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Eye twitching

Eye Twitching

Right Eye Twitching Meaning, Jumping, Superstition, Good or Bad, Female, Cause, Treatment

What is eye twitching? And what are the various superstitions that surround right eye twitching? Get more insights on the causes, symptoms and home remedies treatments.

What does it mean when your Right eye twitches?

right eye twitching

right eye twitching female

The medical term for eyelid Twitching is blepharospasm. The Washington Eye institute describe blespharospasm as ’’an abnormal, involuntary blinking or spasm of the eyelids’’ other medical professionals also refer to Eye Twitching as eyelid twitches, eyelid spasms, eyelid myokymia or eyelid tics.

Usually, only one of your eyes is affected by eyelid spasms, so it may have a twitch in your right eyelid only or just in your left eyelid.

According to Dr. Melinda Ratini on WebMD, explain that, Sometimes your eyelid twitches. It is rarely uncomfortable and does not affect your vision but it can be irritating. Most of all, it may make you wonder if there is really something wrong. Generally, there isn’t.

Eyelid twitches are involuntary muscles movements that happen in one or both eyelids. Mild occurrences are very common similar to the minor muscle spasms most people experience in their arms or legs.

Extreme cases [or essential blepharospasm] can be much more serious, with severe twitching that essentially forces one or both eyelids to close for seconds or even hours. In these cases, twitching may also branch out to other muscles in your face.

Minor eyelid twitches are often caused by stress or tiredness. Essential blepharospasm is caused by a nerve impulse; it is not clear why, though.

Symptoms of Eyelid Twitches

Symptoms of eyelid twitches may include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Fatigue/tension
  • Involuntary muscle movements around eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Excessive blinking of the eyes
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Pink eye
  • Trichiasis
  • Uveris
  • Entropion

Right Eye Twitching

Having a twitch in your right eye can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. When your right eyelid starts twitching and jumping involuntary and you can’t stop it, people may even look at you funny- especially if they think that you are winking at them. Repetitive spasms of the eyelid can affect your right or left eye and can even affect both eyes at the same time. Thankfully, the causes of eye twitching are usually harmless and are fairly common.

The causes of Eye twitching are below enumerated as per or according to the following refereed journals in the field of Eye Research: American Journal of Ophthalmology, Journal of Health and Medical Informatics [OMICS international], Journal of Eye Movement Research and Experimental Eye Research. Also DR. Melinda Ratini on WebMd, also shares the same view on eye twitching as explained in this journals.

Causes of Eye Twitching


Stress can be either acute or chronic. Acute stress is cause when you are afraid for your life or sometimes in the middle of a vicious argument. Chronic stress on the other hand is caused by relationship problems or by illness the kind of stress that just doesn’t go away.

At either level, stress causes the muscles to contract slightly by releasing specific hormones and neurotramitters such as nerepinephrine and dopamine. These can eventually lead to fatigue which can then be seen as your eyes twitching and shaking. The same can be seen in other parts of the body sometimes.


Any kind of fatigue can cause muscle spasms, which may include eye twitching. If you have been overdoing it at the gym, if you have been doing a lot of walking, or if you have been working late then your eyes might be tired and this muscle weakness can be seen in the form of twitching.


A number of medications can cause twitching and muscle cramps and spasms as a side effect. This might be because they cause muscle contraction, it might be because they cause dehydration, or it might be because they raise stress levels.


A mineral deficiency can cause your eyes to twitch for a number of reasons for example when you are deficient of minerals magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium in the body, there are possibilities of dehydration which cause water and electrolyte imbalance hence impacting on muscle contractions.


Allergies can cause a whole range of different problems from sneezing and coughing, to fever and lethargy. Water, itching and twitching eyes are among the most common symptoms though, so this might just be a sign that it’s that time of the year. Look into using antihistamine medications, or consider trying home remedies such as local honey.


If you aren’t getting enough sleep then this can cause a whole range of issues, which affect your eyes both directly and indirectly. Tiredness can cause muscle twitching in the same way as fatigue, while it can also make the skin around the eyes appear thinner, thereby twitching more noticeable. Lack of sleep can also cause stress and even dehydration, plus the longer you aren’t asleep, the longer your eyes need to work at staying open.


