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Black Spots

How to Get Rid of Black Spots on Face Caused by Pimples Fast

how to remove black spots from face

Do you have black spots on face? Get an insight into the causes of black spots and learn how to get rid of black spots from face overnight or within 2 days. Also, be conversant with creams that can be used to remove dark spots caused by pimples on the face.

how to get rid of black spots from face

how to remove black spots from face

Black Spots on Face Causes

Smooth skin without any spots is always attractive and can make you feel proud and happy about your skin. However, black spots on your face can easily cause a beauty problem which can annoy and embarrass you to your peers who has attractive skin hence it can psychologically affect your self-esteem.

Dark spots on face can appear due to various reasons or factors. Some of these are causal are natural factors like aging which cannot be avoided although the aging spots can be prevented. It is significant to learn the causes of dark spots on the face so that you can prevent and know how to remove black spots on face. The following includes the causes of black spots on face:

  1. Exposure to UV light

Basking in the sun can help your skin to synthesize a lot of vitamin D that is good for body growth. Sunlight can also help in making your borne strong to support the body weight. On the other hand, sunlight has ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin.

Long exposure to direct sunlight can result in the acute or chronic effect of ultraviolet radiation on your skin.  The acute effect of sunlight on the skin includes erythema commonly known as sunburn or tanning of the skin by darkening the skin pigment. The acute effect of UV rays on your skin can be managed and restored to normal condition through skin care treatments.

The chronic effect of sunlight on your skin can lead to a serious skin damage or condition that might be permanent and difficult to control. For instance, premature skin aging with age spots can appear after long exposure to sunlight. In addition, skin cancer, eye damage and immune complicated problems can develop due to the effect of sunlight.

The exposure of the skin to UV rays can cause skin hyperpigmentation when melanocytes are stimulated by sunlight to produce excess melanin or skin pigment on the affected area. Melanocytes are cells that make melanin on your skin. Black spots or sunspots can appear on your face due to the effect of hyperpigmentation caused by UV light from the sun.

Common skin conditions associated with dark spots from UV light

  • Actinic keratosis are scaly dark spots on skin due to sunburns that cause keratin to deposit underneath the skin resulting in bumps, it is a sign of precancerous condition
  • Melasma is brown or gray spots on face that can appear on forehead on lips and on cheeks
  • Solar lentigines are dark red or brown spot that can appear on skin after long exposure to sunlight
  • Freckles are flat brown, red or black spots that appear on the face

Sunspots can be prevented by avoiding direct and long exposure to sunlight. You can use sunscreens to keep away direct sunlight from your face. Nevertheless, if you already have dark spots on your face, stop worrying and keep reading because our main interest is how to get rid of black spots from face.

  1. Aging

Aging is one of the risk factors that causes age spots on the face and other parts of the skin although there is a possibility for anybody to develop this spots. Age spots appear as flat dark, gray, brown or black spots on the skin. Age spots are a common skin condition that affects people with advanced age of above 40 years.

Age spots are caused by the overproduction of skin pigment called melanin. Young individuals can develop age spots when they are exposed to harmful UV light from sun or tanning beds. Age spots on fair skin individual are more visible compared to dark skin.

  1. Acne

Acne on the face can also result in dark spots on the face and on other parts of the skin. Blackheads are a common type of acne that can appear on your face as dark spots on cheeks, forehead and on the nose. Other types of pimples on the face such as papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts can also affect the skin and leave black scarring after healing.

  1. Change of body hormone

The imbalance of body hormones during pregnancy and adolescent stage can stimulate melanocyte to produce excess melanin of some part of the skin hence the formation of dark spots on face. Menstrual cycle in women can also result to change of hormones in the body that can trigger dark spots on face.

Women are more susceptible to develop bumps, blackheads and age spots on face due to wide fluctuation of body hormones. For this reason, women are advised to seek consultation from a dermatologist about how to get rid of black spots from face during pregnancy period.

  1. Liver disease

Damage of liver can cause dark spots to appear on your face. The role of the liver in the body is to detoxify harmful substance from the blood. When your liver fails to function, more toxins can accumulate in the body. The skin is one of excretory organ body, and then harmful toxin is forced to be excreted through the skin that can result in dark spots on the skin including the face.

  1. Medications

Some medicinal drugs have a side effect on skin and they can cause dark dots on your skin. According to Mayo Clinic, some people can develop black spots on skin after the use certain medication to treat some underlying conditions. Examples of medication that can cause dark spots on face include: phenytoin, sulfonamides, tetracycline, and phenothiazine.

