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How to get pink lips fast


How to Make Lips Pink Naturally, Forever, Red, Overnight, in a week, Day, Men, Home Remedies

How can you get pink lips fast? Get insights on best natural home remedies for pink lips.

How to make Lips Pink-Overnight, one Day, one week

Use a beetroot lip balm

how to get pink lips fast

lip balm for instant pink lips

Beetroot Lip is known for its natural color and the boundless benefits it brings to your skin and your overall health. This beetroot lip balm also acts as a temporary lip stain. It act as a natural exfoliator and will help you lighten and makes your lips pink overnight.

To make beetroot lip balm for making lips pink overnight or in one day or one week, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Half teaspoon beetroot powder
  • One tablespoon shea butter
  • Two tablespoon olive oil
  • One tablespoon beeswax pellets
  • A tiny lip balm jar

Beetroot contain betanin which is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature which helps lighten discolored lips. Shea butter contains Vitamin A and E both of which sooth chapped lips. Olive oil has cooling and conditioning properties.

How to use beetroot:

  • Start with adding the shea butter, olive oil and beeswax in a glass jar.
  • Use a saucepan to heat water and place the jar with the contents in the pan.
  • Stir until the ingredients melt and blend together.
  • Add the beetroot powder and mix.
  • Transfer the content into containers and let it cool down to set.
  • Dab some on your lips to try your new awesome lip balm.

How to make Lips Pink Naturally Forever

  • Aloe Vera Gel Mask

Aloe Vera contains hormones like Auxin that provide anti-inflammatory effect as well as healing properties. The Vitamin E helps to restore moisture. If you have any cuts or such on your lips or if they need more hydration then, aloe vera gel mixed with coconut oil or olive oil works wonders.

How to use aloe Vera gel Mask:

  • Take a fresh leaf of aloe vera gel, slice it from the middle.
  • Scoop out the gel using a spoon and put it in a glass container.
  • Add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil into the gel.
  • You can use this as you would use your lip Balm.
  • Store in the refrigerator.
  • Cocoa and chocolate Lip Therapy

The ingredients in dark chocolate help in improving hydration and thickness. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants. This lip therapy is great to nourish and repair dry, lifeless lips.

How to use cocoa and chocolate:

  • Start by melting the chocolate squares and cocoa butter in a double boiler.
  • Add the oil from the vitamin E capsule to this mixture.
  • Once it’s cool, apply a good layer of the mask onto your lips.
  • Leave it on for fifteen minutes.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water.
  • Moisten your lips regularly

Moisturizers prevent the lips from getting dark and chapped. Applying moisturizers rich in vitamin E and unflavored lip balms keeps your lips moisturized. Using such moisturizers will make your lip pink for a very long time.

Alternatively you can practice or observe the following tips to make your lips naturally pink forever.

  • Avoid biting your lips, because biting leave your lips with scars that darken when healed.
  • Always keep your lips moisturized.
  • Do not smoke or consume any substance that contains tobacco as it can cause lip discoloration.
  • Avoid salty and spicy eateries as they can dry out your lips.
  • Exfoliate your lips once a week to get rid of dead skin cells and to get clean and fresh colored lips.
  • Avoid drinking excess alcohol as it can dry out lips and if you do drink alcohol then drink equal amount of water with it, to keep your body hydrated.
  • Always carry a lip balm because you might not know when you may need it.
  • Rub on your lips daily as it is the easiest way to keep it clean, soft and to increase the blood circulation of your lips.
  • Lastly drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

How to make lips Red Naturally

how to get soft pink lips

how to get soft pink lips naturally

Coloring your lips is a fast and a short term way on how to make lips red. Sometimes  we need natural looking red lips to impress someone maybe our date or to attract an old flame but we don’t  have enough time so we can take this step only gives you temporal red lips kind of like Cinderella, so you have to remember the time frame you had red lips for. Consider the below home remedies to make your lips red.


Fruits which have red juice will definitely do the trick. But before starting coloring you must remember to clean and condition your lips properly. Now once your lips are cleaned:

  • Take a red fruit juice in a cup or any small container.
  • Then take a small piece of cotton and dip it into the juice and simply move it over the lips.
  • Try to keep it within your lip lines and once that is done then let it dry for some time.
  • You can also apply more layers if you want how to get red lips permanently for a longer time.


Food coloring is used to apply appropriate colors to your food and this remedy can also be used for turning lips red. It can also be used to color your lip if you want to avoid harmful lipsticks.

  • Take some food color in a small bowl and then using a cotton ball cover the lips with the red shade.
  • Remember to stay inside the lip line because if it comes in contact with other skin parts, it will turn them red too.


Beet root are red in color and so can be used for coloring your lips as well.

