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Ear Piercing for Men Pictures, Types, Left or Right, Best, Ideas, Studs

Ear piercing is an ancient cosmetic practice of making a small hole through the lobe or near the edges of the ears. The pierced hole in your ears can allow you to wear the earrings for the purpose of beauty, identity, status symbol, or any other meaning. Get an insight on ear piercings for men best ideas, right or left side and studs.

Ear Piercing for Men

men ear piercing

Ear piercing for men

It is very interesting to talk about ear piercing for the men.  This cosmetic practice is common in women as compared to men. Some people even believe that ear piercing is more feminine practices that are only done for girls and women.

However, boys and men can also pierce their ears according to their personal interest. There is no any mistake if you are a man and you decide to pierce your ears to allow the wearing of earrings so that you may look very attractive.

Historically, the piercing of the earlobes is an old practice that belongs to all people regardless of the age and gender. About 5000 years back ago; ear piercing was a fashion to all children, men, and women.

In the year of about 1500,’s the ear piercing was quite famous fashion that symbolizes upper-classmen. This is because upper-class men were wearing an expensive earring that was made from the Gold. Also, sailors were known to have golden earrings that could help to pay for the respectable burial of their body if they were found dead by strangers.

As year move up 1970’s, also the society believes about ear piercings for men changed completely. It was believed that if you are a man and you are wearing an earring, this simply means that you are a gay person in the society.

The speculation about a gay ear is a totally outdated stereotype that you should not listen to if you are planning to pierce your ear. The fact is that if you are a man and you want to pierce your ear, this cannot interfere with your personality and family life.

Most male celebrities in the world have pierced their ears lobes to wear earrings. This doesn’t mean that they are gays. For this case, ear piercing for male celebrities symbolizes the class of famous celebrities in the whole world.

For a man, you can decide to have one or both ears to be pierced. It is perfect to pierce either left or right ear lobe depending on your interest. Alternatively, piercing both ears is symmetrical pleasing and can make you appear attractive.

You can visit a piercing studio nearby that can help you in ear piercing. The ear piercer would guide you on which type of piercing is the best for you. Finally, the piercer would use a piercing gun to create a hole in your earlobe or edges and fix it with the appropriate jewelry (earring).

Types of Ear Piercing for Guys

There are several known designs of ear piercings for men that you can go for depending on your preference. You can select a suitable type of ear piercing that you desire more. It is also possible to have more than two types of ear piercing in one earlobe.

You can visit your nearby piercing studio that has a profession in ear piercing. The ear piercer in the studio can help and guide you for the appropriate type of ear piercing you can choose based on your interest.

The common types of ear piercing designs you can select include the following:

  1. Lobe piercing

This type of ear piercing is the simplest and easy to perform. The small piercing is made on the bottom of the earlobe. You can fix different varieties of earring on the tiny hole in the bottom of your earlobe. In comparison with other ear piercings, the piercing of the lobe is less painful with least injuries that can heal quickly.

If you have never pierced your ear, this is the recommend a piercing style that you can start with. Lobe piercing can be done by using either sterilized needle of piercing gun. This piecing design is suitable for both men and women.

  1. Earlobe Gauging

This is the most famous ear piercing type for guys that teenagers like all over the world. For this ear piercing, a hole is made in the earlobe that is stretched and expanded to allow the fixing of bid sized earrings. Earlobe gauging piercing is suitable for both men and women.

However, this style looks more masculine because men like wearing heaving earrings on the ears that look unique. Most celebrity men would prefer this piercing style because it allows them to wear largely sized earrings.

  1. Rook piercing

This is an amazing ear piercing designs that are more popular for both men and women. The piercing is made on the cartilage folding above the canal of the ear. A captive ring if then fixed through the cartilage to hang above the canal of the ear. This piercing ear style is very painful and you need to be bold enough during the piercing.

  1. Helix piercing

A helix piercing is done on the upper cartilage of your ear. The two side of the helix can be pierced on both sides to fix more than one ring. This style of ear piercing is a common fashion to celebrities including sportsmen and musician.

  1. Tragus piercing

Tragus ear piercings for men is done by making a small hole through the thick cartilage of ear tragus that is located external immediately to the front opening of the ear canal. This cartilage part of the ear is more delicate and requires only inserting small and light earrings.

  1. Industrial piercing

This is a unique ear piercing style in the world that is also known as Scaffold Piercing. For this design, two holes are punctured in ear cartilage above that face each other.  Elongated earrings that look like a rod are fixed to connect the two piercings.

The process of industrial ear piercing is usually painful as the hole is made in the cartilage of the ear. If you select this design, you should prepare to tolerate the pain. However, this pain will go as soon as the piercing process is complete.

  1. Snug piercing

Snug piercing is made on the helix of the ear near the rim. You can wear a circular or ball ring in this piercing. Snug ear piercing fashion is also called anti-helix piercing. This type of piercing can make you appear attractive.

Snug piercing can allow you to make more than one hole on the rim of the ear. Some people would prefer three snug piercing holes on one ear so that they can fix more than one earring on the ear to look unique and appealing.

  1. Orbital piercing

You can obtain orbital ear piercing style by making two holes in your earlobe. Usually, this style requires you to wear a ball closure ring. Orbital ear piercing can allow you to wear a cool earring that can me you appear very attractive.

  1. Daith piercing

This type of ear piercing is unique that is done on inner ear cartilage that lies adjacent to the head. Daith ear piercing can make you appear more attractive. Many guys would prefer to go for this design because it is more of masculine and can make you appear decent.

