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White Bumps on Face not Milia, Small, Hard, Pimples, Get Rid, Remedy

What cause white bumps on the face? Have a look on the causes of white bumps on the facial part. You will also be conversant with the mechanism to remove and get rid of white pimples on the face. Home remedies, treatment and creams to use when dealing with white bumps is elaborated clearly.

Small Bumps on Face Causes

white bumps on face

white bumps on face picture

Presence of raised skin bumps on the face can result from a number of factors and condition that can be either benign or harmful .Though in most case it can be harmless but very embarrassing. The development of bumps can be as result of an infection, a hereditary disorder, the reaction of the skin to allergies or due to mutation of skin cell that leads cancer of the skin. The possible causes of small bumps on the face can be as the result of the following;

  1. Acne, is a skin condition, usually on face that are common in adolescents that is characterize by papules which are red and raised bumps caused by infected hair follicle. Acne can be in a form of pustules that are small red pimples that has pus. They also appear as nodules and cysts that are very painful lumps beneath the surface of the skin, cysts can be differentiated from nodule when they contain pus due to infection.
  2. Mosquito bite ,small white bumps on face can develop as allergic reaction of insect bite, especially mosquito .The skin rush comes as result of inflammation of the lymphatic system on the area of the bite that cause itching and appearance of lesion or bruise on the skin.
  3. Skin lesion, these are when part of the skin has an abnormal growth and look as compared to surrounding part. skin lesion can exist as a primary skin lesion that occur from day of birth and secondary that can develop on the life’s time on individual due to other causes like rashes, blisters, wheals, nodule, papule or macule.
  4. Impetigo, this is a skin disease caused by bacterial that at most attack the face resulting to formation of pustules and yellow crusty sores. It is characterized by itchy rash and fluid-filled blister that pop easily. The disease is highly contagious and it can spread fast from one individual to another. The condition is common in children.
  5. Chickenpox is a common childhood disease that is cause by varicella-zoster virus. Some adult have had chickenpox when they spent time around children infected. The infection result to development of red, fluid-filled blisters that do not spare you face. Chickenpox form white bumps on the face when they are healing and finally leave spot on the skin.
  6. Psoriasis can be a plaque that results to development of thick red patches on the skin. Psoriasis can develop from pustular that form red bumps.
  7. Lipomas, these is a nonmalignant tumor on the skin .it is soft to touch and can move easily when presses by your finger. They are common on the neck and cheek. The bumps are not painful but some time can be if grows on the nerves.
  8. Seborrheic Keratosis, this condition is common in older adults that start to grow like tumors that are not harmful. They are usually oval-shaped bumps on the face and other part of the body.
  9. Staph infection, the condition usually comes without any illness which results to development of red fluid-filled and painful bumps on the skin. If infected it may confuse you with spider bites because it resemble it with yellow or white center with a head.

White Bumps on Face not Milia

milia in babies

milia in babies

Milia is a skin condition common in babies than in adults. Milia forms when skin pores on the skin get clogged with tiny skin flakes  which  eventually appears as small white bumps on nose chin or cheeks. Although these are the common areas of interest, the condition can affect any other part of the body.

Milia is likely to disappear on its own especially among  young children  although it can persist among adults. Dermatologist recommend healthy skin habits to avoid the condition . Other factors that might also cause bumps on your face include the following:

  1. Skin irritation: presence of annoying white pimples on the face may be caused by irritation of some chemical presence in the body makeups. Some makeups contain chemical components that are rejected by the body hence causes irritation that cause white acnes. White pimples around the mouth part may be due to fluoride containing toothpastes.
  2. Viral attack: viral infection can be one of the causal agents of white papule on your face. Molluscum contagiosum virus which is a sexual transmitted infection and can spread through direct contact with infected person. The common symptom of this infection is the development of white pimples on the face.
  3. Effect of sunlight: sun damage may also be blamed for the appearing of white bumps on the face. Other than causing sunburns, dark spot and skin cancer, it also cause development of thick skin that finally develop in to milia which is characterized by white bumps.
  4. Heavy moisturizers: the use moisturizers helps to keep your skin hydrated and supple which maintain the skin smooth but it interfere with proper exfoliation of the dead skin cell that result to condition of milia that is manifested by appearance of white bumps on the skin.
  5. Hereditary factor: genetic predisposing factor of some skin condition like milia is one of the causes of white bumps on the skin. it is possible to inherit skin factor traits susceptible to white bumps.

