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Bump on Roof of Mouth Causes, Hard, Lump, Blister, Red Spots, Treatment

bumps inside mouth

Do you have any strange bump on roof of your mouth? Learn more about a bump on roof of mouth and how it comes. Also, be conversant with hard bumps, painful red spots or blisters that can appear either behind front teeth or back of the palate. Possible solutions to get rid of bumps on the palate are also included.

Bump on Roof of Mouth Causes

bump on roof of mouth picture

bump on roof of mouth picture

The roof of your mouth is also called palate. The palate is divided into a front part that has a ridged surface and back part that is lined by a smooth mucous membrane. The roof of the mouth is made up of a special type of hard connective tissue that gives its unique features.

According to the structures of the palate, the dentist questions themselves why bumps can develop on palate surface despite having a hard and complicated tissue. It becomes even trickier as the front part of the mouth roof has existing natural folds that can easily confuse you with any other types of hard bumps on your mouth.

Strange bumps on mouth roof mouth may appear in different forms, shapes, color, and distribution. These bumps on mouth roof might range from the tiny lesion to large blood-filled blister. They can also be either hard lumps or soft sores. In addition, they can also appear as round or irregular shaped.

Generally, the roof of your mouth can develop strange bumps that might be either harmless or hurting. For the case of having harmless bumps on your mouth, it cannot advance into a serious oral problem. Occasionally, some bumps on your palate can advance into a complicated health issue that needs medical treatment.

Abnormal bump on roof of mouth can appear due to various factors or reasons. It is important for you to learn and understand the possible causes of bumps on the roof of the mouth so that it can help you as a guide for treatment. The types of bumps on your palate depend on the causal agents.

Here are the possible causes of bumps on the roof of the mouth that include:

  1. Mucocele

A bump on roof of mouth might be a consequence of having a mucocele. The Mucocele is also called mucous cysts that appear as sacs that are filled with fluid on the roof of the mouth. The mucous cyst can also appear as soft bumps that have clear fluids that give it a pale blue color. Mucous cysts in your mouth are a harmless condition but it can make you feel a discomfort.

Mucocele can develop in your mouth when the opening ducts of salivary gland are blocked due to damage of the gland. Bacterial infection as a result of poor oral hygiene can result in inflammation of salivary glands in the oral cavity hence mucous cysts can appear.

Mucous cysts are a common problem that affects mouth of infants or toddlers. Babies are more susceptible to mucus cysts on their mouth which result from physical injuries on mouth tissues. However, adults can also develop mucocele in their mouth.

Usually, bump on roof of mouth from mucous cysts are harmless conditions that can go away without treatment. Occasionally, these bumps can advance into permanent problems if no treatment is given to you. It is advisable to visit your dentist to help if your mucous cysts are growing too large and result in a discomfort in your mouth cavity.

  1. Torus palatinus

Hard bony bump on roof of mouth might be the consequence of torus palatinus. This condition usually results to raised bumps on the midline of mouth roof. Torus bumps are not harmful but they can develop into ulcers because of the effect of friction that comes during the process of chewing of food in the mouth.

Torus palatinus is a disorder that can be inherited genetically from parents to the young individual. These suggest that this condition can run within the certain family that has traits of torus palatinus in their mouth. If your parent has a dominant trait of torus palatinus that cause bumps on the palate, you are at high risk of getting a bump on your mouth.

Generally, this condition is common to an individual with Asian, Canada, and American origin. Occasionally, torus palatine can also be affected other races.

  1. Use of tobacco products

Smoking and chewing tobacco products can result in a condition known as nicotine stomatitis or smoker’s palate in the mouth. This condition leads to white bumps with red depression at its center on the surface of the palate.

Nicotine stomatitis is a benign condition that can heal when you stop smoking or chewing tobacco products. Consequently, continuous abuse of tobacco can increase the risk of getting any type of cancerous condition in your body. It advisable to quit smoking in order to escape problems that is associated with tobacco products.

  1. Epstein pearls

Epstein pears are also called palatal cysts or gingival bumps. This is white or pale yellow bumps that can appear on the palate and on gums. Palatal cysts are a common condition to newborns. An infant or toddlers can develop a single bump on roof of mouth that can last few weeks before healing.

Palatal cysts are caused by the accumulation of protein in tiny blisters in mouth cavity hence bump formation on the roof of the mouth and on gums. This condition is harmless and it can go away from your baby after few weeks. However, when the condition persists for more than three weeks on the baby mouth, you can consult your doctor for help.

