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red bumps on arms

Red Spots

Red Bumps on Arms, Treatment, Upper Arms, Tiny, Not Itchy, Pictures, Mosquito Bites

What causes red spots on my arms? Why do I have small red spots on my arms? Discover more about the causes of red bumps on arms, effect and treatment of keratosis, causes of tiny red spots that are either itchy or not itchy, and some pictures of mosquito bites.

What Causes Red Bumps on My Arms

The causes include:

red bumps on arm

red spots on arm

  1. Hives

These bumps appear as a result of allergic reactions to some food, environment, or use of certain medications. The condition results in the development of rashes that hurt and burn. Any part of the body is susceptible to getting these bumps that either appears in clusters or patches.

  1. Psoriasis

This is a skin condition that results in the development of rashes inform either white or silvery patches with red tips. The condition mainly appears on the elbow of the arms, knees, scalp and lower backs.

Under compromise immune system, the red bumps will still recur on the arms even after healing and research shows that they are not contagious. Also, when the body is subjected to pressure, the bumps will still reappear.

  1. Acne

This is a skin condition that is usually common among teenagers and it results in the formation of whiteheads, blackheads and red inflamed lesions on the skin. In medical term, they are known as pimples or zits and they are caused by blocked skin pores with oil, bacteria, and dirt.

  1. Shingles

The skin condition occurs as a result of the chickenpox virus. The condition makes the skin on the arms to develop rashes that are tingling and gradually form painful blisters. The condition can also appear on the torso and buttocks. The research shows that the condition has the capability of reappearing after healing.

  1. Skin Tags

This skin ailment is harmless and it does appear in the places where is subjected to more friction. The friction results in the development of skin tag that is a colored tissue and commonly found near the neck, shoulder, chest, armpit, and under the breasts.

  1. Warts

Warts are not dangerous but they do create a lot of discomfort in terms of embarrassment due to the development of raised bumps, typically on the hands and feet. These bumps are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) and the studies show that they are difficult to get rid of them.

  1. Herpes Stomatitis

This is a viral infection that results in the development of mouth ulcers and inflammation. The condition occurs due to mouth injury, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, irritation from mouth braces, Crohn’s disease,  a virus or bacteria tobacco use.

  1. Carbuncle

This is a skin infection that results in the development of a lump of hair follicles become infected deep in the skin and form a mass filled with infection or pus. After healing, the carbuncle scar becomes permanent and it does appear on any part of the body.

  1. Impetigo

This is a skin infection that is common among infant and toddlers which are caused by diaper irritation, or irritation due to bacterial infection on the face, neck, and hands of infants. The condition is said to be contagious and it, therefore, spread via skin-to-skin or bedding to skin contact.

  1. Dyshidrotic Eczema

This is a skin condition that results in the development of raised, itchy, fluid-filled blisters on the soles of the feet and on the palms of the hands. The bumps occur due to seasonal allergies or stress.

Keratosis Pilaris Arms

This is a common harmless skin condition that is marked by dry, rough patches and tiny bumps, usually on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks or buttocks. Most of these red bumps on arm do not hurt or itch. KP can also affect the lower part of the legs.

Keratosis Pilaris

red bumps on the arm

KP has no exact cure and they occur due to build up of keratin in hair follicles. The skin roughness feeling results due to the buildup of excess keratin. Individuals who are healthy but have dry skin are also susceptible to get keratosis.

According to the research, this form of skin condition is triggered by an underlying skin condition like eczema and ichthyosis. The condition affects mostly children and young adults than mature adults since the studies show that it has the capability of improving as one matures.

Keratosis Pilaris Treatment

The following are ways on how to get rid of KP on the skin:

  1. Exfoliation

Regular body exfoliation helps to get rid of accumulating dead skin cells on the skin surface, and in the process, it helps to open up the skin pores and the remove trapped hair follicles. Exfoliation can be done mechanically or through chemical peeling of the skin.

  1. Loofah or Sponge scrub

The use of natural sponge when bathing helps to get rid of KP on the skin of the arms and it is recommended not to scrub red bumps one at a go. This could result in skin irritation, inflammation, and even infection. Gently scrubbing is recommended and applies moisturizer after bathing.

