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How to get Rid of Hickey or Love Bites, Remove in Seconds, Instantly, Overnight, Toothpaste

Are you in need of hickey? Do you know how to go about it? Or Are you embarrassed of having a hickey?  Worry no more. This article will provide to you all the answers and to all your questions about hickeys and help to forestall your worries, if any.

How to get a Hickey

hickey picture

how to get hickey

What is a hickey?  A hickey is also known as a love bite, kiss mark or a bug bite, it is a bruise caused by biting, aggressive kissing of the soft skin usually around the neck or on the arm, it can also be caused  through sucking of the soft skin. When a person aggressively kisses your soft skin the blood capillaries are broken, letting the blood to seep out into the surrounding tissue. Initially the hickey is red in color but turns black or dark purple or brown after they heal.

Both men and women can have a hickey from their partners. A hickey is a gender exclusive thing and the fact that hickey are most common among women doesn’t mean that male cannot get them.

Many people always don’t get it right and have some sense of doubt; however what you should know is that you don’t need any kind of skill or technique for you to give a hickey. It is just a simple exercise, because it involves kissing or sucking very tightly until it leaves a mark. However you still need to follow some proven guideline of steps to make it happen in a simple manner and in the best way.

The below guidelines are the best way to follow if you want to give your girlfriend or boyfriend, whichever way a hickey.

  1. Ask for permission from your partner

Just like many other things, some people may avoid getting love marks even if they are willing to get, simply because they don’t want people to see their love bite, or one is still a school going person or for one reason or the other one doesn’t want to be open about his relationship. In such circumstances hickey or hickeys could be the most embarrassing or stigmatizing thing to have on your body.  So make sure you don’t give your partner a hickey as a surprise thing, ask for permission first.

  1. Build attention by Soft play

Foreplay or soft play is usually known for sex, but the purpose of foreplay is to create attention. Before you start giving your partner a hickey, you need to have a clear way of going about it. You can begin by what your partner like most, kissing or massaging  your partner, this will help build attention and make love bite more pleasurable.

  1. Choose your location

After you have build attention through kissing and soft play now it is your turn to choose the place where you would like to give hickey. It could be on the thigh, lips, butt, neck or even nose. If your partner doesn’t want the hickey to be visible to other people then places like thigh or butt  can be the best  choice or if need be you can ask your partner for the suggestion on where to give a hickey as well.

Once you have decided on the location for the love bite. Start kissing that part slowly for few seconds and then a little harder. Just make your partner ready for this.

  1. Kiss aggressively, by use of your tongue

If you notice your partner is enjoying your kissing by her moaning, you should now start kissing more tightly, harder or aggressively. Use your tongue to lubricate the area. Now you need to know that while giving a hickey kiss, it is pertinent to know that your teeth are not involved and must you must also get  rid of the excess spit as you should not leave a slobber on your partner’s neck.

Suck aggressively on the spot for over twenty minutes until the skin capillaries break, this will lead to appearance of the hickey mark.

  1. Suck and bite

Use the whole mouth to such the area instead of using your lips only. Bite a little bit if your partner is very much in agreement with it. Sack your partners for five minutes and during this process keep kissing and use your tongue to pleasure your partner. If you have kissed enough you will see the mark. If it doesn’t appear you can also bite hard too. Sometimes it may take few seconds for hickey to appear. Don’t get disappointed or embarrassed if you didn’t see any love bite, try again with more pressure. Still, you can also create a fake hickey if you want to show your friends.

How to Get Rid of Hickey

A hickey, however not very visible it is, it may be very embarrassing, but nothing to worry about in the long-term it is simply a bruise and if taken care of correctly and in timely manner  using the tips enumerated below your bites will vanish in no time.

  1. Eat foods that are high in vitamin K.

Vitamin K is found in foods such as kales, broccoli, beans, spinach and brown rice. It helps the body absorb clots of pooled blood, including those causing your hickey. Take foods with vitamin K and your hickey will vanish off within two weeks.

  1. Apply a warm compress

If you still have a hickey after three to four days, it is helpful to bring heat into the equation to allow new blood to circulate over the area. This circulation will do away with the old blood that has made your hickey visible by bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the area.

Simply wet a washcloth with warm water before placing it on the bruised area for three minutes. Repeat the same process four times a day for two days.

  1. Use bristles of a toothbrush to stimulate blood circulation

Using toothbrush with super soft bristles such as oral-B ultra softer manual toothbrush helps to stimulate circulation of blood on and around the hickey area. Make sure you brush over your hickey with a little pressure, working the bristles in different directions so the clotted blood has room to spread. Repeat this process for twenty minutes. However, it is important to note that the outcome of this process depends on how dark or light the hickey looks like.

