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Bump under Armpit Causes, Symptoms, Pictures, How to Get Rid of it and Treatment

A bump inside your armpit can cause a lot of discomfort, especially if the bump is large enough to result in friction while your hand moves. There are numerous reasons why a bump can develop underarm some of which are mild while other may call for urgent medical attention. In order to know the exact reason why you have a bump in your armpit, your medical provider may perform some special tests to identify the underlying cause of the bump under armpit.

Bump under Armpit – Overview

bump under armpit

bump under armpit picture

Bump in the armpit is a common condition and at least most of the adults may have gone through the problem. You may have at once found a lump in your armpit that could have been caused by one of the many causes we are going to discuss below. A lump underarm may feel small in some cases, while in others it is usually big enough to make you feel pain whenever your hand moves.

Armpit lumps may be caused by different conditions such as cysts, infections, or irritations that result from shaving, or the use of antiperspirants. In some cases, a lump under your arm could be an indication of a severe underlying condition such as breast cancer.

Bump under Armpit Causes

In many of the cases, the reason behind the occurrence of a bump in the armpit is usually the action of the diverse micro-organisms in life as well as attenuated forms. In most people, this can be the case of allergic reaction to deodorants, or scented soaps or powders.

What causes bump under armpit?

  1. Bacteria

Bacteria are some of the major micro-organisms that cause infections which are localized in the breast or arm as well as glands that are positioned under your arms. The infections caused by bacteria can cause the lymphatic glands in the armpit to swell up and be felt like a large lump under arm. The type of bacterium that is known to cause swollen lymph nodes underarm is commonly known as Bartonella Henselae. It is usually spread by a bite of a cat. The resulting infection is usually known as scratch disease.

  1. Viral infections

There are numerous viral infections that can cause a bump to develop in your armpit. The virus is usually referred to as Epstein- Barr virus. It commonly affects young adults between the ages of 15 to 17 years. The symptoms are usually a sore throat, fever, and swollen lymphatic glands. Chicken pox is one of the viral diseases that cause swelling of the lymph nodes.

  1. Fungi

Fungal infection can as well cause a lump to develop in your armpit. One of the examples of a fungal infection that cause underarm bumps is sporotrichosis. This is a skin infection that is caused by a fungus sporothrix schenckii. The fungus is usually found on thorns of rose, twigs, hay, moss and soil. That is the reason why most gardeners are affected by the condition.

Types of bumps underarm

  1. Inflamed hair follicle

This is one of the most common causes of a bump under armpit. Also commonly known as furunculosis or pintail, inflamed hair follicle is usually painful and can be scary when detected. It is usually caused by an infection of a sweat gland due to an ingrown hair. When sweat cannot escape the follicle, bacteria may take advantage and accumulate very quickly to cause an infection. This may result to larger or smaller bumps depending on the level of infection.

This can be very uncomfortable and may even prevent you from carrying any activity with your affected hand. The condition may go away without treatment although some prescriptions may do to speed up the healing. There are some antiseptic creams that when used can help to slow the formation of these bumps, but you should be extra- vigilant when removing hair from your armpit.

  1. Swollen lymph nodes

Inflammation of a lymph node is usually known as lymphadenitis. Under your arm, there are a lot of lymphatic vessels that are found there that help in the movement of fluid through the bloodstream as a cleansing and filtration agent. In that case your body is able to fight infections. However, when your immune system is poor, you are easily attacked by an infection in areas around your arm or breast, your lymph nodes become inflamed and they swell up to form a bump under armpit.

If you develop a swollen lymph node, you have to analyze yourself to identify if there is any infection around your arm or breast that may have caused it. This is done by drawing a little fluid from the swollen lymph node and taking for a lab test. You may find out that there is an underlying infection either bacterial or viral that is causing the glands to swell.

  1. Lymphoma

A lymphoma is simply an inflamed lymph node. There are numerous types of lymphoma such as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They are both varieties of cancer and treatment is recommended as quickly as possible. Both types of lymphoma are generated by a type of white blood cell known as B lymphocytes and that is the way doctor’s test to identify if someone is suffering from these conditions.

  1. Allergic reaction

You may have developed an allergic reaction to ingredients used to manufacture that deodorant or antiperspirant that you are using or the product may have resulted to clogging of the pores. The skin can react to these products and this result to raised bump under armpit. Research suggests that the bumps could be caused by a clogged sweat pore since antiperspirants are meant to stop excessive sweating in the armpit. If you use antiperspirants and you are a person who usually works out, you may realize bumps in your armpit very frequently.

Some people are very sensitive and their skin responds to very minor irritation by forming bumps. Some of the products used to manufacture antiperspirants and deodorants may not be friendly to your skin, and therefore, your skin may respond by forming bumps in the area the product came into contact with the skin.

  1. Hidradenitis suppurativa

This is an infection that causes very painful lumps to develop in the armpits of teenagers. The infection is usually caused by bacterial organisms that infect the sweat glands. If it is left untreated, the infection can spread into the groin area resulting in formation of boils and bumps that are very painful. The condition is usually treated by the use of oral antibiotics. Immunomodulatory medications may be useful as well when dealing with this condition. In severe cases, surgery may be needed.

  1. Immunization

There are some cases where immunization has been reported to come with side effects such as development of a bump under armpit or specifically on the area where the shot was done. Tdap vaccination is one of the known vaccines that can cause the swelling of lymph nodes in the armpit areas. Flu shots are also possible causes of painful lumps under arm. It is recommended to seek medical advice as this could be as a result of an underlying infection that is opposing the shot you got.

