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Sunburn treatment


How to Get Rid of Sunburn Overnight, Redness, Pain, Blisters, Dark Skin, on the Face, Lips

How does one control or avoid being a victim of sunburns? Gets a summarized overview on sunburns including time tested remedies.

How to Get Rid of Sunburn Overnight

sunburn blisters

sunburn blister on skin

What is a Sunburn?

Sunburn is any type of a burn that happens when overexposure to the sun’s UV radiation damages the skin. Some of the possible symptoms of sunburn include red, tender skin that is warm to the touch and in more serious cases you can develop sunburn blisters.

To get rid of sunburns overnight consider the following:

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the best natural ingredients that you can use to soothe sunburn skin and treat blisters. Aloe Vera contains many compounds which make it an excellent moisturizer with wound healing effects. Aloe Vera also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help decrease inflammation caused by sunburn.

To get the most out of Aloe Vera, take the aloe plant and open the leaf, then scoop out the gel and apply it directly to the sunburn to soothe and moisturize the skin.

  1. Black Tea

Black tea is rich in tannic acid. It acts as a natural antioxidant and good for treating the sunburns. Green tea over the skin has many benefits such as:

  • Protect your skin from harmful toxins and UV radiations
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Repairs inflammation and pain
  • Repairs the damaged cells
  • Balances the PH level of your skin

To get the most out of black tea, just brew a cup of black tea, let it cool and then using a cotton ball rub the black tea over the affected area.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory substances that help to fight and reduce inflammation. Therefore the use of turmeric helps to effectively fight against the sunburn redness and swelling.

To get the most out of Turmeric

Mix six tablespoon of turmeric with four teaspoon of milk and make a paste, then apply these paste on the sunburns. Allow it to dry for 20 minutes and then wash with cold distilled water. Repeat this process twice a day to get rid of sunburn faster.

  1. Witch hazel

Witch hazel makes sunburn go away with its anti-swelling properties. It is a shrub that acts as a natural astringent. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tannin acid, a substance present in witch hazel can fight against acne scars and redness of sunburns. It can tighten your blood vessels and reduce swelling.

Smash the witch hazel and make a juice, then apply this pack onto the affected area. Leave it overnight then wash with fresh distilled cold water in the morning.

How to Get Rid of Sunburn Blisters

Consider the following ways:

  • Apply a cool compress containing burrow’s Solution ( such as Domeboro Powder packets-1 pkt 1 pint of water to comfort and soothe a sunburn.
  • Use baking soda which is very soothing on sunburned skin due to its alkaline nature plus it has antiseptic properties that will relieve the itchy sensation associated with sunburn blisters.
  • Apply aloe Vera gels on the affected sunburn blisters. It reduces s the sunburn redness and heals the sunburn blisters. It acts as a natural moisturizer with antiseptic properties.
  • Don’t break the blisters. The blisters contain fluid, which act as a natural protective layer of your skin, so don’t break this layer, further breaking the blisters, slows down the healing process and make way for the infection.
  • Use lotions that contain peppermint to soothe and moisturize sunburn skin. Some peppermint products contain lidocaine an anesthetic that help relieve sunburn pains and get rid of sunburn blisters.
  • Avoid suds. Do not soak your burn in soapy water. Soap can dry out and irritate your already irritated skin. If you want to soak or submerge it, do so in a tepid bath. When you’re done, pat yourself gently dry with a clean soft towel.
  • Apply Turmeric paste. Turmeric contains curcumin which is an effective ingredient to treat burns and relieve the pain of sunburn blisters. Curcumin can also help with the healing process of sunburn blisters.

How to get Rid of Sunburn Redness

Consider the following ways of getting rid of sunburn redness:

  • Avoid usage of petroleum jelly or products containing petrolatum or butter on the sunburn affected area. Usage of these products can worsen symptoms, and make it difficult to get rid of redness on the affected areas.
  • Use honey. Honey works as a natural antibiotic and help trap moisture in the skin, which is essential for treating sunburn. Also it contains an enzyme in honey helps repair damaged skin and to remove redness.
  • Apply coconut oil, which is loaded with skin nourishing fatty acids; it works as an excellent moisturizer that reduces symptoms such as redness of the sunburns.
  • Apply cayenne powder on the affected area. Cayenne powder is very soothing and has anti-inflammatory properties that help to relieve itchy sensation associated with the burns and also helps to get rid of sunburn redness.
  • Oatmeal can also help treat sunburned skin. It has soothing properties that help the skin retain its natural moisture and reduce irritation.