  1. Apply aloe Vera to speed up the healing process

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer known for its healing and rejuvenating properties that reduce pain sensitivity. To minimize the size of your hickey use aloe Vera herbal cream or gel. Apply twice a day and  let it sit for at least ten minutes  before wiping  it off. These will sooth off the area which then reduces any pain and lead your skin to speed up recovery.

  1. Use inside of a banana peel to sooth the skin surface

This sounds very strange but it does help to a great extend. The inside of a banana peel act as a cooling treatment that help to shrink the hickey. Here is how to go about it; remove the peel from a ripe banana and place the inside of the peel onto your hickey for about ten to twenty minutes. Repeat this up to three times a day. Your hickey will vanish off.

  1. Use the back of a cold spoon to reduce swelling

Place a spoon in your refrigerator for 15 minutes before lightly stroking it over the hickey. This technique is most effective when the hickey is still fresh. The cold will help minimize the blood seeping out of the blood capillaries into the skin.  Repeat doing this five time of the day, and this will help to reduce the size of swelling on your hickey mark.

  1. Using Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is an effective healing agent for hickeys and other bruises. It promotes the growth of  skin tissue and is an excellent moisturizer. If you choose to use cocoa butter to remove your hickey, always apply it after a warm compress to increase its effectiveness. Remember to massage the area after application of cocoa butter.

  1. Massaging

Massaging the hickey scatters the clotted blood and reduces its color. You can for this purpose use any essential oil like cinnamon cream. Massage the hickey gently by placing two fingers over the affected area and rub them in a circular motion in one direction. After three minutes change the direction of the motion and continue rubbing, this time round make sure you are rubbing the hickey firmly. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of massage in getting rid of a hickey depends on how severe the hickey is.

  1. Orange

Oranges are a good source of vitamin C, which is vital for the healing of bruises. The vitamin also has bleaching properties that can help clear hickeys as soon as possible.

Drink fresh juice as soon as possible you notice a hickey. It helps to a greater extend in the healing process. You can also prepare and apply an orange pack directly on to the affected area. If well timed, the orange can help you remove a hickey quickly.

How to Remove a Hickey in Seconds

how to remove a hickey

how to get rid of hickey

  1. Rubbing hickey with alcohol

Rubbing alcohol on the hickey while it is still fresh is believed to be the fastest way to get rid of a hickey. Alcohol has a cooling, soothing and disinfectants properties that help to get rid of hickey quickly.

Apply rubbing alcohol to the hickey using a ball of cotton.  Gently massage the area for several minutes to help minimize any discomfort. Once you are done, make sure that you apply moisturizing oil because rubbing alcohol can dehydrate the skin.

  1. Use peppermint

Peppermint is spicy and potent. It has a stimulant effect that help to improve blood circulation. It also helps to a greater extend in the healing of the blood capillaries. Apply peppermint oil gently on the hickey. You might feel a tingling sensation after application, but it will fade after a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can use peppermint based toothpaste, just rub a layer of toothpaste over the hickey gently and leave it for several minutes. When the hickey stops tingling, use warm washcloth to remove the toothpaste. The use of peppermint toothpaste produces the best results if it is done as soon as possible after you got the hickey. However, it is important to note that peppermint should not be handled carefully as it can cause skin irritation.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer well known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. It reduces skin sensitivity in the affected area and speed up the healing of the broken capillaries.

  1. Arnica Salve

Arnica Salve is a medically proven ointment. It reduces soreness and swelling when applied to a hickey. It also helps to repair capillaries in the skin. If you are wondering how to get rid of hickeys quickly arnica salve can do it for you.

  1. Hot compress

Hot compress is the best way to get rid of hickeys that are proving stubborn and hard to deal with. To use this method, saturate a washcloth in hot water. Wring the cloth out properly and place it on the affected area for a few minutes. Reheat the cloth if necessary.

The heat from the cloth helps to dilate blood capillaries and make way for fresh new blood to circulate to the hickey and clear up the mess.

In place of a washcloth, you can use a reusable heat patch. They are easy to use, cheap and stay hot for longer. You can get one at your local pharmacy. Alternatively use your hair dryer to heat the area while you massage it with your fingers.

  1. Parsley juice

Parsley is a herb that is usually added to vegetables as salad. This herb facilitates re-absorption of blood to the damaged blood capillaries in the inflamed hickey wound. This reduces the healing time of the hickey.

