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ingrown hair near groin

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown Pubic Hair Cyst, Infected, Get Rid of it, Treatment and Pictures

What causes ingrown pubic hair? Get insights on how to get rid of ingrown public hairs, their treatment and removal. An understanding of the bump, hard lump and cyst.

ingrown pubic hair

ingrown pubic hair

Ingrown Pubic Hair Cyst

Ingrown public hair cyst is not very common, but this condition may occur because of an infection. When one develops a cyst where there is an ingrown hair it definitely means that the infection is deep into the skin. On the area where a cyst is formed, one may also identify a green or yellowish pus with inflammation, tenderness, itchiness, warmth, and redness on the area infected.

Ingrown public hairs are somehow painful. They look bad and are usually inflamed. Ingrown hair is formed when the hair starts growing back into the skin instead of growing to the surface. In General hair that is shaved or plucked usually grows back through the skin. But it may turn to an ingrown pubic hair cyst.

The hair usually grows back when removed. Normally the hair shafts is to come up through the skin without any problem. But if it starts growing under the skin the body detects it as a foreign object. This then causes symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching and even pain.

One may notice a round bumps forming where an ingrown public hair develops. The round bumps may be papules or pustules. In other cases, one might discover hyperpigmentation on the area which causes the skin look darker. You may feel severe itching or pain on that area.

There are people who are at a high risk of developing ingrown hair. The hair texture in the pubic area is already coarse and becomes even coarser for those with thick and curly hair. This makes them more vulnerable to forming ingrown pubic hair.

An ingrown hair usually irritates the skin. It causes formation of a raised, red bump or even a group of bumps that looks similar to little pimples. At times they may cause a painful boil like sore.

The Ingrown public hairs may be itchy and uncomfortable especially to a person who has lot of them. One may discover pus inside the bumps. In most men the ingrown hairs usually pops up as a bunch of little bumps after shaving.

Ingrown Pubic Hair Hard Lump

In woman, the ingrown public hair is most common on the vaginal area. An ingrown vaginal hair may be treated at home. In case the hair gets infected or if one get ingrown public hairs more often, then it is important to visit your doctor.

The ingrown public hair can bring about a painful red bump that appears similar to a pimple. There can be pus in the bump, but in other cases the lump can be hard instead of pus filled. The lump can be itchy and one might notice hyperpigmentation that occurs when the area affected is slightly darker than the surrounding skin.

Most of the ingrown public hairs are as a result of shaving or waxing the hair on the area. They are at times caused by a tight clothing irritation on the area. An ingrown hair forms when the hair grows out of the hair follicle and back around into the skin. Sometimes the hair may grow through the hair follicle wall instead of it growing out of the skin.

When treating an ingrown public hair you first start with soaking in a bath tub of warm water for at least three times a day. Or alternatively you can apply a warm compress to the area for about fifteen minutes. If you get to identify the hair extending above the skin, you can now use a sterilized needle to pull the ingrown part of the hair out of the skin gently.

A mirror can be used to look for on the area if you are unable to see clearly. In an event that the ingrown hair or its associated irritation is still felt, the area should not be shaved or waxed. When you has an ingrown public hair, the area has to be kept dry always. By wearing loose clothing may help the ingrown hair heal faster.


Infected Ingrown Pubic Hair

infected ingrown pubic hair

infected ingrown pubic hair

For people who are suffering from a full on folliculitis, the moment when the hair follicle gets infected will experience some red bumps or white pustules which will later crust over. One is therefore required to give the follicles time to recover by stopping the hair removal for some period of time.

Also Keeping the area sterile and patting on salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, or an acne medication to the pustules for about two or three times in a day for like three or four days will do great help

Two times in a day after soaking the face cloth in a scalding hot water, one has to cover the area infected until when the cloth cools down. The skin and the hair that is beneath the skin will soften thus helping it rise above to the surface while drawing out pus and reducing the inflammation.

One will have to Resist the temptation and squeeze the pustule. Then continue with the application of a warm compresses and keeping the area clean and moisturized until it gets healed.

If one feels an urge to extract the ingrown public hair, it should be done by squeezing its sides gently. And if it does not work, using the tweezers or a sterile needle can tease out the trapped hair well without tearing or digging into the skin.

If by doing that is not successful, the then you have to be patient. It might possibly be that the hair is too short for it to be extracted. One has to continue reapplying the hot compresses on it until when it shoes up.

When one wants to get rid of the hairs, then you have to prevent the infection by swabbing the area for at least twice a day using hydrogen peroxide. And incase pus oozes out, it should be wiped and cleaned using the hydrogen peroxide.

In the event the ingrown hairs have grown deep under the skin, one will have to do the hot compresses twice a day, then apply an antiseptic cream so that to the area is keep moist.