 How long does it take for Sunburn to go away

sunburn on skin

how to get rid of sunburn

There are several factors that come into play in determining how long you will suffer the effects of sun, they include:

  1. The length of mild to severe sunburns

There are many dangers of sunburns, including premature aging, dehydration, and cancer, therefore taking care of your skin is essential especially when it comes to sun exposure. It is prudent to use sunscreen throughout the summer seasons to prevent the occurrence of sunburns. Whether the sunburn is mild, moderate or severe they will eventually heal by themselves.

  1. Mild

Typically if you have a mild sunburn you will notice redness and some form of pain, you will see and feel the effects six hours after sun exposure. Mild sunburns can last between three to five days and during these times your skin may begin to peel in the burned areas. This happens because new cells are developing to replace the damaged skin.

  1. Moderate

Moderate sunburn is very painful and you need over-the-counter pain relievers such as solarcaine. This type of burn will last for a period of over 10 days and during this time, the skin will be red, painful and hot to touch.

For faster relief, simply consume products containing vitamin E, aloe Vera creams or use cold compress and take lukewarm baths.

  1. Severe

This type of sunburns is also called sun poisoning and they are very much painful and may require you to seek counsel from your doctor on how to handle them. Apart from being red and sensitive to the skin, a severe burn can cause fever, chills, blistering, rapid pulse and nausea. Severe burns may require hospitalization; they can typically last for a couple of weeks.

Factors that affect duration and degree of damage

Not all sunburns last for the same amount of time. There are a number of factors that determine the time sunburn may take to go away they include:

  1. Skin type

Everyone has a different reaction to the sun, while one person may be able to stay outdoors for hours on end without being burned, another may feel the effects after a short period of time, and it all has to do with skin type. People with fair skin are more likely to experience a burn than someone with naturally darker skin.

  1. Time and location

Between the hours of 10am and 3pm you have a higher chance of experiencing a severe burn as this is when the sun is more intense. There are many locations with high altitude, ozone holes, and heavy winds that put you at higher of getting sunburns. Make sure before visiting any country, try and find out the areas with high risks of sunburn while in the very country. This will help you avoid sunburns.

  1. Weather

Even if it is cloudy outside and there is a cool breeze, your skin can still be at risk. UV rays pass through and reflect off the clouds, which may result in severe burns especially if your skin is unprotected. More over wind and cool breeze minimizes the immediate effects of sunburn.

  1. Amount of time spent in the sun

Being exposed to the sun for a significant amount of time can wreak havoc on the skin, long-term sun exposure can impact the skin and the way it heals up.

How to Turn a Sunburn into a Tan

Intense sun exposure dehydrates the skin, peeling off the top layers of skin, making it appear red and flaky but backtracking from sunburned to tan is just a matter of soothing, healing and moisturizing. There are various home remedies and over-the-counter-solutions for each of these, you can easily undo the damage and return your skin to a healthy glow.

  1. Apply a cooling object to the skin

Apply cold compress such as ice or a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel. Rub the skin with an ice cube. Take breaks between applications to avoid damaging the skin blood capillaries.

  1. Apply cucumber slices on your skin

Cucumber cool and moisturizes irritated skin. Simply cut thin slices from a refrigerated cucumber and lay them over the affected area, the wider the cucumber the better.

  1. Apply topical ointment steroids

Steroids are a type of drug that can reduce and swelling when they come in contact with the skin making them perfect for sunburns. There are many different types of steroids ointments available over-the counter. Hydrocortisone cream is the common choice. To apply, gently rub a pea-size amount over the burned skin, reapplying every few hours as needed.

  1. Spray vinegar water on skin

Vinegar helps to restore the PH of the skin after sunburn. First, take a cold shower then fill a spray bottle with vinegar mixture sit for about an hour. After, rinse it off or take another cold shower. The smell can be unpleasant during the hour-long waiting time, but your sunburn should be less likely to peel.

  1. Bathe in an Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal is very helpful in dealing with sunburns and promoting healing. It has healing properties such as normalizing the skin’s PH level and soothing itchy and irritated skin.