  1. Diet modifications

Drinking plenty of water, intake of plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit can be vital to the appearance of the skin. Also, adopt a healthy balanced diet that is composed of oily fish, nuts and other foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can be beneficial.

  1. Vitamin A/retinol

According to the research, retinol is proven to be beneficial in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions. Retinol helps in regulating keratin production and preventing the follicles from getting plugged with dead cells.Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii is marked by skin inflammation and the use of vitamin A helps to ease the effect.

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Creams that contain organic acids such as citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid, and glycolic acid help to get rid of red bumps on arms through exfoliation.

Bumps On Back Of Arms Vitamin Deficiency

The formation or changes of skin color and general composition can help reveal the fundamental body vitamins your body needs.

There are various indicators, signs and side effects with respect to supplement insufficiency in the body. Some of these are complex and may require you see your nutritionist keeping in mind the end goal to in a perfect world know or substantiate how serious is your body lack.

The absence of vitamin A, D and unsaturated fats in the body are illustrations which can be uncovered after a legitimate skin examination. According to Dr. Susan Evans little red bumps on the back of upper arms is imply a lack of vitamin A and E in the diet.

Individuals with lack manifestations tend to get sick since they have debilitated body to fight secondary infections or contaminations some of which could be the fundamental reason for bumps on the skin.

Tiny Red Spots on Skin/ Tiny Red Dots on Skin Pictures

There are some instances in life where one is able to discover some tiny red spots on the skin and they will keep on complaining about them. Most of these dots on the skin can reduce self-esteem of a person.

carbunicle on arm

carbunicle on arm

The common types of tiny red spots on the skin include:

  • Papule
  • Macule

The pictures in the article try to bring out the vivid description between the two tiny red dots on arm skin. Although these dots on the skin are harmless, it is important to consult a dermatologist.

Red Spots on Skin Not Itchy/ Red Bumps on Arms Not Itchy

Today, we go over the absolute most regular reasons for non-irritated red spots on the skin. A non-bothersome spot may conflict with the standard rash or outbreak; however, there are an extensive variety of regular reasons for these spots.


Variously, non-irritated little red spots on the skin can be caused by same the thing from a bothersome one. You must know about the potential triggers, and set up a course of action to meet with your specialist on the off-chance that you run over anything suspicious.

Itchy Bumps on Skin/ Red Bumps on Arms That Itch

Itchy bumps do happen to anyone regardless of your skin type. Some of the common causes of itchy red bumps on arms include:

  • Allergic reactions to personal care products
  • Eczema
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Rubbing from fabrics
  • Bug bites
  • Heat rash
  • Allergic reactions to food or medicine
  • Sun allergy

Note: most of these factors also result in the development of either small red dots on skin itchy or small red bumps on my arms.

Red Bumps on Forearms

Some of the common causes include:

  1. Petechiae/blood spots

These types of spots occur when the capillaries burst. These spots are caused by injuries, straining and sunburns and they look like rashes although the appear to be smooth and flat when you touch.

  1. Hives

These are rashes that do occur on the skin as a result of allergic reactions. They mostly last for a shorter period before subsidizing.

  1. Allergic reaction

The most appearance of red spots on the skin is due to allergic reactions from food, pollen or other allergens in the air, cosmetics, skincare, laundry detergent or a whole host of other irritants.

Other causes of red bumps on forearm include:

  • Pityriasis Rosea
  • Heat rash
  • Boils
  • Angiomas
  • Acne
  • Birthmarks

Red Bumps on Arms and Legs

Causes of red bumps on legs include:

  1. Keratosis Pilaris

Do you have red bumps that look similar to goose bumps on the fleshy part of your thighs or arms? These types of bumps that do not itch are known as KP and are mainly caused by clogging skin pores with an accumulation of excess keratin. The condition can result in dry skin or eczema.

  1. Folliculitis

This condition occurs after shaving or due to friction on some parts of the body majorly arms and legs. The condition results in the development of small red bumps. The condition can also be triggered by the invasion of bacteria or fungi in the skin, wearing tight jeans, and combination of heat and sweat.

The condition is harmless but it can lead to a more serious instance if it is left untreated.  Such serious or severe conditions include; the appearance of boils, carbuncles, and cellulitis.

  1. Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

This is a common skin condition that results in the development of red spots combines in patches and itch. The condition may result in the appearance of dry skin that is scaly, formation of blisters that are fluid filled and some skin flares.