Small Hard White Bumps on Face

Does your skin have small hard white bumps particularly on the face?  If you have tiny white pimple like bumps on your nose, chin or cheeks, the condition can be attributed to milia. The problem of milia is common among babies and 50% of newborns are affected by milia. The condition can also affect any age of individuals.

The condition of milia develops when the dead skin cell get trapped beneath the surface of the skin that result to growth of small hard cyst. The cyst can be differentiated from the acne because they do not form painful bumps that are red .milia bumps are only filled with protein, usually keratin.

Milia also happen as a result of sun damage that makes the skin on the face more thick and leathery that makes the dead skin cell not easily exfoliate. The accumulation of dead cell on the skin result to development of tiny hard white bumps on the face.

When you are using heavy moisturizers and creams can also trap the dead skin cell that may cause accumulation of keratin protein due to difficulty in sloughing off dead skin cell. Tiny hard pimples will develop on the face as a result of trapped skin debris.

Formation of small hard white bumps on the skin falls in to types: primary milia and secondary milia. Babies are associated to primary milia that come when their skin fail to exfoliate properly. Secondary happens to adult due to damages of the skin like burns, rashes and other blister that increase the number of cell that are trapped beneath skin surface.

How to get Rid of White Bumps on Face

Do you have white bumps on the face that keep on annoying you? How can you get rid of them? No need to be disappointed when you can look on the following tips to remove white pimples from your face.

For you to restore your face from embarrassing white bumps, you should understand the causing factor before administering appropriate treatment.

Bumps that develop due to virus infection or bacterial may be eliminated if you treat the disease but it will take long time for your skin to be smooth. If the bumps have persisted for long on the skin you should go for medication.

Keep your face clean helps to remove excess oil on the face that can cause white pimples. Young children should wash their skin one a day to escape problems of skin rashes. For teenager and adult they should wash their skin twice a day.

Use warm water to clean your skin especially on the face. This helps to relax the pores on your skin. After cleaning you should pat your face dry using a clean soft cloth. Proper skin care will help you to get rid of white bumps on the skin.

Use facial cleanser for the oily face. Children should not use facial cleanser unless get doctor’s advice to use it. Teens and adults should use facial cleanser to maintain their face smooth free from bumps. If you are unable to use facial cleanser to keep away white bumps on the face, use a mild moisturizing soap that is free from dyes and other chemicals.

Protect your face from the sun will help you to escape sun damaging effect on the skin. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible.  Protect your face from sun by wearing a hat that shades your face. Apply a light sunblock cream on the face.

Avoid heavy cosmetics that can bock the pores on the skin leading to development of white bumps on the face. Skin makeup conceal pimples on the face hence can facilitate the hardening of the pimples to cysts.

Home Remedies for White Bumps on Face

white bumps on face removal

how to remove white bumps on face

If your face has white bumps, no need to worry when you can use some of the food material and other products at home to nourish your skin. Have a look on the following home remedies you can use to get rid of white bumps on face.

  1. Honey

Honey has medicinal value that helps to treat white bumps on the face. It has property of antioxidants and humectants that keeps the skin moist to avoid dryness. Honey also helps to exfoliate the skin and keep away the development of milia. To make treatment, do the following.