Your eye twitching may well be a warning sign that more is wrong with your eyes. For example you might have something in it [in which case you will likely also notice that your eyes water profusely] or you might have an infection on the way. In these cases, you’re likely to notice the eye is red and itchy as well and it might be producing pus.


Dry eyes can also cause you to twitch. Once again, this can have a number of different causes, it might be the result of general dehydration or crying, it might be the result of walking outside in the cold or the wind, or it might be the result of an inability to produce the right number of tears.

  1. GLARE

While the TV and computer might not be as bad as previously thought for your eye strain, what is a problem is glare. Glare is caused when your computer or TV is positioned badly and his result in light reflecting off of the screen.


Eye strain comes from concentrating your eyes hard for too long. An obvious example would be sitting too close to the Television or too far away. Likewise, you might get eye strain if you have been reading for a very long time especially if you are reading in dark.

However, there is no reason for computers to cause eye strain, or TV itself. As long as the room is well lit and you are the right distance, reading from a computer is not different like reading from a book and likewise with watching TV.


Tourette’s  is a condition that cause uncontrollable twitching, utterances and more. Often people affected with Tourette’s will find themselves jerkily moving their arms or legs. It can also cause both left and right eye twitching.

Tourette’s is not curable but there are many ways it can be managed and improved.


Alcohol is diuretic meaning in it can within a short time cause dehydrate, this further results to eye twitching.


Crying does involve your eye muscles as you scrunch them up, squint, rub them with your fists and generally cause them to become red, swollen, and sore. At the same time, you’ll also become dehydrated again by crying out all of the water and salt from your eyes.  Although this might be surprising but it is a prove cause of twitching.


Workouts can leave you with eye twitching, this is because you are contracting your muscles a lot during work out, and this triggers the release of more stress hormones like dopamine and norepinephrine.

Exercises also cause loss of fluids and important electrolytes through sweating, the end result is that you might find yourself dried out and fatigued. This leads to eye twitching.


Dehydration cause muscle spasm because it leads to an electrolyte imbalance, altering the way that muscles are signaled to contract hence resulting to twitching. This is why you will feel cramp in the night when you are dehydrated and the same issue can also lead to twitching for the eyes and for the other muscles. Dehydration can be solved by drinking enough water more frequently, especially before going to bed.


Caffeine drink is a stimulant that causes your body to respond as though it were responding to stress. That means it increases heartbeat and muscle contractions, this results to other conditions like twitching.


Right Eye Twitching for Female

Right eye twitching superstitions from china have a lot to do with the time your eye twitches. When it comes to women, if the eye twitches in the early hours of the morning then it is signifying a bad omen, and this is interpreted as a sign of warning. For example if a woman’s eye twitches between 7:00-9:00 am. Then it is a warning to her to be cautious as there may be a slight chance of injury.

Right Eye Twitching Good or Bad for Female

right eye twitching

right eye twitching good or bad

The Hawaiian people also have their own interpretation of right eye twitching superstitions when it comes to female personality. The superstitions can be interpreted as follow:

  • If the right eye of a woman twitches, it indicates the arrival of a stranger.
  • If the right eye of a woman twitches, it could signify the birth of a child.
  • If the right eye twitches, it could be an indication of an upcoming death in the family.

Right Eye Twitching Indian Superstition

Unlike Chinese superstitions that have their base in time, Indian superstitions do not take clock time into account. However, eye twitching superstitions in India have more to do with gender and the part of the eye which twitches.

In most cases, right eye twitching superstitions in India indicates a good omen. The left eye twitching, however, holds the opposite meaning. Good news that could possibly result from your right eye twitching could mean any of the following:

  • You might get some money.
  • You may be successful in your adventure or future endeavors.
  • You are about to receive some good news.

But the factor which pre-dominates right eye twitching superstitions in India is the gender of the person. For example, if a woman’s right eye twitches; it is considered a bad sign. But if the same happens to a man, then it becomes a good sign.

As far as which part of the eye twitches is concerned, the difference is based on five parts. For example:

  • If the eyebrow twitches, then it may be a sign of receiving some good news.
  • If the lower part of the eyelid twitches then you may need to spend some money.
  • If the upper eyelid twitches, then you should expect to go through some terrible moments.
  • If the middle part of the eye twitches then you are looking forward to some monetary benefit, gain or gift.
  • If the pupil of the eye twitches, it is a sign of good luck or breakthrough.

