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Best Hair Color for Dark Skin, African American Skin Tone, Male, Brown, Light

best hair color for dark skin

What is a good hair color for dark skin? What colors look good on dark African American skin? Get more insights about specific shades that suit both dark skin women and men, brown, and light.

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Skin Women

Having the perfect hair color for dark skin women enables them to stand out with such a big difference.

best hair color for dark skin

best hair color for dark skin

This creates confidence while walking and here are some of the ideas on how to select best hair color:

  • Consider the skin undertone.

This is done by checking the veins around the wrist in sunlight such that in case the veins are blue, then an individual have a cool undertone. If the veins are green, then an individual is said to have a warm undertone.

“The tones of the hair color must complement the tones of the skin,” says Keith Shore, Colorist at Sally Hershberger Downtown. “It’s really a pretty simple science.”

  • The cost and time

Those women who have dark hair and they would wish to go blonde will need undergo monthly root touch. Again, an individual will be required to invest in quality sulfate free shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair.

This is because when an individual go blonde, the hair strips the pigment and moisture from, and a person may be required to use the right shampoos and conditioners to replenish that moisture.

  • Determine the state of the hair.

If the hair has never been put any dye in the entire life then a person has an ideal hair canvass and therefore, it is likely not damaged.

If an individual hair is damaged, it’s much easier to change shades from lighter to darker than it is to go from darker to lighter.

  • Consider the age

Despite how much an individual skin tone is, being too blonde as a person ages up even the blonde is being washed away since it highlights wrinkles and skin imperfections.

  • Personality and role models

Is there some hair color you’ve dreamed of being your entire life? Or is there some color you really like and feel suits you, but are afraid to try it out because you don’t want people to think of you differently, judge you or look down upon you?

Therefore, it is recommended for a person to go for what they feel suits them since the beauty of hair is all about going for the good hair color that satisfy their feelings or who are they looking up as the role model in beauty industry.

  • Main aim of the hair color considered

Purpose is also important as I have come to learn. Some people look for ideas that will make them look crazy. You must have seen some women in neon yellow or pink, or even blue hair weaves and dyes.

Note: Apart from considering the undertones in your skin and eye color, medium skinned and dark skinned women have a very wide range to choose from.

Best Hair Color for Dark Skin

Here are some of hair ideas that should suit the dark skin:

  1. Dark Brown Hair Color

It is usually considered as the most popular hair color that is appropriate for dark skin women the world today.

dark brown hair

dark brown hair

It is also considered to be safest hair color since it does not pop out too much from the color of an individuals’ skin but it can complement the glow of their brown skin in a subtle but flattering way.

Therefore, Hair dye shades such as chocolate brown, deep brown, espresso brown, and coffee brown are simple hues that can make your hair really blend with your natural skin color.

  1. Shades of Medium to Light Brown Hair Color

This range of shades is a bit unique since it encompasses tones such as honey, caramel brown, milk-chocolate brown, and latte brown, etc. the shades of medium to light brown hair color is usually recommended for all dark skin women since it suits everyone and is easy to match with almost any fashion.

Note: Medium to light brown hair is still not an outrageous hair color, but it does offer a bit more boost to dark skin tones than dark brown hair

  1. Blonde Hair Color

This usually comes in a wide variety of shades and all those shades can be carried well with dark skin women. Shades such as platinum, strawberry, golden, champagne, and ashen blonde are just some of the colors you can choose from.

These colors can bring a big change in an individual look because of the amazing contrast, but when the right shade is chosen for your skin color, a person can achieve the Tyra Banks-Naomi Campbell look effortlessly.

Again, for individuals who are light skin, it is recommended they go for lighter shades of blonde such as light ash blonde, light strawberry blonde, and buttery blonde have lots of potential to appear beautiful. A person can also get away with platinum blonde, as their skin won’t have much contrast to the color and look too unnatural.

  1. Reddish and Purple Hues

Red color is usually considered as strong, vibrant color that adds a lot of character to the look. Scarlet, red wine, and bright red shades go well with light to medium brown skin tones, while more burgundy hues match with darker skin tone.

Do you wish to be a little bit playful? Then it is recommended to go for violet, lilac, or purple hues. It doesn’t contrast badly with brown skin and being a cool color, purple and violet hair blends well with dark-skinned women.