Incase this does not work or causes too much pain and lasts for a longer period, then you have to get in touch with the dermatologist who will then make prescription for the antibiotics to use.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Pubic Hair

In order to get rid of the ingrown public hair, one should apply the following tips every time you shave:

  • On a daily basis, rub the area in a circular motion and using a wet wash cloth or an exfoliating scrub so as to tease out the stubborn ingrown public hairs.
  • When Shaving, use a sharp and single bladed razor.
  • Wet the skin with warm water before you start shaving and also apply a lubricating gel on the area.
  • When shaving, Use as few strokes of razor as possible. By doing this it lessens the chances of hair slipping back into the skin.
  • Shave in the direction that the hair is growing.
  • Then Rinse the blade with clean water after every stroke.
  • Do not shave very close to the skin. You have to leave a little bit of stubble if able.
  • When using an electric razor, it should be held slightly above the surface of the skin.
  • After the shave, Apply a cool washcloth to the area shaved so as to reduce the irritation.

One may also try the other hair removal methods that are not likely to cause ingrown hairs. This methods may include depilatory creams that dissolves the hair, a laser, electric current or electrolysis to remove the hair follicle permanently.

The ingrown hair can be Drastically Reduced or prevented From Occurring by Keep the skin moist and soft. An Excessively dry skin will encourage ingrown hairs. The area can be moist By Using a non-comedeogenic shaving cream, moisturizer and cleanser that contains a salicylic or glycolic acid or an alpha hydroxyl acid with about a 12% concentration on the area that is prone to ingrown public hairs. The Non-comedeogenic products do not clog the pores but helps the skin to stay clean, pliable and soft.

Exfoliation is the most common ingrown hair removal method done. It is done by gently scrubbing the ingrown hair area on a daily basis so that dead skin cells, dirt and the oils that are blocking the pores and trapping the hair are removed.

The Exfoliating pads, synthetic sponges, mild scrubs and shaving brushes all do work well. The use a body scrub with a loofah can also be an alternative.

Before the ingrown public hair is removed, one has to first start by soaking a piece of cloth in very hot water. Then the hot wet cloth is spread on your skin area for some few minutes until when the cloth cools, softening both the skin and the hair. The pores will also be opened hence allows the hairs to stand up and straighten out.

Alternatively the hair can be removed after soaking it in a hot bath which has the same effect. One can trim the hair using scissors before shaving. This makes it a bit easier.

A shaving cream is to be used to soften the hair and protect the skin. The only best way of Getting Rid of Them by applying a Proper Shaving Technique.


A person with longer hair has to shave less closely and by using a single blade razor because it is less likely to curl back into the skin. A multi bladed razors usually cuts the hair too close.

One can also reduce the frequency of shaving, for instance Instead of shaving every day, one can shave on every 3 to 4 days.

To those who are prone to ingrown public hairs, the razor should only be used once or twice then discarded before it gets blunt. It is even better to use an electric razor instead.

ingrown pubic hair cyst

ingrown pubic hair cyst

At the time of shaving, do not stretch the skin because this will make you get too close a shave. Also try avoid a lot of pressure on the skin when shaving.

Avoid shaving the same area over and over again as this also will get shave too close.

After the shave, splash some cold water on the shave area so as to close the pores and use a moisturizing aftershave balm that contains azulene or allantois that will keep the hair and skin soft.

The Post shaving creams and lotions always prevent infection, the inflammation, redness and swelling of the shave area. Keep off the other products that contains alcohol because they dry out the skin hence worsen the irritations.

It is better for one to consider changing their Hair Removal Method. Shaving is has less irritation to the hair follicle than waxing. Waxing generally removes the hair from below the skin surface and it is more likely to lead in to a condition because the hairs are either removed or may break off below the skin.


If one does the waxing and suffer from ingrown public hairs, then you can consider using the depilatory creams. They will bring about a smoother and a more rounded tip than tweezing, shaving or waxing. In case the depilatories irritates the skin or sinus, then shave using an electric shaver. You can also try all the different hair removal methods and figure out which works best for your skin.

It is important to let your hair grow while exfoliating and moisturizing it. Even though it is not always practical but it gives the skin a chance for improvement and also lessens the chances of an ingrown hairs in the coming days.

After shaving or waxing, you can prevent ingrown pubic hair by putting on loose clothing which do not chafe or trap the hair against the skin.

Incase the underwear leaves creases on the skin, they can be replaced by a synthetic with breathable cotton and one has to put on a bigger size. Tight jeans can also irritate the ingrown hairs.

For those who regularly experience this condition, they may be applying an antiseptic toner or astringent after every shaving or waxing. By doing this, it helps remove the bacteria and also prevents future pimples and ingrown public hairs.

There are also Natural Remedies and Products that help prevent the ingrown public hair. A Pat on tea tree oil after shave. Just few drops then mixed with a carrier lotion like aloe can make a very good alternative to commercial shaving lotions. Witch hazel is also another natural antiseptic. It can used after shaving and it prevents bacteria from growing in the newly opened pores and the hair follicles.

Kalo is another natural ingrown hair treatment solution. Though somehow expensive but it works very well. Some of the products can be very strong and they may irritate the skin. It is therefore very important to follow directions.