When you notice any dark bumps on your skin after using the certain medicinal drug, it is important to visit your doctor to give you some advice about how to get rid of black spots from face and other parts of the skin.

  1. Skin diseases

Skin infections that include bacteria, fungi and virus can affect the skin to develop black scarring. This happens when melanocyte are affected to produce excess melanin in the affected area of your skin.

Most of the skin disease can leave a dark spot on your face even after healing. It is important to know how to get rid of black spots from face after skin infection. In addition, prevention of skin diseases can help you to escape dark spots on face or any other skin parts of your body.

Example of skin condition that can result in dark dots or patches on the skin include:

  • Skin rash is small pimples that can appear on skin due to the use of certain cosmetic products, medication or caused by allergic reactions
  • Hives are bumps that appear on the skin due to allergic reaction
  • Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that is characterized by dark pimples on face that appear as dark spots
  • Eczema is skin red skin rash that develops into blisters that burst, ooze, crust and heals to leave black spots on the face and other parts of the skin
  • Chickenpox is a viral infection that results to painful blister on the entire skin of the body and after healing it leaves back permanent dark scaring on skin
  • Boils or furuncles are caused by bacterial infection of hair follicle that can develop into black spots after healing
  1. Injuries

A physical damage of the skin of the face can result in black marks. Skin injuries include piercing of skin by a sharp object, chemical burn, and thermal burning. Open wounds on the skin can result to hyperpigmentation after healing. Also, injuries on the skin of the face can affect melanocytes to produce excess melanin around the healing scar.

How to Remove Dark Spots on face Caused by Pimples

how to remove black patches from face

freckles on face causing black patches

Are you tired of the problems of having acne scars and dark spots on your face? Here are some of the solutions on how to get rid of black spots from face caused by pimples. You can restore your skin condition to normal skin tone by trying the following:

  1. Aloe Vera cream or gel

Aloe Vera is known to be an effective skin care product that can help to remove pimples, acne scars and other dark spots on face. This herb has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ability that can help to heal pimples on the face without the formation of dark addition, Aloe Vera has a lot of enzymes and vitamins that can nourish and keep your face smooth and attractive.

Before using the Aloe Vera gel, cream or juice, clean your face with warm water and dry it with a wash towel. Apply the gel or cream directly on the affected part of your skin with dark marks and use your hand to massage your face in a gentle manner. Repeat this treatment twice per day for few weeks until pimples and dark marks on your face clear away.

  1. Use Potato juice to bleach dark spots

A potato has a lot of minerals and enzymes that can help to bleach blackheads, dark marks or patches of the skin of your face. Potato juice also softens and can restore your skin to normal texture and skin tone.

Get a potato tuber, peel and grate it. Mix the grated potato with one teaspoon of raw honey and apply it on your face, leave it to stay for about 20 minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Alternatively, slice up the potato tuber and place the potato slice directly on part of your skin that has dark spots.

  1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice has a natural citric acid that can help to remove black spots, blemish or acne scars from face. Lemon juice also has a natural vitamin and mineral salts that can help to keep your moisten and smooth.

Get a fresh lemon fruit and use a sharp knife to cut it into halves. Use your hand to squeeze out the juice from the pulp and collect it in clean a cup. Apply the extracted lemon juice on your face and allow it to dry before rinsing it off with warm water. For effective result, repeat the procedure twice per day until you face attain normal skin tone.

  1. Use of baking soda

Baking soda has the ability to exfoliate the skin which can help to remove pimples scars and dark spots on face. The reagent can be used as a home remedy to remove black spots away from your skin. The alkaline nature of baking soda can also initiate the dark spots on the face to fade slowly until your skin attains bright or glowing skin.

Prepare a paste of baking soda by mixing one teaspoon of powder with few drops of water and apply it directly to the affected part of your face with dark spots or scars. Allow it to dry and finally rinse your face with warm water. Alternatively, you can apply the paste on your face overnight and rinse it in the morning.

  1. Natural honey

Most skin care products contain natural honey as one of the ingredients that can treat various types of acne like blackheads and dark bumps on the skin. Raw honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ability that can help to remove raised dark marks on your face. In addition, honey can lighten your skin by exfoliating excess melanin on your skin.

Simply apply the raw honey on your face by using your hand twice per day for few weeks. The appropriate time to apply honey treatment is during the night before going to bed and leave it until next morning is when you can rinse off your face with warm water.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Face Overnight

how to remove black spots from face

How to get rid of black spots from face home remedies – lemon

It is illogic to use natural methods to remove dark spots or patches from your face overnight or instantly. Alternatively, there are other effective methods that quickly remove dark spots on the skin. If you want to get rid of black dots on your face, visit your dermatologist to help you on how to get rid of black spots from face.

