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White Spots

White Spots on Gums, Bumps, Pictures, Painful, after using Hydrogen Peroxide, Brushing, Whitening, Baby, Get Rid

white marks on gums

What causes white spots on gums? Get insights on reasons for white bumps on your gums, painful white spots after using hydrogen peroxide, brushing, whitening and how to get rid fast.

white patches on gums

white spots on gums

White Spots on Gums Causes

Leukoplakia is a medical term used by dentists to describe white spots on gums, teeth, tongue, inside of the cheeks, or on the floor of the mouth. Leukoplakia affects the mucus membrane lining inside the mouth.

During the occurrence of the condition, thick white patches develops on your gums. These white spots may also develop in the entire part of the mouth. You cannot scrape leukoplakia white spots from your gums or other areas of the mouth.

This patches are usually white in color but may be grey in some areas. These spots usually have an uneven shape and have a slightly raised, firm surface. When the spots come in contact with spicy or acidic foods it may cause pain. Sometimes the white spots have a fuzzy appearance, a condition dentists may refer to as hairy leukoplakia.

Causes of white spots on gums

Leukoplakia can be caused by several conditions in the mouth. Here are some of the conditions that may result to the white spots:

  • Irritation from rough teeth, fillings, or crowns, ill- fitting dentures that rub against your cheek or gum
  • Chronic smoking, pipe smoking or other tobacco use
  • When your lips are exposed too much sunshine.
  • Oral cancer although in rare cases
  • HIV or AIDS

Symptoms of leukoplakia

The presence of white or gray colored patches on the tongue, gums, roof of your mouth, or the inside of the cheeks of your mouth may be a sign of leukoplakia. The patch may have formed in a slow manner over weeks to months and be thick, slightly raised, and may eventually take on a hardened and rough texture. In most cases the white spots on gum are painless, but maybe sensitive to touch, heat, spicy foods, or in general irritation.

Diagnosis of the white spots

The dentist may suspect leukoplakia during the examination of the mouth, however a biopsy will likely be taken to come up with other causes such as oral cancer. During the process of biopsy, a small piece of tissue from the lesion is removed and taken to lab for examination. A numbing agent is used so that you do not fill pain during the exercise.

Treatment of the white spots on gums

Dentist have no clear cause of leukoplakia but they think the condition may be the result of irritation. Rough teeth, dentures or dental work may cause oral irritation in some people, as can tobacco use- especially pipe smoking – and alcohol use. Research shows that white spots on gums is most common among the elderly people.

Leukoplakia are usually harmless and go away after some days or weeks. Avoid alcohol and stop all tobacco use, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and chewing tobacco. If you use these products.

If eliminating the source of irritation is ineffective in reducing leukoplakia, the lesion may need to be surgically removed. The lesion can be removed either by your general dentist or by an oral surgeon.

Hairy leukoplakia requires treatment with an antiviral medication which can be acquired over the counter with prescription from a qualified person.

Can white spots on gum be a sign of cancer?

National dental organization warn that white patches on your gums can also be a sign of gum cancer. These experts recommend you return to your healthcare professional for re- evaluation and who will consider a biopsy if the white spots on your gums do not heal within two weeks.

White Bumps on Gums

white lump on gums

white bumps on gums

The presence of white bumps on the gums can be an indication of different conditions. It can be felt as a bump or even a hard or soft lump somewhere on the gums. An infection, such as the bacterial infection or even localized abscess, may present as a mass on the gums.

Oral cancers [also called gum or mouth cancer] or even tumors of the teeth or the jaw are very rare causes of a mass on the gums. A cyst of the jaw is also a very possible cause of the lump or mass on the gums

White spots on gums can also rise from traumatic injuries as well as canker sores which are the most common reasons for gum bumps. Sometimes, the hormonal changes of the pregnancy may lead to a small lump or even bump to form near the gum line, also known as a pyogenic granuloma or the granuloma gravidarum.

There is a flat bone called torus which is a benign bony growth that is found on the tongue side of the lower jaw, or even on the hard palate. This small bump on gums probably got its name from their bulbous shape and the fact that they are usually made of strong, solid bone.

The tori is not a very big issue, but when the removable prosthesis like the partial dentures or even complete dentures must be fully fitted, or you have many growths that grow very large that they can touch or irritate each other.

Not all mouth sores and lesions are cancerous. If the lump on gums is on the arch side of the jaw, it is very possible that it is a torus, which is very harmless, small bony bump on gums, especially if it is too hard.

White Spots on Gums in Mouth Pictures

Spots on gums may be caused by numerous things. The spots may be white, red, gray or even white grayish. Here are some of the photos and pictures that will enable you figure out the gums conditions after whitening.

Painful White Spots on Gums

Spots that occur on gums can be of any size or even any color ranging from white, to red, to grey, and it may have indications of infection, such as the redness or the pus. Some of these very lumps are too serious and very painful, some of them may be treated easily using home remedies or the over the counter drugs.

