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Snake eye piercing

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Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing, Pictures, Healing, Infected, Pain, Risks, Cost, Pros and Cons

Is a snake eye piercing painful and safe? Get an insight on the snake eyes tongue piercing, its cost and how long does it take to heal.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing – Meaning

Snake eye tongue piercing

Snake eye piercing on the tongue is the type of cosmetic procedure where a hole is made horizontally across the tip of the tongue. The barbell is inserted horizontally through the pierced hole across the tongue tip. The surface piercing of the tongue can appear to your eyes to be a separate piercing on both sides of the tongue tip.

This type of piercing is quite unique because it can make your tongue to appear like the head of a snake. The barbell’s ball on each side of the tongue has a similar look that resembles the two eyes on the head of a snake.

The name of this piercing was generated from the appearance of the two eyes of a snake hence called snake eyes tongue piercing. It is also known as the venom piercing of the tongue. In this case, the term venom simply means a snake appearance.

In this piercing, the balls of the barbell are fixed with a gem that shines and decorates the tip of your tongue to look very attractive. The balls of the barbell should be relatively small with an appropriate size so that is should not cause a discomfort in your mouth.

Cosmetic experts attribute that is advisable to use the gem that is made of acrylic material. This is to ensure that the ball of the barbell does not damage your front teeth. Also, the acrylic gem may not react with your oral tissue to causes a problem.

Before you go for snake eye piercing on your tongue, you should know that not all people are qualified for this cosmetic procedure. You should visit a professional in tongue piercing to examine and determine if your tongue is suitable for snake eyes piercing.

For you to be allowed by tongue piercer for this cosmetic procedure, your tongue tip should be thick enough. The snake eyes tongue piercing can be successful and effective only if your tongue is thick enough to accommodate the barbell across the width of the tongue tip.

If your tongue is thin and not suitable for this piercing, then you might risk your health. A thin tongue may not withstand to allow the piercing hole to pass horizontally across the tongue tip. In addition, the tongue can easily be seriously injured by the barbell on the pierced hole.

After the professional examine your tongue and you are qualified to have a snake eye piercing, then no worry. The tongue piercer will use the appropriate piercing technique to make a hole across the tip of your tongue.

Usually, the tongue piercer might give you a local anesthesia to reduce pain on your tongue and disinfect your oral cavity before the piercing. The piercer will use a special type of clamp to hold your tongue and insert a hollow piercing needle across the tongue tip. Finally, a straight or bent barbell need will be inserted on your tongue.

How long does it take for Snake Eyes to Heal

Generally, the time taken for snake eyes tongue piercing to heal will vary depending on the aftercare practices. The estimated period for healing tongue piercing would take about 3 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks if there is no any infection and complications.

During the time of healing, you should take extra care of the piercing wound to initiate the process of healing. The appropriate aftercare on piercing can help the snake eyes piercing to heal quickly within few weeks compared to other types of piercing on the body.

Proper care of the piercing wound can help to prevent the bacterial and fungal infection on the site. There are various aftercare practices that you can use to help the snake eyes piercing to heal within few weeks.

You can help to heal the pierced tongue by the following aftercare practices that include:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water three times in a day, this can help to relieve pain and inflammation to fasten the healing
  • Use piercing aftercare swabs and sprays according to prescriptions of the manufacturer
  • Eat soft foods that may not aggravate the wound to cause irritation
  • Avoid too hot, spicy and acidic foods that can irritate the piercing wound
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks that can cause burning on the piercing
  • Always keep your head raised while waking to reduce the swelling of the tongue
  • Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco products
  • Minimize the movement of the tongue and avoid touching the jewelry on the piercing
  • Strictly follow the guide of tongue piercer

In few occasions, your piercing might develop health complicate problems. This can make your snake eyes tongue piercing to take a relatively long period of time to heal. An infection of the wound by bacteria can lead to mouth sores around the pierced area that can take even three months before healing.