  • Cut a beet root in slices and make sure that the interior side is bright red in color.
  • Rub the interior side of the slice over your lips; squeeze it gently so as to release the juice.
  • Now let it dry for couple of minutes and then apply more layers for deeper color if you want
  • Once you are satisfied with color then seal it with a lip balm.
  • Alternatively, you can use beet root powder by adding some oil into it and apply it on your lips. Remember to apply it inside your lip line and to wipe off the excess of beet root color.


The Kool-Aid trick was popular in the fifties era and it still can get the work done.

  • Take this red colored kool-Aid powder and add it into the bowl
  • With a spoon stir it for mixing it properly and to get a thick paste. Apply this paste on your lips and leave it to sit for 5 minutes. Then rinse it properly.
  • This will help you make lips red naturally and for a darker shade color repeat this trick several times.
  • You can also create the color that you want by customizing and mixing different colors like Orange and red


When you were a kid you use to eat Popsicle and your parents would know that you have eaten Popsicle because the color could be all over the lips, tongue and teeth. Now, this Popsicle can be used to get red colored lips.

  • Choose a cherry or raspberry popsicle and melt it into a bowl and then use a cotton swab to apply it on your lips making sure to stay inside the lip line and once you are comfortable with a lip balm. You can also eat the Popsicle if you like but remember it will also give you red tongue and teeth.

 How to get Pink Lips for Men

how to get pink lips overnight

how to get pink lips overnight for men

Below are 7 ways to get pink lips for Men.

  • Stop Smoking

Smoking is greatly harmful to health. It is injurious for facial skin too. It darkens the skin on and around the lips. It mainly leaves a stain that looks dark. Besides, it dries and burns up the lip skin. Thus, you get dark lips. So, what to do? Quit smoking just right away and notice your lips will get back their previous natural color.

Though, quitting smoking isn’t a simple and easily but it can be achieved through commitment. To get more tips on how to quit smoking then read this book. ’Allen Carr’s Easy way to Stop Smoking’.

  • Exfoliate Your Lips

Exfoliation lightens the lips. Scrubbing removes the dead and dry skin cells of the lips. So, normally lips look neat, even and bright. Exfoliate the lips once or twice a week, but not more than two times. The best time to scrub the lips is morning [before going to outside] and night [before going to bed].  Now to exfoliate your lips effectively consider the following:

Sugar and Honey: Mix equal amount of sugar and honey. Apply this mixture on your lips. Then massage your lips slowly for 5 minutes.

Soft Toothbrush: During brushing your teeth, just rub your lips softly. Brushing will remove the dry and dark skin. The first time, you will feel uneasy and irritation on your lips but gradually with time, the irritation will fade away.

  • Use home remedies

There are many home remedies that will make your lips naturally pink, they include: Rose petals, cucumber slices, beetroot juice, carrot juice, lemon juice and many others. You don’t need to apply all of the natural ingredients. Just pick the best one.

  • Moisturize your lips

Apply vitamin E moisturizing creams and unflavored lip balms to keep lips moisturized. These moisturizers prevent our lips from becoming dark and chapped. Using such moisturizers will definitely make your lips pink in a few days. For pink soft lips use a moisturizer with natural pigments and extracts of organic raspberries and organic strawberries.

This quality formulation with organic shea butter and subtly scented natural oil pampers the delicate skin of the lips. It is a perfect nourishing alternative to traditional lipstick. If your goal is to make lips pink and soft then look for ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, beeswax, soya oil, carnauba wax, rosehip oil, carmine, mica, pearlescent pigment, raspberry extracts extract [oily], strawberry extract [oily], iron, vitamin E, sunflower oil and vitamin C.

  • Massage

Massages help to increase the circulation of blood to lips. Increased blood flow create and illusion and make lips appear more reddish. Ice-cubes can be used to massage your lips. Take one ice-cubes and gently rub it to your lips. Following this procedure daily will help you to relax your lip muscles and keep it beautiful.

  • Avoid U-V rays

Avoid direct contact of sun since constant exposure of U.V rays result in dull lips. Lip balm with at least 20 SPF should be applied to lip in case you are out in the sun.

  • Avoid excess alcohol

Avoid drinking excess alcohol as it can dry out your lips and if you do drink alcohol then drink equal amount of water with it, to keep your body hydrated.

How to get Pink Lips Home Remedies

how to make lips pink naturally

before and after pink lips home remedies

Here are some of simple home remedies to get pink Lips:

  • Lip Balm and wash Cloth/ Tooth Brush Combo

Regular exfoliation in its gentlest form that is by using lip balm helps in efficiently removing the dead and flaky skin on the surface. It helps to store and replenish moisture and heals cracks as well.