Most common causes of these painful spots


Sometimes a very simple irritation of one particular area can lead to a bump on gums. It usually happens if one have had something in the mouth pressing against one particular spot, or if you have a habit of moving the teeth in such a way that they scrape against the opposite gum. These irritations may lead to the immune system forming white spots on gums to try to protect the area.

Canker sores

This is ulcerations that are very common and can be brought about by several things, such as spicy foods, infection, and even the excessive heat in food or body. They may be white and very painful, pink or red and usually look as a lump.


Gingivitis is a gum disease that starts with inflammation, which may feel like bump on gums, then becomes worse without the treatment. The bacteria is slowly getting rid of the surrounding tissue.

Tooth extraction

White spots on gum can as well appear after a tooth extraction. This may be a blood clot that forms there during the healing process, or simply due to irritation to the area, which may go away within very few days or weeks.


Symptoms of the white painful spots on gums

A bump on gums appear with something very simple or even something serious. Infections may form as a mass on the gums and they may also have the pain and the swelling, and you may run a high fever. Sometimes the oral cancers look as a lump on the gums, and that is the reason one may need to always have a lump on gums checked out, regardless of the reasons for it.

The most common reasons for the lumps on the gums are the canker sores, which occur to a good number of people, and those also tend to go away on their own or by use of over the counter medicines.

Traumatic injuries as well, like having a tooth being extracted, may also result to pain, tenderness as well as lumps. Occasionally the hormonal changes of the pregnancy may lead to the lumps in the mouth, and they usually disappear as soon as the pregnancy period ends.

White Spots on Gums after using Hydrogen Peroxide

white patches on gums

white patches on gums

Sugar does not cause cavities, the problem with sugar is bacteria. The more sugar the more dental bacteria you invite to affect your teeth. As the tooth is affected, the gums will not be left behind. The acid bacteria release dissolves tiny holes in tooth enamel.

The holes are new cavities. Food particles are held in the cavities and pellicle containing food particles form on the surface of cavities. The bacteria releases the acid on the food particles as cavities become larger and deeper. Hydrogen peroxide is used to kill dental bacteria hence in the process result to white spots on gums.

Hydrogen peroxide may at first turn areas of your gum line white but will return to the original color after an hour. Gum cells opened by injuries like acid of bacteria spill the enzyme catalase they contain. Catalase breaks hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen forming a dense white spots on gums. The white form is the same white form formed when hydrogen peroxide is poured on a cut.

If used for too long, hydrogen peroxide alone will damage gum cells turning areas of the gum along the gum line white regardless of the bacteria.


Why hydrogen peroxide turn gums white

The reason why excess time with hydrogen peroxide starts to turn the gums white and the reason why you swish with HP for only 5 seconds and rinse with water after is because HP is an irritant for gums hence causes white spots on gums.

Misuse of HP can also cause gums to separate from teeth especially from lower gums.

White Spots on Gums after Brushing

When carrying out your normal dental hygiene you may cause a condition on your gums leave alone the tongue and inner cheeks. The gum linings are made of a thin membrane that can easily be broken or cut by the sharp ends of the brush.

After the gums are been broken, the use of hydrogen peroxide may leave behind white forms on the cuts which appear like white spots on gums.

It is very much important when carrying out the teeth cleanness to be careful not to hurt the thin skin of the mouth as it may result to more problems such as infection.

White Spots on Gums after Whitening

Once it comes to whitening your teeth, even those with an impeccable oral hygiene routine will suffer from some level of discoloration eventually, there are some methods that used for teeth whitening also to lighten the color of your teeth it is quick and easy without causing white spots on gums. Some of teeth whitening kits work using a bleaching agent, usually containing peroxide.

Chair-side whitening

The method will take some weeks and require multiple trips to your dentist. After you have examined, your first appointment will involve having a mould of your teeth cast using dental putty. After 5-10 days a professional will use this mould to create a custom-made tooth whitening tray for the patient. Immediately after the tray is ready, you will undergo the process of teeth whitening.

Whitening treatment that causes white spots on gums

Everybody with a healthy mouth should benefit from a teeth whitening treatment. Especially if you have gum disease or other dental problems. Your dentist advice you not to whiten your teeth until successfully treated. In most cases teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. Crowns, bridges, fillings and veneer cannot be whitened. This can end up leaving you with uneven teeth coloration. If you have white spots on gums this process might become more noticeable after bleaching.

Is teeth whitening effective to gums?

Most people find that their teeth are much sensitive with associated itching gums which may result to white spots, for the next couple of days following treatment. This is not usually experienced as a constant pain, but intermittent bursts of discomfort. It is recommended that you avoid especially hot or cold food or drink for around 24- 48 hours after treatment. Your dentist will provide advice on how to manage the short- term pain after treatment.