  1. Incisive papilla

A bump on roof of mouth might be the consequence of having incisive papilla. The development of lumps behind front teeth is a clear sign of incisive papilla in your mouth. Incisive papilla can advance and result in large bumps that can cause a discomfort in your mouth. For the case of having large bumps behind your upper incisors, visit your dentist to help for treatment.

  1. Buccal Exostosis or osteoma

Buccal exostosis is an abnormal growth of hard bumps on the back of the mouth.  This condition happens when extra born starts to grow on the existing one. Exostosis is a harmless condition although it can affect the shape of your mouth. Occasionally, exostosis can result in severe pain when these bumps are irritated by the process of masticating food in the mouth.

The main cause of exostosis in the mouth is not known but it is associated with genetic disorders. Buccal exostosis is a common problem that can start at the adolescent stage and affect young individuals. Adults can also be affected by buccal exostosis. This condition can be managed by surgical treatment to remove extra born from your mouth.

  1. Oral cancer

Oral cancer is a serious health condition that can affect your mouth to develop various types of bumps. This condition starts with overgrowth of tissues in the mouth that result in the development of hard bumps that can easily bleed. Oral cancer can affect lips, tongue, gums, and throat as well as results to bump on roof of mouth and other parts of the oral cavity.

Oral cancer can develop in your mouth when you are exposed to risk factors that can encourage the disorder to appear. The use of tobacco product is the greatest risk factor that can cause oral cancer. Other predisposing factors for oral cancer include:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) an STD that is sexually transmitted
  • Exposure to harmful UV rays from sun
  • Abuse of alcohol
  • Genetic factor of inheritance of cancer cells
  • Carcinogenic chemicals like heavy metals

Oral cancer is treatable at early stages. It is advisable to go for a medical checkup when you noticed any hard and painless bump in your mouth.

  1. Maxillary sinus growth

Like exostosis, maxilla bone on the upper jaw can start to grow in an abnormal way that can result in the formation of a protruding or bump on roof of mouth. The overgrowth of the maxillary sinus is associated with the cancerous condition in the oral cavity.

  1. Allergic reaction

Eating strange substance in your mouth can result in an allergic reaction on the mouth cavity including the palate. There are various types of allergens that can cause an allergic reaction to appear on the roof of the mouth, this allergen includes; some types of food and medicinal drugs.

  1. STD’s, syphilis, HSV, HIV

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) can cause bumps on the palate and entire mouth cavity. Syphilis,  HSV, and HIV can be transmitted from infected person to another person through direct skin contact during sexual intercourse. For the case of syphilis, it can result in red spots and blisters on oral cavity and genital organs.

In addition, HIV and herpes simplex virus (HSV) can also lead to painful blisters or sores in the mouth cavity. HIV virus attacks the immune system and weakens it thus making your body more susceptible to other infection like yeast, scarlet fever to infect your mouth easily and cause bumps on the roof of your mouth.

  1. Adenocarcinoma

A bump on roof of mouth can appear due to the effect of adenocarcinoma in the mouth. These are an inflammation of minor salivary glands on the roof of the mouth to result in the formation of bumps on the palate. Infection of salivary gland by bacterial or as an effect on oral cancer might result to swollen salivary glands.

  1. Canker sore

Canker sores are open sallow ulcers that can appear in the oral cavity. The sore has a red base with gray or white centers. Canker sores can affect tongue, gums, inside of cheeks and palate. Bump on roof mouth as a result of a canker sore is always painful and can make you feel an irritation in the mouth.


The main cause of canker sores in the mouth is unknown but the condition is linked to some predisposing factors that may encourage the outbreak. You can easily develop canker sores when you are exposed to the following risk factors of cankers sore that include:

  • Body stress
  • Mouth trauma
  • Change of hormone in the body
  • Weakened immune system
  • Fatigue
  1. Injuries and burns

A bump on roof of mouth can appear after physical injuries on the mouth. Putting sharp objects like toothpick and needle in your oral cavity can accidentally pierce your palate to cause an injury. Also attempting to eat too hot food or acidic food can burn the roof of the mouth to result into red inflammation.

Hard Bumps on Roof of Mouth

Can a roof of the mouth develop a hard bump? This is a common question that can come into your mind when you noticed a hard lump on your palate. Generally, hard bump on roof of mouth might be benign or sometimes hurting. Having a painless hard bump on your palate might a sign of either mild or serious health condition.