  • Take few drops of raw honey, use your hand to spread on your face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and the rinse it off using lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure twice a day until you notice some change.
  • Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of jojoba oil in two teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on the affected part of the face. Allow it to stay on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse it off using clean water.
  • Natural sugar can be used if honey is not available because it has the properties of antioxidants like honey. Take one teaspoon of sugar and mix with one teaspoon of oatmeal powder. Add on teaspoon of water and make syrup. Apply the syrup on the face. Use it to scrub your face for several minutes and rinse with water. Repeat the procedure twice a day for duration of two weeks.
  1. Facial sauna

The practice of facial sauna is very useful to open pores on the skin to allow dead skin cell and debris to loosen that can cause white bumps on the skin. To make the treatment;

  • Take clean hot water on the basin and soak the towel in it for few minutes. Place the hot towel on your face and hot compress it. Do this daily for about one week.
  • Alternatively, steams bath your face. Place hot water on the basin and lower your face above hot water producing the steam. Cover your head with a towel. Steam your face for 10 minutes daily and apply cider vinegar after steaming the face.
  1. Castor oil and olive oil

Castor oil has medicinal value and antibacterial property that helps regulate production of oil on the skin. Castor oil on the skin helps to reduce problems of white bumps on the face. The olive oil keeps the skin soft and smooth that facilitates exfoliation of dead cell on the skin. To prepare the oil, do the following

  • Take one teaspoon of castor oil and mix with one teaspoon of olive oil. Add one teaspoon of baking soda and make a paste.
  • Using your hand, apply the paste on your face affected by bumps and leave it for few hours and wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat the same procedure daily for two week.
  1. Lemon juice and sugar scrub

Lemon juice contain citric acid and mineral element that helps to exfoliate the dead skin layer from your face. Sugar scrub also helps to remove skin debris because it has ability to trap dirty from the skin that cause white bumps on the face. You can make the treatment as follows;

  • Take a fresh lemon fruit and cut it in halves and squeeze out juice from it and mix it with one teaspoon of granulated sugar.
  • Use your hand to apply the mixture on the face by scrubbing it gently for few minutes.
  • Leave it on your skin for about 20 minutes and rinse it off.
  • Repeat the procedure daily for two weeks.
  1. Sandalwood and rose water

Sandalwood is tropical tree that is known to have medicinal value. A mixture sandalwood and rose water is the best product used to get rid of excess oil on the skin. They also help to exfoliate dead skin layer that can cause white bumps on the face.

  • Make a paste of sandalwood powder with rose water by taking two tablespoon of the powder in enough rose water and mix.
  • Use your hand to spread the paste on the skin and leave it to stay for 20 minutes before washing.
  • Repeat the procedure daily for few weeks until you notice a change.

White Bumps on Face Removal Cream

The recommended cream for white bumps on the face should be having ingredients such as antioxidants that help to exfoliate the skin. They should be light enough not to block the pores on the skin. Moisturizing cream keeps the skin moist and smooth which reduces the problem of bumps on the face.

  1. Skin Recovery Daily Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30 is one the product use to remove white bumps on the face. It is a silky lotion that keeps the skin smooth and calm sensitivity. It protects the skin from spots and bumps on the face.
  2. Resist Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25. This is lightweight cream that keeps your skin moist and also protects the skin from harmful radiation from the sun. It reduces the visibility of bumps on the face. It has mineral that protect the skin from sun damaging. It is best ant-aging product that keeps the skin smooth.

White Bumps on face Treatment – Medication

When bumps take too long on your face you need to seek for medications that include the following methods.

  1. Surgical treatment: some white bumps on the face may not be removed by other mechanism apart from surgical removal. The method is effective to restore the condition of the skin though very expensive but affordable.
  2. Tropical treatment: this includes the combination of creams that contain active ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that help to remove the bumps on the face.
  3. Curettage method: This mechanism uses sharp tool like razor blade to scrape off the bumps. These should be done in gentle manner to prevent physical hurting of the skin. Use sterilizes equipment to avoid spread of infection.
  4. Cryotherapy treatment: these are the use of very low temperature liquid hydrogen to freeze off the white bumps on the skin. The method is common used in most clinics to treat bumps and other skin rashes.
  5. Oral medication that is prescribed by your doctor can be used to treat white bumps on the face if cause by infection such as fungal or bacterial.
  6. Laser treatment: the method uses laser beam to remove bumps on the skin that has persisted. It is effective method but very expensive.
  7. Chemical peeling: these are one of the treatments that applies chemical that burns the top layer of the skin that contain the bumps leaving your skin smooth.

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