancer

Penile cancer is not very much common but it also leads to blisters. It is not common but there are several factors which increase the chances of a person in contacting them. This includes smoking and not cleaning under the foreskin.

  1. Herpes HSV-2

Herpes HSV-2 is usually a viral infection that is spread through sexual intercourse and is also responsible for the blisters on your penis. It is normally identified by lesions on the penis which is painful. This also leads to fluid-filled blisters that later leads to open sores on the penis and can also affect the entire genital area and anal area.

Small, Tiny or Little Blisters on the Penis Shaft

Men are normally worried when they find spots on penises. Penile spots are not an indication of anything that is very serious. But nearly always, it’s a very good idea to show the skin areas to the doctor, or to a doctor at a genitourinary medicine clinic.

Please note that most of the spots which you might find there are likely to be harmless. Although some aren’t.


It’s also understandable that people might very concerned if they see the penile spots. They’re usually worried that they can have a form of cancer. In fact, spots are never a sign of cancer of the penis.

Men are also alarmed about the rather unpleasant physical appearance of the ‘spotty’ shaft, and what their sexual partner might think of it. This is very much understandable.

However, small and harmless ‘bumps’ on the penis, alarming though they might be to the organ’s owner, are unlikely to be seen by a sex partner.

Blisters on Penis Head

  1. Eczema

Eczema on the penis is a serious condition which is frequently followed by blisters. The blisters which appear because of eczema are accompanied with the allergies and also burns. Irritation is present also. Itching and redness might also become really severe, and bumps spread to several other body parts.

  1. Primary Syphilis

Blisters or bumps on penis also appear as the first symptoms of primary syphilis. They disappear on their own with time, but the syphilis condition remains in the body. If a male leaves the condition untreated, the condition also has a negative impact on the brain, heart and several other organs.

This can cause organ failure or even death. Whenever the first blisters on the penis appear, it is crucial to seek medical help.

  1. Yeast Infection

It is true that the infection type is very much common for females, yet it can also affect males. It leads to blisters, itching and also some swelling. Blisters are white-colored and also thick. Treating them at home is impossible as it is important to address the infection.

  1. Rough Masturbation/Sex

This is a surprise for most of the males, but rough sex can cause the occurrence of the blisters or bumps on the penis. The lack of lubrication when having sex or masturbation causes soreness. A male should be able to address the trigger: thus use an adequate amount of lubrication when having sexual intercourse so as to prevent blisters from happening. The ones which have already appeared can disappear on their own.

  1. Cancer

Blisters are also characteristic features of the skin cancer of the penis. They are usually accompanied by sores which don’t heal and also ooze fluid or even bleed. This cause is less common than the above-indicated ones, but it is possible and serious. If you have the first symptoms, please address the doctor.

  1. Pemphigus

When it is just limited to the penis, the condition is very much rare. As a rule, it acts together with Pemphigus lesions on several other body parts. The most affected skin area is the penis. Sores on the penis can become painful and large.

Painful Blisters on Penis

Although many conditions might manifest as blisters or sores on the penis, some of the common conditions that can lead to the blister. Below are common skin diseases which can lead to the penis blisters.

Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is one of the sexually transmitted diseases but, 80% of the individuals are also unaware of an infection. Genital herpes is brought about by the Herpes simplex virus which is acquired through the contact with the mucosal surface of an individual excreting the virus.

During primary infection of the HSV, one might present with the painful fluid-filled blisters or shallow ulcers on genital areas which can be present bilaterally and have some red base. Within the few days that they break open, crust over and also heal. Burning sensation on lesion is among the common findings.
As there is no cure that is prescribed for genital herpes, treatment is normally based on relieving the patient’s symptoms, early healing of lesion and also to decrease the duration of symptom shedding.

Rough Sex/Masturbation

Rough sex or even masturbation is one of the several causes of the blisters. Lack of lubrication during the vigorous sex can lead to soreness in the penis which can further cause blisters on the shaft of the penis and on the penis head.

Avoiding the adequate use of lubrication during the sex might prevent from getting the penile blisters. These blisters heal on its own in most of the cases, so no treatment is required.

Fixed drug eruption

In this method, the lesion erupts as a single bright dusky red macules or bulla and is common on lips and also the genital. There are many variants of the fixed drug eruption that are based on clinical features; bullous or even the blisters type is one of them.

During the eruption, burning or even the stinging sensation might be common, while some might have no symptoms at all. Few can as well present with mild fever, malaise and also the abdominal discomfort. FDE can also develop within 30 minutes to 16 hours after the drug ingestion.

The lesion can also heal with the dark pigmentation that lasts several months. When the same drug is taken again, then the lesion recurs at the same location. Avoidance of offending drug is the only way that can be used to prevent FDE.

How to Get Rid of Blisters on the Penis naturally

Several home remedies might assist in doing away with sores on the penis. Let us now go through all the remedies and ensure that we check for various ways in which they cure blackheads on the penile shaft.

  • Add a paste of the ground radish seeds to the water, apply the solution to the affected area and then wash off after some period of time. Repeat the technique for at least twice a day. For sure you will do away with blackhead symptoms effectively.
  • Again, you may also prepare a paste of the cornstarch and also the vinegar and use it on your blackhead. When it dries, rinse it off. If you repeat at least once per day for 1 week, you will be able to see great results since that would assist in cleansing the skin and thus preventing blackheads.
  • Another effective home technique that is used is to mix some salt with some amount of glycerin and apply it on blackhead. This also would assist in managing the penile blackheads.

Other home remedies

More of the home remedies include:

  • Use of Honey and milk pore strips
  • Cinnamon and honey strips
  • using baking soda and water so as to form a paste
  • Bentonite clay paste
  • Gentle sugar scrub

When blackheads don’t respond to mentioned home remedies, please stop application of the home remedies and see the dermatologist for further treatment when you have severe acne or even infected blackheads.

Medical Treatment

Blisters treatment

Treatment for fungal blisters on penis

Most of the blisters or sores on penis treatments are found at drug stores and such given medications do not require any prescription. The medications are also available in the forms of creams, gels as well as pads. They usually have elements like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

These particular products that are used topically on the skin to get rid of the bacteria, dry excess oil and also force the dead skin cells to shed off.

Manual removal

Blisters or bumps on the penis may be removed manually. In such given cases, you may carefully pop them but it is a good idea that you use a special extractor. You may also perform the process alone after getting instructions from the skin specialist.

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