The best way of preventing an ingrown pubic hair by removing the hair completely in the first place. But this is not always possible. Shaving, Waxing and plucking can be necessary for medical reasons. For that case one can follow the highlighted steps below to prevent in future the ingrown pubic hairs.

  • Prime the area for shaving

By Treating the pubic area before taking a razor to the area can reduce the risk for the ingrown hairs when they start to grow back. First you have wash the skin using a mild soap. After that, use a lubricating shave cream perhaps the one that is designed for sensitive area during shaving. After you have finished shaving, make sure the area is dry before you wear the undergarments and pants.

  • When shaving, Use a sharp razor

If THE razor has been used severally may be blunt. One therefore has to use a clean and new razor. Blunt blades don’t make a clean and precise cut on the hair, this can increases the risk for an ingrown hair.

  • Use of a laser hair removal method

Even Though it may be expensive, laser hair removal method is the long lasting solution. The Laser hair removal usually removes the hair from a deeper level and damaging the hair follicle. This prevents the hair from growing back again. The Laser hair removal will require several treatments for few months. The results are not always permanent.

  • consider the other non-razor hair removal methods

Chemical hair removers can also be an option even though they may irritate sensitive skin. You have to Test on a small patch of the skin before using it. Other prescription creams may also reduce hair regrowth when used after the hair removal treatment like the laser treatment.

The Electrolysis is also a permanent hair removal treatment. The electrode is used to destroy the hair root. Just Like laser hair removal, the electrolysis always need several treatments over a few weeks.

It is recommended one to visit a doctor when the ingrown hairs become chronic. If one is having trouble with the frequently recurring of ingrown hairs, then the doctor may help find a treatment that will prevent future problems from occurring.

The ingrown public hairs can be as a result of too much hair. If one is experiencing an abnormal or unusual hair growth, the doctor may need to check for the underlying cause that might be contributing to the ingrown pubic hair problem.

Ingrown Pubic Hair Removal

pubic ingrown hair bump

pubic ingrown hair bump

Below are the steps to follow for safely removing of the ingrown public hair:

Stop the hair removal methods on the area that is surrounding the ingrown public hair. Waxing, Shaving, plucking or any hair removal method may bring about an irritation and also cause bacterial infection to the ingrown hair follicle.

Put a clean washcloth in warm water so as to wet it. Place it on the ingrown hair for about fifteen minutes. This is to be done at least once a day so as to help soften the skin over the ingrown public hair.

Lather the ingrown hair area using a mild soap and some warm water. Then gently rub the area using a wet wash cloth. Applying small pressure, rub the area in a circular motion for about ten seconds. This helps in softening the skin and also to make the hair protrude from the skin. If by doing this irritates the area more, then you can skip this step.

Apply an antibiotic ointment at least once or twice a day, after the warm compress and soap. The ointment reduces the risk of an infection of the hair follicle.

Examine the ingrown public hair very carefully every day. Try to withdraw the hair when a loop or bend of the hair is above the skin. When it appears, disinfect the tweezers with a cotton wool soaked in rubbing alcohol. Then Rub the cotton over the tweezers.

Grasp the loop of hair using the tweezers. Turn the tweezers in either direction so as to loosen the tip of the hair then force it to come out of the skin. Alternatively take one point tweezers and insert it into the loop of hair, slowly lift it upward. This is not the same as plucking the hair, the intention is to get the tip of the hair come out of the skin gently.

Grasp the hair tip using the tweezers once it pops out of the skin. Pull it up straight gently so as to withdraw the hair.

Removing the hair, Cleanse the skin using soap and water after.

Lastly Pat the area dry then apply a layer of triple antibiotic ointment.

Ingrown Pubic Hair Treatment

The ingrown pubic hairs do not need treatment in most cases. This is because they can clear up on their own even without treatment. However a treatment can be required in some few cases. The following treatment options can be applied to those having ingrown pubic hairs.

  • Don’t remove the hair in the affected area

Stop shaving, waxing or plucking the hair on the area until the ingrown pubic hair is removed. By Removing it may aggravate the area even more. Picking or scratching on the ingrown hair can also make it discomfort. It can also lead to a skin infection or even leave a scar.

  • Remove dead skin

Wash and exfoliate around the ingrown hair gently. This can help the hair return onto the surface of the skin. If it doesn’t work, the doctor can make a prescription of drugs that can help get rid of dead skin cells quickly. This can also help clear the dark skin patches that usually occur because of the ingrown hair.

  • Use creams so as to reduce inflammation

In case the ingrown pubic hair causes some redness and inflammations, the doctor can prescribe a steroid cream. This treatment will reduce the swelling and irritation.

  • Use of antibiotics

An antibiotic ointment can be used in case the ingrown pubic hair leads to an infection. If the infection becomes severe, then an oral antibiotic may be considered.

The ingrown public hair usually go away on their own but if they doesn’t go they may become infected and darken the skin or even leave behind a scar on those scratching at it.

If the ingrown hair is become infected the doctor can alternatively make a cut in the skin with a sterile scalpel to release it.

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