There are various factors that can result in the development of hard bump on roof of the mouth. We have already discussed some of these factors that might result in hard bumps on your palate. For more emphasis, they include:

  • Oral cancer, that results to hard bumps that can easily bleed and advance into chronic sores that do not heal
  • Exostosis can also lead to formation of hard lump on roof of the mouth due to growth of extra born on upper jaw
  • Torus palatinus is another reason for having bony hard bumps that protrude on roof of the mouth
  • Incisive papilla can also be in a form of hard lump that appears behind front teeth although it can develop into ulceration if irritated by friction when chewing food

Red Spots on Roof of Mouth

Red spots on the roof of the mouth can appear in various sizes. They can range from pinpoint size dot to large red blisters of about 3.5 centimeters in diameter. These spots can also appear as flat or raised bump on roof of mouth. The red dots on mouth cavity is attributed to appear when there is an inflammation beneath mucous membrane that causes leakage of blood from capillaries resulting in red spots or bumps on the roof of the mouth.

In addition, the red spot can also appear due to the effect of canker sores, oral herpes, syphilis and oral cancer. Also, other factors that can lead to any other type of mouth bumps like exostosis, incisive papilla, and an allergic reaction can also result in red inflammation on the roof of the mouth.

Blister on Roof Mouth

Large blister filled with fluid on the surface of the palate is a common mouth problem that can affect anybody. Blisters on the roof of the mouth can burst to make open sores that can result in ulceration. Usually, fluid-filled blisters that appear suddenly on your palate can be a mild condition that can go away within few days or weeks. But some blisters might refuse to heal and they need medical treatment.

The common causes of large blisters on the roof of the mouth include; canker sores, mucocele and Epstein pearls, herpes, syphilis and HIV virus. When blisters in your mouth are becoming bothersome, it is advisable to go for treatment.


Painful Lump on Roof of Mouth

Pain on the palate is one of the symptoms of having mouth problems. In most cases, bump on roof of mouth are associated with irritation that can make you feel a discomfort. However, some bumps in your oral cavity might not be painful.

Occasionally, painless bumps like exostosis and incisive papilla can develop into painful lumps after getting a physical injury from the process of chewing hard foodstuffs. In brief, any types of bumps in your mouth can cause pain when nerves around the affected area on the roof of the mouth detect pain stimuli from the inflamed tissue.

Bump on Roof of Mouth Treatment

red spots on roof of mouth

red spots on roof of mouth

Bumps on your palate can be treated by the use of various methods depending on the type of mouth condition. Some types of bumps are mild conditions such as mucocele and an allergic reaction that can be treated by use of home remedies.

For the case of having bumps that are can advance into health problems like oral cancer, STD’s or any other chronic growth on the roof of your mouth, it is advisable to seek medical treatment from a health provider.

Medical treatment for bump on roof of mouth

After visiting your doctor, physical examination of your oral cavity will be done by your dentist. A sample test can also be taken to the laboratory to determine the main causes of oral bumps. From the doctor’s observation and results, he/ she can decide the diagnosis plan to use in treatment. Some of the treatment methods that your dentist might use include:

  • Medical prescription of drugs that include antibiotic and antivirus that can help to treat the inflamed growth in your palate caused by bacterial or viruses
  • Surgical treatment by use of sterilized tools and equipment to remove cancerous tumors, exostosis and any other types of bump on roof of the mouth
  • Laser treatment is a type of cancer therapy that uses beam of strong light to kill cancerous cell

Home remedies for the treatment of bumps on roof of the mouth

Home remedies can be used to get rid of mild bumps on your palate. Try the following:

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera juice has medicinal value and you can use it as a home remedy to help in reducing inflammation of a bump on roof of mouth. Rinse your mouth with Aloe Vera juice twice per day until bumps on your palate go away.

  1. Raw honey

Natural honey has the ability to help in soothing and healing bumps on the roof of the mouth. Apply the natural honey on the affected area of your palate four times per day for few weeks until you notice a change in your mouth.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide solution has the antibacterial property that can help to reduce bacterial infection that affects your mouth cavity. Rinse your mouth twice per day with a diluted solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and avoid swallowing it. Repeat the treatment three times per day until bumps on the roof of your mouth clear up.

  1. Salt rinse

Salt solution can help to reduce inflammation on the roof of the mouth. Prepare a warm salt solution and use it to rinse your mouth twice per day for few weeks until bumps on your palate go away.

  1. Baking soda

Baking soda can help to heal bumps on the roof of the palate. Prepare a warm solution of baking soda and gargle it in your mouth three times per day until bumps on the roof of your mouth go away.

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