How to Hide a Hickey

Here are some simple ways, on how to hide your hickey from your parents, friends, colleagues, anyone who might pass you on the street, or anyone at a social gathering.

  • Hide the hickey with the right shirt. Wearing a turtleneck long-sleeved shirt or a turtleneck sweater to hide your hickey may be the simplest way to hide your hickey.
  • Wear a top that draws away attention from your neck. A shirt or top that has a funny logo, or with stripes, or unusual zipper can do well in this regard and for women avoid wearing jewelry that draws attention to your neck.
  • Hide the hickey with the right accessory such as scarf and make sure you are doing so during the right season.
  • If you are tired with the hickey, drape a sweater across your shoulders.
  • If you are a long-haired lady or man, covering your hickey with your hair is the best thing to do.
  • You can also stick a bandage over the hickey and make up a story.
  • Hiding the hickey with make-up is also another best option.
  • Brush the hickey and surrounding area with a stiff-bristled toothbrush.
  • Apply cold ice to your hickey in any form this will help reduce the swelling.
  • Apply a weak purple iodine solution to the hickey.

How to Get Rid of Love Bites Overnight

how to get rid of a hickey

how to remove a love bite

  1. Scraping

This is the most painful method used to remove hickeys but it can produce great results, should you choose to use it. To use scraping, stretch the skin around your hickey until it is flat. You can do this by pulling the skin away from the hickey on opposite ends. Once this is done, scrape the skin using the edge of a large coin, do it in circular motion spreading it in one direction.

This method requires that you scrap the skin as hard as possible, but not so much as to break the skin or hurt yourself. Scraping pushes out clotted blood out of the skin surface. After scraping your skin may be a little tender and reddened, but the redness goes away a lot faster than the hickey.

  1. Use of alcoholic spirit

Alcohol has disinfectant and soothing properties that help to get rid of hickey quickly. By use of cotton ball, apply on raw or fresh hickey, rub the area with alcohol or spirit for a few minutes and then apply a moistening essential oil. After a few hours you will discover that the hickey starts to fade away.

  1. Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is an effective healing agent for hickeys and other bruises. It promotes the growth of skin tissue and is an excellent moisturizer. If you choose to use olive oil to remove your hickey, always apply it after a warm compress to increase its effectiveness. Remember to massage the area after application of olive oil.

  1. Hairbrush or Toothbrush

Take a tender toothbrush or hairbrush with stiff bristles and gently brush over the hickey in a circular motion. This helps to speed up blood circulation and hence making the hickey to fade away. The redness and swelling may at first spread over the affected area but certainly die after about half an hour.

  1. Use coin (penny)

A coin may be used to give a massaging effect to the hickey. This result in dispersion of the coagulated blood under the hickey as a result the hickey fades away faster. To use a coin in getting rid of a hickey; stretch the area of the skin that is affected by the hickey, and then hold the coin at an angle. You can therefore gently scratch the affected area with the ridge of the coin outwardly and repeatedly. Continue scratching for about ten minutes.

  1. Lipstick cap

You can use a lipstick cap or any small cylindrical object to massage your hickey out of the skin. The cylindrical object makes blood clot to scatter quickly. It also increases circulation around the hickey. This makes the hickey to disappear from your skin faster.

  1. Weak Iodine solution

Soak a piece of cotton wool in the weak iodine solution and apply it on the hickey. Besides making the hickey to fade away, iodine helps to hide the hickey

  1. Medicine

There are medicines such as aspirin that can help relieve the pain of a hickey and speed up its disappearance.

  1. Mustard

This is the simplest and easiest way of getting rid of a hickey. Make a poultice of mustard. Spread it on a piece of cloth; cover the hickey with a piece of cloth such that the poultice sticks to the hickey. Mustard will help to draw the blood clot away from the hickey hence improving blood circulation in the affected area. As a result the bruises will fade and disappear. Mustard also helps to relieve swelling and pain.

Does Toothpaste Get Rid of Hickey

Toothpaste is a cleaning agent; however, not all toothpaste does help in getting rid of hickey. There are special types of toothpaste that can be used in this regard. Examples include medicated toothpaste and toothpaste that are mixed with essential products such as cinnamon and peppermint.

Peppermint-based toothpaste is the best way of getting rid of hickey faster and effectively.  Peppermint is spicy and has a stimulant effect and also aids in the healing of blood capillaries. Just rub a layer of toothpaste over the hickey gently and leave it there for several minutes. When the area stops tingling, use a warm washcloth to remove the toothpaste. This is an effective method especially if it is as soon as you get the hickey.

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