  1. Green, Blue, and other Outrageous Colors

These colors in many occasions are considered to be unusual hair colors since an individual might end up getting her an ombre. An ombre of colors such as green, blue, indigo, silver, pink and many others makes an individual look amazing on every shade of skin.

It’s a style that would not go out of trend for many years to come; a person can rest assured that their hair will always turn heads and garner those Instagram likes.

  1. Silver hair color

Sometimes it is better to get into things that nobody around does or nobody can ever expect from a person. Choose an extreme shade which is so unlike for the skin tone and set trends by making pretty hairstyles.

From silver to pink, there are many shades a person wouldn’t have dared to try, but an individual could think over it, check out some sample and then have it applied to her.

  1. Crimson hair color

This is the best choice for dark skin women since it resembles their natural hair color. This is the stylish hair color with the shades. The crimson hair is the best choice with the sort of the hair, which is the best one. The crimson hair color is best suitable for dark skinned black women look beautiful.

  1. Dark colored caramel

The side swept bang with caramel and dark color hair highlights are best to look amazing. The straight hair mixed with hair color to be gorgeous. The dark hair color with side swept bang and straight long hair.

  1. Dark cherry hair color

This has a darker tone as compared to red and crimson. This type of red happens to be on the darker shade of the colors, and that suits an individual skin more than what the lighter ones would.

Note: Hair color is all about self-expression, so feel free to explore any color family of your choice. But, in using your skin tone as a guide, it’s definitely easier to find the shade that works best for you.

Best Hair Color for Dark Skin African American Skin Tone

African Americans tend to have more brown in their skin melanin. Eye color which ranges in neutral tones, is a lesser factor when determining the color palette that best complements her natural coloring.

African American skin tone

African American skin tone

The African American woman’s palette may be characterized by deep, light, soft, clear, or warm colors dependent upon the degree of contrast between their hair and skin tone.

Here are the hair colors that suit can suit African American:

  1. Bright red

This basically suit those women with strong personalities. These colors are vibrant and can make you stand out in a crowd. Therefore, dark skin tone compliment well with bright red hair color in most occasion and can also be used over or as an accent.

  1. Subtle highlights

These entails shades such as honey, golden or caramel that are considered the best for dark skin African American skin tone. Always, go for shades that are lighter than your natural color to add a fresh look to your hair.

  1. Edgy twist

Pink and purple looks edgy and compliments darker skin tone. This is also some of outrageous colors one wishes to try out. In case, you opt for bold color then it is advisable to go for a professional colorist.

  1. Bold blonde

This is one of the most popular color for dark skin African American in U.S.A since blonde can have a dramatic change and can make women feel confident and bold. It looks more terrific although it does not require more upkeep than simple darker shades.

  1. Blue streak

Blue looks more beautiful against darker skin tone thus enabling one to stand out in a crowd and can also add an exciting element to your current style and color.

  1. Graceful grey

Grey hair looks more gorgeous for dark skin individual and can pop out when it is bright and vibrant. If you to decide to go grey make sure to use hair products that keeps your hair look amazing ever.

  1. Copper and burgundy

They are not only fashionable but also, they to compliment African American skin. To keep you look fresh, consider using the color that is hot in the current season. Women of dark skin have a wide variety of option to go for.

Light Hair Colors for Dark Skin

Sometimes we keep on trying different hair colors but we found it completely didn’t suit the stylist done. The reason may lie in your skin. Just like selecting the best clothing colors, a person hair color can drastically have impact on their looks and make their skin tone either look vibrant or dull.

Here are some of light hair colors suitable for dark skin:

  • Color melt

It is considered to be a soft ombre that ranges from dark, almost black root to a rich warm colored light brown. It mostly suits those women who have dark to medium neutral skin tones as well as those with warmer skin pigment.

  • Gingerbread delight

People with medium neutral skin tone will have a good look and achieve their desired match. You are therefore, advised to keep away from excessive since it could cause fading of hair color.

  • Golden honey light

It lightens up warm base for extra rich hue when using this golden honey highlights. Hair that is naturally in color can easily achieve this. It most likely suit people with medium to light skin tone.

  • Praline glow

People with dark to medium skin to always look amazing with this type of hair color. It most work best with hair that is naturally dark to medium. This warm chunky, if well mixed will brighten up your face on this warm base.

  • Caramel brulee

It is a blend of an ombre and balayage that gives a high contrast edgy. Medium with a warm skin suit this well. Medium hair that is natural can also achieve this easily.

