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Pink Eye

How to Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast, Overnight, Home Remedies, And Treatment

How do you cure a pink eye fast? How can I prevent pink eye from getting worse? How long does it take to get rid of pink eye? How do you get pink eye fast? Get more insight about the causes of pink eye and some of the treatments.

How to Get Rid Of Pink Eye Fast Overnight

Pink eye result due to an eye condition is known as conjunctivitis. The eye illness is characterized by inflammation. This eye condition is caused by an infection, allergies, chemicals and other foreign objects in the eye.

how to get rid of pink eyes

How to get rid of pink eyes

The research shows that the condition does heal on its own but it is recommended to follow certain treatments and measures in order to speed up the healing process. The healing process depends on the type of the eye condition.

Most measures and treatments are meant to alleviate the symptoms associated with the eye illness. Some of the symptoms include; redness, lacrimation, itching, swelling of the conjunctiva and the eyelids and presence of discharge from the affected eye.

To be able to know how to get rid of the pink eye fast overnight, it is important to understand the causes of the condition and find out what to do. The following are some of the factors to adopt:

  1. Determine the type of conjunctivitis resulting to pink eye

The type of treatment to adopt is considered after determining the cause of the eye condition. The most common eye illness is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, allergic reactions, and chemical splashes into the eye.

All these factors that result in conjunctivitis cause the eye to become red, inflamed, swollen and teary. Not only the above factors, but there are many other causes of the pink eye according to the research done by wikihow.

  • Viral pink eye

The eye illness is caused by the virus. The condition may also affect the upper part of the respiratory tract such as throat and tonsils. An individual may result in a sore throat and the common cold. The condition of the eye has no treatment but it can take some few weeks for it to heal.

Note: The recent research shows that the eye condition is highly contagious and it can spread from one person to another when they come into close contact.

  • Bacterial pink eye

The condition of the eye is caused by bacterial infection and it may result in the discharge of yellow or green around the affected eye. These discharges may result in the closing of the eye when waking up in the morning. The infection has the potential of affecting the two eyes.

Note: The bacterial infection to the eyes requires medical professional attention for treatment. The doctor may prescribe some antibiotics to get rid of the pink eye infection.

  • Allergic pink eye

Different allergens from the environment may result in body reaction that may cause the eyes to become pink or red. These allergens may also cause sneezing, stuffy and running nose. The eye condition has the ability to affect both eyes and it is not contagious.

Over the counter, pink eye medicine such as ear drops containing anti-histamine may be used to relieve the burning sensation and other symptoms.

  • Chemical and foreign objects pink eye

Working in some industries that manufacture chemicals may splash into the eyes. The splashing of the chemicals in either one or both eyes may result in conjunctivitis. It is recommended to avoid either basic chemicals or acidic chemicals from splashing into the eyes.

However, the research shows that basic chemicals are harsher to the eye as compared to acidic chemicals. To reduce the inflammation of the eye, an individual will be expected to wash the eyes with plenty of water.

  1. Consult a medical doctor for treatment

Most medical professionals have skills and knowledge on how to get rid of the pink eye fast. The doctor may conduct some test and examination to determine the cause of the eye condition. The doctor will then recommend some medicines for the treatment.

In case of the severe or serious conditions, it is recommended to consult or visit the nearest healthcare. Some of the serious symptoms may include:

  • In the situation where the redness of the eye deepens excessive pain and swelling of the eye.
  • Consult an optician in cases where vision is affected like experiencing short-sightedness, or the eye becoming too sensitive to sunlight.
  • When the condition of the eye due to bacterial infection does not heal even after using some home remedies.
  • The Severe reappearance of allergic pink eye. A person may be given some medicines that prevent this condition from re-occurring time to time.
  • When the body immune system is weakened with other viral infections such as HIV infections and other cancer treatments

The doctor may also prescribe some eye drops that is anti-histamine to alleviate the symptoms of histamines released by the body due to allergic reactions. The use of decongestant eye drops may also help in reducing the inflammation of the eye.