White Spots on Baby Gums

Immediately after the baby is born there are numerous inspections that are done like thorough examination of the body, including the mouth, to make sure there are no white spots on gums and other strange patches. Most of the time a baby’s gums, tongue and soft palate are normally developed and ready to perform their activities. In unexpected circumstances there are harmless variations that may bring up anxiety to parents.

Some variations in baby’s mouth after birth

Epstein’s pearls – these are small, white, and pearl- like spots that appear on the roof of the mouth. The bumps are harmless and tend to disappear within a few weeks on their own.

Bohn’s nodules – they are also small, white and pearl-like bumps that form on either side of the baby palates they are neither harmful nor infectious and they usually disappear on their own.

Inclusion cysts– are small bumps that appear along the crest of the gum ridge forming white spots on gums. They are harmless as well and usually disappear on their own.

Natal and neonatal teeth– some infants are born with one or more teeth. They are called natal teeth. Some babies have teeth emerge into their mouth within the first 30 days of their life. These are called neonatal teeth. Because these are primary or baby teeth, not extra teeth, it is important to keep them if possible. In other cases, natal or neonatal teeth may have to be removed. Removal may be the best if they are likely to come loose or if they interfere with feeding or significantly irritate the baby’s tongue or lip.

Caring of your baby’s mouth.

If all this above variations are left, they may cause more problems like formation of white spots on gum. The white spots may result from irritation or even the gums rubbing against each other. It is important to consult the doctor or nurse on the welfare of the infant’s mouth each visit.

Your baby have no teeth, but you should still clean his or her mouth.

It is a good idea to get in the habit of cleaning your baby’s gums soon after birth. Although there may be a little fussing at first, your infant will get used to having the mouth cleaned like other parts of the body. Many children grow to enjoy tooth brushing as part of their daily routine.

To clean your baby’s mouth

  • Lay your baby in a lap. The head should be close to your chest so that you can look directly into your infant’s mouth.
  • Clean the gums by rubbing a clean, damp, washcloth along the child’s upper and lower gums. You can also use terrycloth finger cots, which fit over the finger and are made for this purpose. You can find them in many drugstores.
  • When the teeth appears, switch to a soft-bristled, infant-size toothbrush. Unless your dentist advise you otherwise, start using a toothpaste with fluoride. For children who are below 3 years, use only a smear of toothpaste a very little one on the bristles of the toothbrush.
  • Follow these instructions at least twice a day every after breakfast and once after the last feeding of the day.

How to Get Rid of White Spots on Gums

white spots on gums

white spots on gums

Coping up with painful spots on gum can be very uncomfortable. The irritation plus the annoying inflammation may deny you some good moments with friends or even having a glass of your wine. To handle this problems can be simple if the problem is not much great.

Here are various ways to remove white bumps and spots on your gums.

Use of salt and glove oil

When dealing the pain that result from bumps on gums, salty water rinses may help in easing the pain and even removing it completely. Using glove oil on the spot may also give you some relief. When you want the pain to go faster you can as well use some prescribed over the counter medications. Try to use the mouthwashes with a very high alcohol content or a blend of a hydrogen peroxide and water to gargle and make sure not to swallow the content.


They are usually prescribed to handle such like problems. The antibiotics provide some relief to the white spots on gums within a period of about 24 to 48 hours, and once the swelling disappears, the dentist may want to get rid of the tooth or carry necessary treatments to clear off the condition completely.

Medical options

If the condition is much severe, or you suspect the lump to be cancerous, the dentist may perform minor surgery or advice you on medication including even if there is need for over the counter medicine. Scaling as well as root planning are the first options, and if that fails to work, a root canal may be in order. If that also fails to work, tooth extraction or periodontal surgery may be needed.

General dental cleanness

Keep your dental hygiene by brushing your teeth after every meal as well as flossing every day, and use mouthwash with a good alcohol content, to clean and freshen your mouth after each and every brush. This may also assist to cab the formation of pockets that keep bacterial infections in the teeth.

Regular dental inspection

Improve your visit to the dentist and make it frequent as checkups may prevent mouth problems through early treatment. The dentist may examine your white spots on gums if present and offer rightful treatment. This may assist to avoid the problems as they are handled before they become worse.

Choice of correct toothpaste

Some ingredients in the toothpaste you use may be irritative to your gum and even general mouth. It is always important to be observative and spot such kind of problem and quickly shift away from the product.

When to see a doctor

If you have a problem accompanied with pain when chewing, swelling of the jaw, or trouble opening the mouth, the white spots on gums may be at severity. At this point it is important to visit your dentist. Other complications that may call for dentist attention include a bad odor from the mouth that won’t go away even after mouthwash, occasional bleeding from the gums and fever or even swelling of the lymph nodes under the jaws.

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