The condition is commonly caused by:

  • Soaps and detergents
  • Cleaning products
  • Perfumes
  • Animal fur
  • Wool
  • Cosmetics
  • Sweat and heat
  • Stress
  1. Hives

The medical name of the condition is known as urticarial and it results in raised, itchy red or skin-tone welts.  The condition can occur anywhere on the body and everyone is susceptible to the disease. The condition is triggered by the following:

  • Mononucleosis
  • Hepatitis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Pollen
  • Latex
  • Insects
  • Heat or cold
  • Colds
  • Sinusitis
  • Some foods
  • Medications

Itchy Bumps on Skin like Mosquito Bites

A bite from a mosquito results in the appearance of an itchy round, red or pink skin bump. The itchy bump is considered to be harmless but in rare situation, it can result in a more serious condition such as zika virus or malaria.

mosquito bites on arm

mosquito bites on arm

Zika virus can result in flu-like illness which lasts for a shorter period of time but for pregnant women, it can result in an alarming increase in microcephaly birth defects in their newborns, this is according to the studies conducted by a group of doctors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Mosquito bites are marked by the headaches, body aches, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and a skin rash.  Severe infection can result in neck stiffness, severe headache, disorientation, high fever, and convulsions.

How to Get Rid Of Red Bumps on Arms

The remedies include:

  1. Epsom Salt

This type of salt is composed of minerals that help in softening skin and removes toxins. Obtain cup consist of Epsom salt and add some water. Wash the affected part of the body with the solution and pat it to dry then apply moisturizer.

  1. Sour Cream

It is composed of lactic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin. Obtain a mixture of sour cream and sugar of equal amount then apply on the red bumps on arms and scrub it. Allow it to stay for some time before rising.

  1. Vitamin E Oil

Application of vitamin E oil on the hands and arms for those people suffering from red bumps on arms is beneficial since it retains more moisture and the red bumps become smooth. The vitamin is known to nourish skin and repairs skin.

It is recommended to apply the Vitamin E oil on the small bumps on arms when the skin is wet. You can apply the oil at least twice per day for faster improvement.

  1. Fish Oil

The oil is composed of fatty acids that help to get rid of small bumps on arms and bumps on back arms. The fatty acids have the capability of removing skin dryness and improving the health standards of the skin. It is also consist of Omega 3 that is nutritious for the skin.

  1. Salt

During exfoliation, it helps in opening up the skin pores and enhances skin smoothness. The slats also provide minerals to the skin and also absorb the harmful toxins present on the skin.

  1. Oats

It has the ability to smooth a dry and itchy skin texture, and dead skin cells removal through scrubbing. People with red bumps on their arms can obtain the paste and apply it on the bumps directly.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The best solution for getting rid of little knocks on arms is by use of Apple Cider Vinegar. It has astringent properties which will open the skin pores. Take the parallel amount of water with apple juice vinegar and apply on the little knocks on arms and knocks on upper arms, at that point abandon it for five to ten minutes and afterward wash it.

Rehash it a few times each day. Individual enduring with these red knocks on arms can likewise blend this apple juice vinegar with coconut oil and add soya to it and apply it on the red knocks.

olive oil for red bumps on arm

treatment of red bumps

  1. Olive Oil

For getting rid of red bumps on the arms and upper arms, the use of Olive oil is beneficial. As it saturates the skin and it also has vitamin E that is used for curing bumps on the back of arms. Olive oil is blended with sugar and nectar and connected on little knocks on arms. Additional Virgin olive oil can specifically be connected to skin consistently.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a cleaning agent to help to remove accumulated dead skin cells and in the process expel the red bumps on the arms. The individual suffering with from bumps on upper arms bumps on the back of arms needs to make glue with this preparing pop with water.

At that point on clammy skin, rub this glue in circle movement and afterward flush it with warm water. After that, the skin must be saturated. For good outcomes, it should be possible three to four times each week.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extraordinary compared to other solutions for treating red bumps on the arms. As coconut oil has a long lasting miniaturization on the skin. It additionally has anti-inflammatory properties.

One must apply coconut oil on red bumps on arms, bumps on the back of arms and bumps on upper arms. The coconut oil must be applied immediately after a shower, as the skin will be damp and the coconut oil will keep dampness for a long time.

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