In order to get rid of the pink eye fast overnight, the use of antibiotics has proved to be more effective.  The antibiotics are usually informed of pills or eye drops to treat the pink eye faster.  Follow the instructions are recommended by the pharmacists. Make sure to complete the dosage.

Home Remedies for Pink Eye – Natural Cures, In Babies, Adult Humans

how to get rid of pink eye

pink eye in babies

What are the best home based remedies for pink eye? The studies show that there are numerous home remedies and treatment for the eye condition. It is therefore simple to get rid of redness, itching, swelling, and lacrimation by performing the simple procedures below:

  1. Cleaning the infected eye

Adopting proper cleaning measures of the infected eye is recommended to promote faster healing. Therefore, it is recommended to use clean hands with a cotton wool to wipe away the secretion and excessive water from the affected eye.

Improper cleaning of the infected eye may result in the increase in production of secretions that may increase multiplication of bacteria and virus in the eye.

Damp the used cotton wool or tissue immediately and wash the hands thoroughly. Keep away from touching the other eye to avoid further contamination.

Use plenty of water to wash the whole eye in case it is splashed with the chemical. Washing helps to reduce eye inflammation and remove some substance of the chemicals that are still in the eye. The affected eye may get back to normal after 24 to 48 hours depending on the type of the chemical.

  1. Warm or cold compress

The use of cold compressor or application of warm water helps to reduce the swelling on the eyelid as well as alleviating all the eye pain symptoms. According to the research done by mayo clinic, the warm compressor works best on a viral or bacterial pink eye while a cold compress may work best for allergic or chemical splash pink eye.

Dip the clean cotton cloth in clean water that is either cold or warm the wring to remove excess water and place it over the eyelid. Re-do the procedure 8-10 times twice a day until the condition improves. Sometimes a person may be asked her or himself that is pink eye contagious while applying a compress? The answer is yes.

The compressing washcloth may be carrying the bacteria or the virus after compressing the affected eye. Clean and disinfect it before compressing the other eye that may not be seriously affected. Alternatively, you may have a different compress for each eye using a different washcloth.

  1. Raw honey for pink eye

It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that give it power on how to get rid of the pink eye fast and easy. This type of home remedy has been tested in ancient Egyptians history. The honey has the capability of treating both internal and external eye problems.

Estimate the amount of the dose that is enough to help alleviate the eye problem. Use about half a spoon of honey mixed in a pinched of sea salt and a glass of warm boiled water.

Dissolve the two in the water and stir well to mix. Allow them to stand and cool for 5 minutes. Put the solution in a clean eye dropper and apply 2 drops in the affected eye three times a day. Repeat the procedure until the eye heals.

  1. Apple cider vinegar pink eye

Apple cider vinegar has the ability to treat both viral and bacterial infection in the eye that makes it pink. The apple cider vinegar has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that are made for killing all the bacteria or virus causing the eye condition.

In addition, it is said to destroy the bacteria and virus that causes re-occurrences of pink eye in children and adults. The apple cider vinegar has been used for a long time to wash the affected eye.

Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into warm water in a cup. Use a cotton ball to wash the eye from the corners and the eyelids. Allow few drops into the eye. It may sting a bit but a person will enjoy the benefits when it treats the eye.

  1. Probiotics

According to research done by home remedies, it should be considered when treating the pink eye infection. The remedy is aimed at destroying bad bacteria in the body and replacing them with the good bacteria that play a vital role in the body.

The presence of bad or harmful bacteria in the body may result in some problems in the body such as conjunctivitis. Probiotics are found in human breast and it has been used from traditional time in treating conjunctivitis and other eye problems.

Breast milk also contains antimicrobial properties that are effective in treating the eye problems. Putting a few drops in the eye works magic by treating conjunctivitis in few hours.