How to use Lip balm:

  • Start by applying a thick layer of lip balm all over your lips. The best time to do this is at night before you go to bed. It is as a much needed intensive night treatment.
  • Once you wake up and the lip balm seems to have been absorbed by your lips, use a damp tooth brush to gently massage and exfoliate your lips to remove dead skin.
  • You can use a damp wash cloth instead of a tooth brush.
  • Wipe off any excess balm to reveal fresh, moisturized lips.
  • Pomegranate seeds mask

Pomegranate as a fruit in itself has extensive health benefits. Pomegranate contains a compound named ‘punicalagins’ that inhibit melanin production and prevents your lips from getting darker.

How to use Pomegranate seeds mask

  • Slice open a Pomegranate, get the seeds out and crush them up.
  • Mix the crushed seeds with cream to form a good old paste.
  • On clean lips, apply this paste and leave it on for ten minutes.
  • Wash off with warm water.
  • Honey and Lemon Mask

Honey is a natural humectants, and it helps to intensively moisturize your lips. Lemon, on the other hand, is a natural lightening agent and using this over time will help you.

How to use Honey and Lemon Mask;

  • Mix the two ingredients and blend them together in a glass bowl.
  • Apply this lip mask and leave it on your lips for at least ten minutes.
  • Wash it off with warm water and follow up with a layer of lip balm.
  • Crushed rose petal lip mask

Rose petals contain natural oils and sugars. They help lock moisture into dry skin cells. Milk on the other hand, is a natural moisturizer. Rose petals are also anti-inflammatory in nature.

How to use Crushed Rose Petals Lip Mask:

  • Start with soaking a few rose petals in milk over night.
  • In the morning, strain the petals and mash them using a pestle.
  • Apply it on your lips and leave it on for a good fifteen minutes.
  • Rinse off with cold water.
  • Strawberry Lip Mask

Strawberries contain a great amount of vitamin C and a whole load of anti-oxidants that prevent aging besides brightening and adding vitality to your skin. Honey helps retain moisture and olive thoroughly nourishes your lips.

How to use strawberry Lip Mask:

  • Crushed a strawberry until it’s well mashed in a glass container
  • Add a teaspoon of honey and mix well
  • Finally, add a few drops of olive oil and blend all the ingredients together.
  • On clean lips, apply this mask using your figure and let it sit for about ten minutes.
  • Using a damp wash cloth, wipe the mask away.
  • Coriander Lip Mask

Corianders consist of a compound called umbelliferone which helps in reducing pigmentation. Regular use of this mask will help lighten the lips and will make them pinker.

How to use coriander Lip Mask:

Crush the coriander leaves until they turn into a fine paste.

  • Apply this mixture directly onto your lips and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • Wash with lukewarm water and wipe away any traces with a damp wash cloth
  • Apply some lip balm.
  • Almond oil and Lemon juice

Almond oil is so full of goodness that it will help rejuvenate the dead cells on your lips and also prevent them from getting dry or chapped. It will also help to make them supple and pink. Lemon will also help lighten pigmented lips.

How to use Almond oil and lemon juice:

  • Mix the almond oil and lemon juice together.
  • Apply this mixture on your lips and leave it to sit for 20 minute.
  • Then, rinse it off.

Milk and Turmeric exfoliator

if you want to make your lips look naturally pink and fresh, then cold milk with a little turmeric is an ideal remedy to treat discoloration and pigmentation. This formula helps to brighten up your lips, giving them the natural sheen that you’ve always desired.

Turmeric contains healing properties and milk is a natural moisturizing agent. These two ingredients together will work well for pigmented lips and help you get soft and pink lips.

How to use Milk and turmeric:

  • Mix the cold milk with some turmeric powder to form a paste.
  • Apply this paste on your lips and leave it on for about 5-6 minutes
  • Gently scrub it off once it sits
  • Wash with warm water and dab some lip balm on.
  • Lemon and Glycerin Lip Mask

If you are suffering from extremely dry, flaky and pigmented lips, this mask would be ideal for you as glycerin is incredibly hydrating and lemon is a natural lightening agent. Let’s look at how to make this amazing mask.

How to use lemon and glycerin:

  • Mix the lemon juice with the glycerin.
  • Store in a container [you can keep it refrigerated for a whole week].
  • Apply on clean lips using a brush or your finger.
  • Sugar and Olive Oil

Sugar is a great humectants [this means it help in retaining moisture]. So while exfoliating, you aren’t drying out your lips. It’s a very effective method and works for everyone.

  • Mix one tablespoon of brown sugar with one tablespoon of olive oil in a glass bowl.
  • Scoop out a little mixture and gently scrub your lips in circular motions.
  • Wipe the scrub off using a damp cloth and finally moisturize your lips with a balm.

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