  1. Bump under armpit from cyst, boils or zits

Boils, cysts or abscess usually start off as large bumps under the armpit. They may result from an infected hair follicle or an ingrown hair and shaving bumps. If these infections are left untreated, they can result large lumps or boils that can make the movement of your hand a bit difficult. Cysts are usually filled with pus. If they are infected by bacteria, they usually ooze greenish white pus.

  1. Thyroid or hyperthyroidism

The overproduction of thyroid hormones can also result in development of bump under armpit. During this occasion, the resulting swollen lymph node can easily be mistaken for an infected under arm lump. Stress and increased hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause the development of such lumps. This is because the increased hormones facilitate over-production of sebum, which clogs the pores on the skin including under your armpit, causing bumps, pimples and whiteheads to form.

Bump under Armpit after Shaving

It is normal that as you reach pubic stage, you start developing hair in your armpit and other pubic areas. Underarm hair is usually ugly and if grown may release a bad smell especially if you don’t practice good hygiene regularly. Therefore, many people would prefer to shave or remove the hair by waxing immediately it show up. However, there are consequences associated with the pubic hair removal such as ingrown hair follicle or shaving rash.

Usually, after shaving with a wrong shaving technique, the under arm hair may grow facing downwards into the skin. When this happens, the hair follicle may become inflamed and if left unremoved, secondary infections can take advantage and cause infections. This is usually identified with a bump under armpit. Also, scratching caused during shaving on the under arm skin can result to irritation and small cuts from blunt and dull razors. Usually, this type of lump is treated by removing the ingrown hair and applying antibacterial creams. This is usually followed by a good hygiene regime which promotes faster healing.

Symptoms of a Bump under Armpit

Besides the symptoms of swelling, you may also develop the following symptoms in association with a bump under armpit:

  • A burning or scratching sensation from the armpit
  • Fever in case of a serious infection
  • Pain and itchiness
  • Discomforts while making arm movements
  • A rash under arm in some cases

Symptoms usually vary depending on what has caused the lump in the armpit. If the underlying cause is severe, you may experience serious symptoms that may need you to visit your medical provider very fast. Some conditions are usually very severe while others are mild and they may go away without medical intervention.

Painful Bumps underarm

bump under armpit

large bump under armpit

There are numerous cases where a lump underarm may be very painful enough to affect the movement of your hand. Painful lumps under arm should be discussed with the doctor as they cause a lot of discomfort. In most cases, painful lumps are usually as a result of infections, ranging from bacteria, virus, fungus and even cancer. You have to allow your doctor evaluate the cause of the lump and administer the rightful treatment that will bring relief.

Bump under Armpit Pictures

You can learn more about bumps that form under arm by looking at our pictures. Usually, these bumps usually vary according what have caused them to appear in the first place. Knowing how a certain bump caused by a particular condition looks like may help you to evaluate your condition and therefore come up with the right treatment that will help to alleviate the pain. Have a look at our pictures.

How to Get Rid of Bump under Armpit

Most of the lumps that for in the armpit are noncancerous and can be comfortably are treated at home. There are several easy-to- do home remedies that we are going to talk about that will help you deal with that bump in your armpit very fast. Some remedies may work to specific bumps while others may need diagnosis before treatment is commenced. If your bump is stubborn or associated with severe symptoms, let your medical provider examine it and give advice for the preferred treatment.

Home remedies for bump under armpit

  1. Warm compress

This is usually used to reduce pain and inflammation that result from the swollen bump in the armpit. It is very simple to use this remedy. You just dip a clean towel or washcloth cool water and rinse off excess water before compressing in the armpit. Also, you may want to use an ice pack. Just apply an ice pack in the armpit and allow it to stay for a few seconds before you remove it. Do this several times until pain is reduced. This will provide temporary relief and therefore you should find out more treatments that will help to facilitate healing.

  1. Antibiotics

If the lump is caused by bacterial infection, the use of antibiotics may help a lot. Antibiotics are acquired over- the- counter and your chemist can prescribe for you how you are supposed to use them. Oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, clindamycin and erythromycin may be ideal for bump under armpit. Also, there are a couple of antibiotics creams that can be used locally. The symptoms should disappear after a short period of time.

  1. Warm compress

A warm compress is also very essential especially if the bump has not come to the head. It usually helps to bring the lump to the head so that it can be easily removed. Furthermore, warm water facilitates the movement of fluids to and from the affected are in the armpit and therefore facilitate faster healing of the bump. You just need to heat some water and add some salt if necessary. Then dip a clean cloth in the solution and compress on the affected area.

  1. Massage

Massage usually works well for swollen lymph nodes under arm. It is believed that it usually make the fluid that is make them to swell to leave and allow new fluid to enter the lymphatic system. You just need to hold the swollen lymph gland with your two middle fingers and massage slowly for about twenty minutes. Do this several times in a day and you will realize the swelling disappearing.

  1. Increase your vitamin E intake

Vitamin E nutrients are known to boost the immune system. When you have a strong immune system, this means minor infections will not be able to cause you problems such as lumps under arm. Just supplement your diet with vitamin E components. You may have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in folic acid and zinc.

  1. Other remedies

There are other numerous home remedies that may help when dealing with a bump under armpit. You will need to make a paste or a solution from them and just apply directly on the affected area. These may include the following:

  • Watermelon
  • Lemon juice
  • Nutmeg
  • Onion or garlic
  • Turmeric
  • Charcoal compress
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Contrast baths

Surgery for bump under armpit

You may remove a painful lump under arm through surgery. This is usually done for large lipomas and lumps that won’t go away with simple treatments. Your doctor will examine and diagnose your condition to make sure that the only option treat the lump is through surgery. Surgery is usually the last option in most cases after other treatments have failed. Your doctor may consult the surgeon to determine whether the procedure is necessary.

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