Men Ear Piercing Ideas

Guys are you interested to know more about ear piercings in men? Here we have the masculine ear piercing ideas you can learn. Keep reading to know the secret of eye piercing and body jewelry that can make you guys appears cool, attractive and decent.

Generally, most of ear piercings designs are unisex. However, some types of ear piercing are more masculine while others are feminine. For a guy, it is advisable you select an ear piercing designs that are appropriately characterized for men.

You should know that the type of body jewelry is the one that determines whether an ear piercing is either masculine or feminine. For instance, women or girls would like earrings that are pretty with major bright colors such as pink, red, orange, yellow, blue and green.

Unlike girls and women who like bright colored earrings, boys, men or guys would like body jewelry that is natural dull colored but has a unique feature that makes it very attractive. For example, body jewelry made of diamond, gold, copper, titanium has a naturally attractive appearance that you guys can desire have it.


Most guys would prefer to select body jewelry that is more masculine such as spikes and screw headed dermal jewelry. There are several masculine pieces of jewelry that you can go for that is available in your nearby jewelry shops.

The common masculine jewelry includes:

  • Men’s Captive bead rings
  • Pincher for Men’s Piercing
  • Men’s Segment Rings
  • Men’s Screw-on Ball Rings
  • Men’s Circular Barbells
  • Men’s Ear Hangers
  • Men’s Dermal Tops
  • Men’s Gold Jewelry
  • Men’s Industrial Barbells
  • Men’s Piercing Retainers

The appropriate cool earring for men can make you appear decent with the conformity to the required basic standard of dressing code. Fashion expert attribute that the appropriate earrings for men should be of medium size, fair and decent.

Do Guys get 1 or 2 ears Pierced?

You can actually be confused and find it not easy to tell if a guy should pierce 1 or 2 of the ears. This is because if you walk around your town, you might meet with guys who have either 1 ear pierced or both of the 2 ears are pierced.

The fact is that guys can get 1 ear pierced or both 2 ears pierced depending on the personal preference and interest. The piercing in one ear only can make you appear attractive especial if the earring or stud has unique features.

Also, guys can pierce both of 2 ears. This can appear symmetrical pleasing as both ears have a similar piercing. Most guys would prefer to pierce the 2 ear in order to maintain the natural symmetrical attractive look.

As a guy, you have a freedom to decide if to pierce 1 or both of ears depending on your personal interest and preference. Before you make a decision, it is advisable to visit the piercing studio and find out the appropriate piercing fashions that are recommended for 1 or 2 ear piercings for men.

Which is the Right Ear to Pierce on a Guy

Are you in a dilemma to know the right ear to pierce on a guy? This is a common question that many boys and men are trying to seek the solution. Now, this is the appropriate section of the post that will give you the suitable solution to this question.


You should understand that there is no any rule that specifically tells which the right ear guys should pierce is. If you are interested to pierce your ears, it is advisable you decide the appropriate ear that you need to be pierced depending on your personal desire.

Some society has a wrong perception and believes about ear piercing. It is believed that piercing an ear on the right side means that you are a gay while a piercing on the left ear indicates that you are a straight person. All this are wrong believes and speculation that you should not follow.

You can decide to get either left or right ear piercing. Alternatively, you can pierce both of your ears. Before the ear piercing, you can visit a professional in ear piercing to guide you more on the appropriate design for ear piercing you can select.

What does one earing mean on a man?

Have you ever heard about some stories that are related to the meaning of wearing one earring on a man?  Some of these stories might be either true or false because you might not be able to justify the actual meaning of wearing one earing in man.

According to the history of the meaning of wearing earrings in men, it started in the US during the year of the 1980s. There was an emergent of some groups such as “right ear queer and left ear Buccaneer.” These groups had a tradition of men wearing one earing that had a specific meaning.

The meaning of one earring on the left ear of men had a meaning of membership of Buccaneer. The Buccaneer was known to be a group of sea pirates that existed during that early period of about the 1980s.

For the group of right ear queer, wearing an earring on the right ear on men had a meaning of being a gay. It was known that gay community could be easily identified by the symbol of men wearing an earring on right ear side.

As times move to year 2000s, also the meaning of ear piercings for men changes completely. Currently, men with one earring or both ears with earing have a meaning of being a celebrity and famous. For instance, men celebrities such as international artists, dancer, and sportsmen might wear one earing.

Sometimes, wearing one earring on a man does not have any specific meaning. The piercing of the ear for men is a fashion like any other that might not have a particular meaning other than for the purpose of looking attractive and pleasant.

Ear Piercing for Men Studs

After you guys piercing the ear, you should also think of the best jewelry to fix your pierced ear. There are several types of cool earing for men that can be available at the jewelry shop that are nearby you.

You can visit a jewelry shop and asses on deferent men’s earring styles before buying a stud earring that satisfies your interest. The piercing design on your ear may determine the type of the studs you can buy. For instance, earlobe piecing will require a different earring as compared to other piercing styles such as industrial, helix and tragus piercing.

Men studs are made of various materials such metals and plastic. Metal studs include diamond stud earrings, men’s gold hoop earrings, titanium made earing and silver men’s earring. The prices of this jewelry may vary based on its material and its style.

Most professional in ear piercings for men recommend that guys should select the appropriate earring with the help of ear piercer. Your ear piercer should guide you in making the decision on the type of jewelry to buy that can fit your piercing.

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