  • Blueberry choco swirl

This is a multi-dimensional hair color that is characterized with different shades of light brown and pops of blue violet. Hair that has one to two shades lighter or darker can also achieve this easily.

  • Toffee ombre

This a gorgeous transition from dark chocolate to toffee. It mostly suits individual with range of skin tone from medium to dark skin.

  • Pumpkin spice and whipped cream highlights

It features a rich warm brown base and some bits of fine light blonde highlights that are hand paint. This color can suit those with light to medium skin undertone as well as those with darker skin shades.

  • Purple-Based Honey

This is an icy gray shade of blonde that was achieved thanks to balayage. The highlights don’t have to vary vertically; it’s a great idea to achieve a horizontal ombre look using balayage methods.

Burgundy Hair Color on Dark Skin

Burgundy is actively used for hair dyeing in brunettes. Blondes and women with medium brown hair sometimes also resort to this noble hue in order to appear brighter, well, much brighter.

These burgundy hair colors on dark skin include:

  1. Dark red velvet

When red velvet is induced into your hair, it looks amazing. Therefore, you should go for a rich shade of burgundy red that will blend well.

  1. Layered maroon mane

When classy dark burgundy is layered, and styled to perfection, they do create more attraction. This will only work best if you seek for professional colorist.

  1. Dark red ringlets

When deep burgundy is blended with your natural, black roots for dazzling hairstyle, it looks ideal for your dark skin or medium skin tone.

  1. Ravishing red barrel curls.

When it comes to reddish brown hair, sometimes you have to go big. This is a great way to give yourself a prettier look when buoyant barrel curls.

  1. Dark cherry

This is a rich hair color that fades into a neon tangerine orange at the tips and compliments well with persons of warm skin tone. It is also vibrant such that it glows to give out an amazing look.

  1. Cherry bombshell

It compliments all types of hair and it also work best with a wide variety of warm skin tone including beige and golden skin tone.

  1. Mahogany mocha

It is a flawless flattering hue for medium and darker skin tones. It works best on thicker hair texture with natural volume.

  1. Wine corkscrew curl

It makes you to look radiant and too gorgeous. It is suitable for all types of skin color and work best to wavy curly hair.

  1. Burgundy bang

This is beautiful to for medium and dark skin tones and it compliments with thicker, fuller hair types. If you wish to try a bold bang, first start with a clip in bang.

Hair Color for Dark Skin Male

It is more of irony that most beauty fora make women to enjoy all fun of changing hair colors while forgetting about men. Is it better also to make both young and adult men to enjoy the fun?

dark hair color for men

dark hair color for men

Men can also take a tour of exploration about hair dyes and look handsome by doing it too. The best color jobs should complement an individual skin tone first. Dark skin men tend to have darker hair colors like brown and black. This should not be a problem though if you want to try lighter hair colors, if you use a great colorist.

Men are quite conservative when it comes to exploration of their look and when it comes to hair color for men, the sole reason they use it to hide their graying hair. The Metrosexual man has changed the scenario drastically by flaunting different hair colors.

According to, “The most flattering coloring options for men with darker skin tones are golden highlights, golden with red highlights, golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, copper, auburn, mahogany, and warm tones of gray and white.”

Here are some of the men ideas about their hair:

  • Blackest Brown

This hair color when mixed up or style up and off the face, gives you a very cool and professional appearance. This color really associate with medium to dark skin complexion and looks good on every hair texture. But those with fine hair and dark complexion will get more benefitted because black gives a thick texture effect.

  • Dark Neutral Brown

This color works best with thick hair. This color can make thinning of hair more visible therefore it should be avoided if you have fine hair. If you have medium warm tone, then this is the perfect match for you.

  • Pure Black

Whether you want to hide your gray hair or adore a new hairstyle, black is the best color for you. It looks awesome on tanned skin, medium and dark undertones and if you have light colored eyes then their beauty will come out in the backdrop of this color. It is compatible with all textures whether it is thick, fine, wavy or straight.

Important hair tips:

  1. Use a deep conditioning treatment for your color treated hair to make them soft and shiny.
  2. Use cold or lukewarm water to shampoo as hot water can strip off the color from your hair and make the color fade away.
  3. Avoid shampooing as much as possible and use only moisturizing conditioner on your color treated hair.


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