Here are examples of a method that you can use to remove dark spots from your face instantly or overnight:

  1. Laser method

Laser treatment is one of the methods that can be used to remove dark spots from your skin instantly. The treatment can take less than an hour to remove dark spots from your face. This cosmetic procedure is done by a dermatologist who has the professional experience to resurface your skin.

Basing on the type of dark spots, your doctor can decide either to use ablative laser treatment or non-ablative. Ablative treatment is used to peel the top layer of your skin while non-ablative method only stimulates cells to make the desired amount of melanin in the affected area with dark spots.

  1. Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a type of plastic surgeon that uses special tools or equipment to remove the top layer on your skin that contains dark spots. After the treatment, a new bright and light layer of the skin replaces the old one.

Microdermabrasion procedure uses rough small crystals to exfoliate the top layer of the skin that has dark scars, zit or acne. This is a cosmetic procedure which is effective to remove age spots, brown dots or any other blemish on your face overnight.

  1. Use of chemical peels

Chemical peels are one of the cosmetic methods that are used widely by the dermatologists to lighten the skin. Special acidic creams are used to lighten dark spots on your skin. Chemical peels can give either temporal or permanent hypopigmentation results.

Before using the chemical method, visit your dermatologist to help you how to get rid of black spots from face with chemical peels. Chemical method is effective to both light and dark skinned individuals when if performed by a professional dermatologist.

Dark spots on Face Removal Cream

how to hide dark spots on face makeup

how to hide dark spots on face makeup

Dark spots on your skin can also be removed by using medicinal creams. There are various types of dark spots removal creams that are available in the cosmetic shops nearby your location. You can seek the advice of a dermatologist to help and guide you how to use dark spot removal creams.

The following are popular creams that can be used to remove dark spots from your face. They include:

  1. Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel

CLINIQUE cream is an effective brand of cosmetic product that is popular in India and all over the world. This dark spots removal cream works best for active acne, dark spots or patches and on acne scars on the skin. CLINIQUE cream is among the expensive dark spot removal cream in India but affordable.

  1. Himalaya Clarina Anti-acne Cream

This cosmetic product can help to reduce black spots, acne and other types of the dot on the skin. Himalaya cream has natural ingredients formula such as almond, Aloe Vera that can help to moisturize and cure pimples as well as dark spots on the skin.

  1. Oriflame Even Out Dark Spot Reduction

This is effective beauty product that can clear away all dark spots, acne, patches and other dots on skin. The cream has active formula ingredients that can heal dark marks on the skin within few weeks.

  1. New Fair and Lovely Anti- Marks cream

This product contains a combination of active ingredients like vitamins, fruits extract and Aloe Vera that gives it the power to remove dark marks from the skin.

  1. Aliya Paris Carotiq Intense Cream

Aliya cream is made of carrot oil with a combination of other active ingredients that give it a strong dark spot removal formula that works best for all types of acne, marks, and patches on the skin. This cream also softens and protects your skin by moisturizing it for a bright appearance.

How to remove Spots on Face in 2 Days

Do you need to get rid of dark spots on your face in 2 days? Here are solutions on how to get rid of black spots from face within 2 days. Consider the following treatments:

  1. Use of Sugar scrub and raw honey

Sugar scrub and honey is the best home remedy that can be used to remove various types of spots on the face within two days. The rough texture of the sugar scrub can help to exfoliate your skin that has dark spots and gives a bright or glowing smooth skin appearance after the uses. The honey helps to moisturize and heal any inflamed spots on the skin.

How to use:

  • Mix two teaspoon of honey into a half a glass of white sugar
  • Apply the mixture on the affected area of your face with dark spots and gently scrub it with your hands
  • Use warm water to rinse your face
  • Repeat the treatment twice per day for two days and you will acknowledge for excellent results of sugar scrub.
  1. Use of water

Use cold water to wash your face at continuous regular intervals. This can help soften dry skin for easy removal of dead skin debris that appears as dark spots. Regular cleaning of your face can also help to exfoliate the top layer of the skin that has dark spots and give you a bright or glowing skin after two days.

Alternatively, you can use warm water instead of cold to wash your face continuously several times per. Also, you can stream your face by using a warm towel soaked in hot water and compress it on your face. This procedure can help to unclog pore on the skin, remove acne spots and gives you a bright skin to within 2 days.

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