Right Eye Twitching Treatment

eye twitching treatment

Right eye jumping treatment – doctor recommended eye drops

Mild cases of eyelid twitches are isolated, and will generally go away either on their own or by use of home remedies. More chronic forms of the condition can be treated in the following ways:

  • Facial injections: injections are administered to cause localized paralysis around the affected are. In most cases, the eyes are immediately responsive and symptoms are relieved between injections.
  • Surgical: Surgery to remove muscles around the eyelids or surgery to remove part of the nerve to lessen the severity of the spasms. These methods are only use in serious cases, for patients who do not respond to other forms of treatment.

Consider the following home remedies:

  1. Warm compress

A warm compress makes the eye muscle function well and eventually, the involuntary movements of the eyelids stop.

To apply warm compress:

  • Take a towel or handkerchief and dip it in the warm water.
  • After squeezing it, put it on the eye until the warmness is gone.
  • Repeat the process 5-6 times a day.
  1. Banana

One of the most common causes of eye twitching is the deficiency of potassium. Consume banana regularly as they contain a large amount of potassium which helps overcome twitching.

  1. Hydrotherapy Technique

Alternate Splashes warm water can help solve the issue of eye twitching. Wipe your eyelashes with warm water to get relief.

  1. Calcium

Calcium is an important component for keeping the nerve and Nervous system in good Health. In order to stop eye twitching, eat calcium-rich food like milk, yogurt, cheese and orange juice.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium assist to maintain normal nerve and muscle function therefore an effective remedy to treat eye twitching is consumption of magnesium-rich food like avocado, seeds, beans, nuts, leafy greens.

  1. Rose water

Rose water is an eye lotion. It is a harmless cleanser. As one of the main reasons of twitching is dirt, use rose water as eye drops to cleanse, nourish and relax the eye muscles.

Alternatively, you can use rose water compress. Just dip a cotton pad in rose water and cover your eyes with it.

  1. Steam

Steam is another best way of treating eye twitching. It eases the nerve movement and removes all dirt from the skin pores. All you have to do is add a few drops of eucalyptus in boiling water and take the steam for ten minutes regularly.

Note; Cover your head with a towel while taking the steam.

  1. Cucumber

One of the best remedies to soothe the eye muscle muscles and ease the nerve movement is cucumber. It has anti-inflammatory properties which naturally relaxes eye muscles. Keep a slice of chilled cucumber on the affected eye. Keep it until comes to the room temperature.

  1. Potato

The cooling effect of potatoes relaxes the muscles of the eyes, thus giving relief. All you have to do is cut a small potato into thin slices and put these slices on your eyes.

  1. Eye massage

Massage the area around [below and above] the eye with the help of the index finger. Messaging will eventually increase the blood circulation and strengthen the eye muscle.

Repeat the process 5 to 6 times a day for at least 30 seconds.


Hard Blinking

Hard blinking is a great way of treating eye twitching. Close your eyes very tightly and then open them wider than usual. This technique will moisturize the eyes. Keep repeating the process until the eye produce tears. This remedy will provide rest to your eyelids.

Fast Blinking

Fast blinking not only helps remove any dirt from the eye, but also lubricates and relaxes the eye muscles. Blink fast and swiftly for about 20 seconds. Then take a little gap and repeat the process.

Note : Do not continue the process if it causes pain or irritation in the eyes.

Closing the Eyelids Halfway Down

Closing the eyelids halfway down can provide instant relief. Try doing it for at least thirty seconds. This remedy keeps the muscles strong and hydrated so that the problem of eye twitching doesn’t persist.

Breathing Exercises

Practicing the breathing exercises for ten minutes daily before going to sleep and after waking up can help reduce the stress level which, eventually, will stop the twitching problem.

What to do or avoid to prevent your eye from twitching

  • Take proper sleep of 8 hours a day
  • Drink more than 8 to 9 glasses of water
  • Use computer glasses if you spend much time in front of the computer, to lessen the strain.
  • While working on the computer, take short breaks in between and shut your eyes
  • Rinse your eyes at regular intervals.
  • Lubricate your eyes using eye drops
  • Do not drink excess coffee or tea as it may enhance the problem of twitching
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol
  • Do not spend much time in front of electronic devices like computer, laptop, and phones
  • Don’t rub your eyes robustly.



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