  1. Rub coconut oil on the skin

While many natural oils will moisturize and sooth dry skin just as commercial lotions do, coconut oil is an even better choice. In addition to providing moisture and giving burnt skin a healthy glow, it also gently exfoliates, removes dead skin and promotes healing.

 How to Get Rid of Sunburn Pain

sunburn pain on skin

skin peeling due to sunburn hence pain

To get rid of sunburn considers the following;

  1. Honey

Honey is one of nature’s purest ingredients that help to keep healthy skin looking good and it can be used for treating irritated, painful, and sunburned skin. When honey is applied to burns and wounds, it directly reduces inflammation and has anti-bacterial effect on damaged skin. Raw honey is beneficial for soothing sunburn pain and for speeding up the healing process.

You can apply honey directly to sunburn to ease irritation, reduce redness and speed the healing process.

  1. Use Topical Over-the-counter (OTC)

Use over the counter pain soothing lotions such hydrocortisone cream may help relieve sunburn symptoms like pain, itch and swelling.

  1. Use over-the-counter pain relievers

Use over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve) to help relieve sunburn pain and inflammation.

  1. Cornstarch

Cornstarch also can be mixed with water to form a paste that can be applied to the skin to help soothe the skin.

  1. Used peeled potatoes

Peeled potatoes when applied to the sunburned areas, it is believed that the starch in potatoes helps draw out heat from the skin and hence reducing pain for faster healing.

  1. Apply teabags

Apply teabags soaked in cold water to sunburned areas to soothe the burn and reduce inflammation.

  1. Use vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and help decrease inflammation caused by sunburn. Use vitamin E oils on the skin or take regular dose of the supplement. Vitamin E oil can be applied or rubbed onto the peeling skin

What is the Best Treatment for Sunburn

The best know way of treating sunburn is to prevent it from happening. The following methods can apply:

  1. Take a cold Shower or Bath

Cold water will help take away some heat out of your burned skin. The water should not that be cold to cause chills on your body. Cold bath also coat and sooth your skin, improve hydration, and calm inflammation.

  1. Take over-the-counter pain relievers

You can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin to reduce and help alleviate any discomfort.

  1. Stay hydrated

When you have sunburns your body is overworking to cool off, Staying hydrated can easily facilitate the process of cooling and help to treat the sunburn. Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water more frequently.

  1. Use yogurt

Spreading a thin layer of cold plain yogurt over your skin will not only sooth the skin and take away heat but it will also act as a mild anti-inflammatory.

  1. Use skim milk with ice

Mix skim milk with an egg white and some ice. Soak a washcloth in the mixture and apply it to the skin. The protein in the milk and egg coat the surface of the skin to calm the burn.

  1. Don’t peel the skin

If your skin does have blisters, resist the urge to pop or peel them. The roof of the blister is like a dressing over the open skin, which prevents bacteria from getting inside. Opening up the blister by popping it up will increase your risk of infections. If the blisters do pop up by themselves, you can apply an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment like bacitracin to the affected skin.

  1. Be careful in the sun

Having sunburn means that the skin is already damaged inflamed and at higher risk for more damage if you expose it to the UV rays. The best way is to Stay in the shade or indoor as much as possible until the skin heals. If you must be in the sun, wear clothing that covers the burned areas.

  1. Use soothing lotion

As soon as you get out of shower while the skin is still damp, apply a moisturizer such as aloe Vera that contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that helps bind water to the skin. If you have aloe Vera plant handy, breaking open a leaf and applying the pulp to your skin will moisturize and calm the inflamed skin.

  1. Use SPF (sun protection factor)

Apply and re-apply SPF of your sunscreen, apply it 30 minutes before you even go outside.

How Long does it Take to heal a Sunburn

If you have been on long sun exposure and you’ve been burned, the skin will normally start to flake and peel after about three days. Once peeling starts, it can last for several days. In general, peeling will stop when the skin is fully healed. For a mild to moderate burn, that should be within seven days, but small amounts of peeling can occur for several weeks.

Drink plenty of water to help your skin heal more quickly. Be gentle when removing dead skin cells from peeling skin. Don’t pull or exfoliate-the skin will shed by itself. Your new skin is delicate and more susceptible to irritation. Try taking a warm bath to help loosen the dead cells. Moisturizing skin is helpful too, as long as the moisturizer doesn’t sting. Try plain petroleum jelly if needed.

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