There are other artificial products that contain probiotic. They can be taken on the daily basis to kill the bad bacteria in the body. This helps in preventing re-occurrences of conjunctivitis. Other fermented milk products such as yogurt contain these important bacteria.

  1. Colloidal silver

The use of colloidal silver in the eye is the most effective way on how to get rid of the pink eye fast and naturally. This is the oldest remedy that has been used since the ancient time before the invention of pharmaceutical ointments.


It contains antiviral and antibacterial properties that treat the eye fast without stinging. Obtain the colloidal silver in a health food store near the location an individual stays. Put some in a clean eye dropper and apply 1-2 drops in the affected eye. Conjunctivitis will be able to go within a day.

  1. Get rid of pink eye overnight lemon juice

Both lemon and lime juice has the ability to treat eye problem that has been affected by either virus or bacteria. They contain both antiviral and antibacterial properties for pink eye. The juice is effective in treating the infection but it can sting the eye so much.

You can simply weigh the short-term side effects it has and its long-term treatment and decide on what to choose. You simply obtain some juice from the lemon and apply it directly into the eye.

If you find this remedy inappropriate, you may choose to use a different one. It is you are desperate, and then it is highly recommended for pink eye treatment.

How to Treat Pink Eye – Over the Counter Pink Eye Medicine

The pink eye infection can also be treated using the over the counter medicine. Some of the prescribed antibiotics for the pink eye can only be used after being diagnosed by the doctor. Some of the medicine over the counter can be used without doctor’s prescription but after determining the type of the eye problem.

how to treat pink eye

How to get rid pink eye fast

Some of the common over the counter medicine for pink eye include:

  • Ointments
  • Pink eye artificial tears
  • Anti-histamine
  • Decongestant
  1. Artificial Tears

It is used as an over-the-counter mild saline lubricant that replaces the tears in the eye. They are used to relieve the various symptoms of conjunctivitis by washing away the contamination caused by the virus, bacteria, allergens, and chemical splashes into the eye. They help in improving the symptoms among individual with viral conjunctivitis since it has no medicines.

  1. Anti-histamines eye drops

Anti-histamine eye drops work best for allergic conjunctivitis. The body reacts to allergens by releasing histamine that causes inflammation of the conjunctiva. Such eye drop will, therefore, help in alleviating the irritation and the swelling of the eye.

  1. Decongestant

It does not heal pink eye condition but they are proven to be effective on how to get rid of the pink eye fast by alleviating the symptoms such as irritation, swelling, and pain.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Pink Eye

The recent research shows that in case the eye problem is caused by the common viral infection, it will clear within few weeks or two weeks at most.

There some infection that is caused by bacteria is said to last for a longer period of time like a month to get heal. All these infections require some treatment to promote the faster healing process.

In case of the pink eye as a result of allergic reactions to pollen, dust and animal dander can last indefinitely, especially depending on the time of year. Allergic conjunctivitis is not likely to go away on its own unless one remove or avoid the cause of the reaction.

In case of a serious or severe state, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor for some immediate treatment since it can affect the eye vision.

How to Cure Viral Pink Eye

The pink eye condition caused by the virus has no medication. The only way to cure the infection is to allow it take its time but it will eventually get well. There are various antiviral medication and home remedies that can only help to improve the symptoms.

Applying a warm compress on the affected eye helps in relieving the pain and redness of the eye. Washing the hands thoroughly can help to avoid the risk of spreading the infection to the other eye. Clean the washcloth and other equipment thoroughly to avoid spreading the infection.

Pink Eye Cold Compress

In case allergy which happens to be the cause of the pink eye problem, a cool compress may make it feel better. If the pinkeye is caused by an infection, then a warm, moist compress may soothe the eye and help reduce redness and swelling.

Warm, moist compresses can spread infection from one eye to the other. Use a different compress for each eye, and use a clean compress for each application. Also, adopt proper cleaning of the eye procedure to inhibit spreading of the infection to both eyes.


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