In case you notice that your piercing has refused to heal quickly and it shows strange symptoms such as inflamed tongue, sores around the pierced, bleeding tongue and others. It is advisable to seek medical help by visiting your doctor.

Is my Tongue Piercing Infected?

The snake eyes piercing on the tongue usually involves a procedure that can increase the risk of getting an infection on the pierced area. Bacteria and fungi is a common infection that can attack the pierced tongue.

You can easily tell that your piercing is infected when you notice strange symptoms on your tongue. An infection of the piercing is usually characterized by the following symptoms that include:

  • Redness, tenderness and swollen tongue that persists after the first week of piercing
  • A sore or an ulcer develop around the pierced hole
  • Intense itchiness around the pierced site
  • The pierced hole become filled with pus
  • Difficulties in speaking and eating
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Fever or chilling of the body

An infected tongue piercing can hurt you more and make you feel a discomfort. Serious infection of the tongue piercing can lead to health complicated problems. It is important for you to ensure that your piercing is not infected by using the appropriate aftercare practice on a piercing that keeps away the infection.

You can prevent the infection of the snake eyes tongue piercing by using the following practices:

  • The tongue piercer should use sterilized needs and equipment
  • Disinfect the mouth cavity before the piercing procedure
  • Use anti-bacterial piercing aftercare swabs or spray
  • Keep your oral cavity clean by cleaning it regularly and frequently with appropriate mouthwash

It is advisable to go for medical treatment if you notice that your snake eyes piercing on the tongue is infected. You can visit your doctor to help you in diagnosis and treatment of an infected tongue piercing.

How much does it cost to get your Tongue Pierced?

The cost of piercing your tongue can vary depending on the type of piercing and the parts of the tongue to be pierced. The piercing of the tip of the tongue has a different cost compare to a piercing on the center of the tongue.

Also, the cost of tongue piercing is determined by the place and location of the cosmetic piercing studio. For instance, some piercing studios have their own fixed cost depending on the service offered to you at a particular period of time.

Generally, the approximated cost of snake eyes tongue piercing may range from $30 to $90. This cost may vary based on location and competition of the piercing studios. The charge of tongue piercing and the jewelry might not exceed the range.

Some piercing studios may decide to separate the charge of piercing and jewelry. For this case, the piercing procedure might cost about $35. The tongue jewelry, on the other hand, can cost you about $40. The total charges add up to $75.

The cost of barbell can range from $15 to $50 per each piece. The prices of the jewelry are not always fixed but they can vary depending on the type and materials of the jewelry. The barbell made of gemstone has a high price compared to one made of plastic material.

In addition, you may also incur the extra cost of other necessary products used after tongue piercing. For example, you have to purchase aftercare products for pierced tongue such as anti-bacterial mouthwash, tongue piercing swabs, and sprays.

Most of the after-care tongues piercing products are sold at affordable prices. You can buy a non-alcoholic antiseptic mouthwash at a cost of $4 to $10 per bottle depending on the brand. Also, get may get tongue piercing swabs and spray at that price.

Other extra expense that you may incur includes the cost of soft foods, cold drinks that you might be advisable to use after the piercing. The price of a cube of an ice cream is about $2 to $ 6. Also, you can buy cold drinks at a similar price.


Before you go for a tongue piercing, ensure you have enough money that can help you to pay all the necessary expenses of snake eyes piercing on the tongue. Also, include the emergency cost of your budget on tongue piercing.

Snake eyes Tongue Piercing Pain

Is a snake eye piercing painful? This is a common question that many people ask. If you are interested to pierce your tongue, you might also develop a feeling to know if the piercing procedure on your tongue will be painful or not.

The piercing of the tongue is always painful. It is natural to feel pain during the piercing procure on your tongue. However, you should not fear the pain because it only lasts few minutes during and after the process of piercing.

The professional in snake eyes tongue piercing can help you manage the pain by injecting you with a local anesthesia that can help to reduced pain. The anesthesia can numb the tongue and make you feel less pain during the piercing.

Some people attribute that the pain of tongue piercing is very low and less hurting compare to the pain of healing the pierced tongue. This is because the healing period might be associated with swollen tongue that can causes difficulties in speaking and eating.

The pierced tongue can hurt you more especially if it is infected. An infected pierced tongue can develop sores, blisters, and bumps that can make you feel a lot of pain. The pain might intensify if the pierced hole is filled with pus.

Also, you might feel a lot of pain in the pierced tongue if you irritate the wound by eating hot, spicy, and acidic foods. Hard foods can also aggravate the pierced area that can lead to more injuries and pain that can hurt you.

Besides the experience of pain, you should not have any fear of pain if you are interested to go for tongue piercing. It is possible to withstand the pain of snake eyes piercing on the tongue even without using a local anesthesia because many people have gone through the same pain to attain a successful tongue piercing.


Risks of Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing (Pros and Cons)

Snake eyes piercing on the tongue is one of the cosmetic tattoos that many people desire to have without even minding its risk. Despite the risk of tongue piercing, this tattoo might have more advantages (pros) that can satisfy your desires compared to its cons.

The interesting pros that can actually drive your desire to go for snake eyes piercing on your tongue include the following:

  1. Heal quickly

A piercing on your tongue can heal quickly with few weeks. Tongue piercing takes a shorter time to heal as compared to other types of body piercing. Tongue piercing can take even three weeks to heal and it may not exceed 8 weeks if the wound is not infected.

  1. Discreet and private

Unlike other types of piercing on the surface of the body, tongue piercing is more private and discreet. The common observer may not be able to detect easily if your tongue is pierced unless you open your mouth wide.

Your close friends and family members also cannot easily detect your snake eye piercing on the tongue if you don’t disclose your tattoo. The tongue piercing can allow you to decide if you should disclose the piercing to some people by smiling or not.

  1. Elevate pleasure

Some people with tongue piercing attribute that you can elevate your sexual pleasure by having a snake eyes tongue piercing. The barbell on the tip of the tongue increases the sensitivity to enjoy giving and receiving pleasure during an oral sex.

  1. Unique fashion satisfactory

Snake eye piercing on the tongue is a rare trending tattoo that can make you feel happy and satisfied. Also, the jewelry on your tongue can make it appear beautiful with a shining gem on the balls of the barbell. This can boost your self-esteem toward presenting yourself to your peers.

  1. Promote your social status

If you want to become a celebrity, snake eye piercing on your tongue is one of the things you should do. You can promote your social status by having an expensive jewelry on your tongue. Most of the celebrities in the world have a snake eye piercing on the tongue.

Unlike the advantages, the risk of piercing the tongue also has some disadvantages (cons).the common limitation that you might encounter after piercing your tongue include the following:

  1. Oral pain

You can develop an oral pain as a result of tongue piercing. The barbell on tip of the tongue can keep on causing injuries on tongue and teeth. Both metal and plastic barbell can lead to oral injuries especially during the process of chewing food.

  1. Interfere with normal speech

Snake eyes tongue piercing can interfere with your normal speech. The barbell may cause your tongue to appear heavy to pronounce words not clearly. You can even experience a sluggish speech and even feel difficult to speak.

  1. Decrease the pleasure

Jewelry on tongue might cause difficulties to share sexual pleasure especially if you like simplicity. Some types of barbell might be cumbersome in your oral cavity. This can limit the pleasure to kiss your partner effectively.

  1. Encourage oral disorders

You can develop oral complicated health problems as a consequence of snake eyes tongue piercing. Oral blister sores and ulcers can develop around the pierced area. Also, your body can reject the barbell material on the tongue tissue. This can lead to tongue inflammation.

The barbell on tongue tissue can also encourage infection of the tongue by bacterial and fungi around the pierced area. More dangerously, you can develop strange cancerous bumps around the pierced area.

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