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whiteheads below eyes

White Spots

Whiteheads on Face, Hard, Bumps, Spots, Pictures, Milia, Clogged Pores, Pimples, Removing, Home Remedies

A clear outlook at whiteheads on face that are hard with bumps, milia, clogged pores and withy pictures as well as how to remove them using home remedies

whiteheads on face

whiteheads on face, pictures

Whiteheads on Face

Whiteheads on face is a type of acne. Like pimples and blackheads, they are brought about by clogged pores. The sebaceous glands always produce oil that moisturizes your skin. When it’s in excessive sebum the oil builds up in the pores with dirt and dead skin cells.

The trapped oil swells underneath the skin and turns into a white pustule that is the whitehead. They are usually white or yellowish in colour. They generally form on the cheeks, nose, and chin and especially in teens that are going through hormonal changes.

White Bumps on Face

White bumps on face can be as a result of sun exposure, milia spots or whiteheads. In some cases, small raised white spots can appear on face after shaving. The bumps can appear as acne pimples, goose bumps, small cysts or moles depending on the cause.

The white dots on the face can be a symptom of a skin problem. Fungal infections may show signs of white spots on the skin. Same applies to bacterial infections, they too can cause small pimple-like zits on the face, and usually with pus.

It is equally easy to assume that any small white bumps on face are pimples. What if they are not pimples or even acne? Excessive exposure to the sunlight, milia spots, too much of facial makeups and infected pimples may all lead to tiny white bumps on the facial skin.

If a person has tiny, raised, pearly-white bumps on the face or even under eyes, then he could be dealing with what is known as milia. Milia spots that are around eyes are normally filled with a protein known as keratin.

They tend to appear also on the cheeks, nose, as well as eyelids even though they might appear on any part of the body. Milia are much like the acne bumps but they are not accompanied by the red rash as is typical of acne outbreaks.

Although they can as well affect people at any age, milia also tends to be much more common in infants or the babies. Milia spots might occur around the eyes and other body parts of the face that do not have active oil glands. Milia spots do not pop easily, and might go away easily.

Milia form when the dead skin cells get trapped underneath the surface of the skin rather than exfoliate naturally. These cells are then engulfed to small, hard cysts below the surface of the skin.

This can occur due to usage of heavy moisturizers, cleansers as well as creams or because of sun damage. These usually make the skin very leathery and thick resulting to a more difficult for dead skin cells to slough off as they should normally do.

According to studies, whiteheads on face are usually formed when the excess oil that emanates from the sebaceous glands clogs up the skin pores or the hair follicles on the skin. The sebum gets trapped along with other debris and even some bacteria.

Whiteheads on face and zits may also appear as the tiny white bumps on the forehead, jawline and under eyes. With proper oily face care, one can prevent whiteheads by;

  • Washing the face gently using natural soap at least twice a day.
  • If you apply make-up, one has to go for water-based makeup and not oil based ones.
  • Drink plenty of water every other day.
  • Avoid smoking and eat a well-balanced diet.

Milia Face

milia face

milia face

Milia is the term that is used for small, hard, white bumps that appear mostly on face and on any person. These frustrating bumps usually lasts for weeks, months or sometimes even longer.

Even though milia are not harmful, getting rid of them can be difficult. There’s a right way and also wrong way on how remove them, the wrong way can seriously damage your skin.

Unlike the acne, milia are rather hard, and squeezing has small to no impact on them. Also unlike the acne, these bumps may appear around the eyes and also on the other parts of the face where there are not active oil glands.

Milia do not have the pain that is associated with acne. If a yellowish bumps forms around the eyes and on the eyelids, they can’t be true milia. One may be dealing with a skin growth that is called xanthoma. These type of bumps are mostly common in people who have high cholesterol levels in blood.

Clogged Pores Face

Skin is known to be the largest organ of the body and it has many tiny openings on it. It is through these skin openings that the oil or sebum that come from the sebaceous glands gets to the surface of the skin.

The openings normally extends downward from the outer layer of the skin to several layers underneath the skin. These openings may get clogged because of a lot of secretion of the sebum or with dry and dead skin cells. They may also get clogged with the normal every day dirt.

It is very important that one keeps these skin openings clean, as when clogged the pores can lead to blemishes and acne. Maintaining a good skin care can keep these openings free from dirt and thus leads in preventing the formation of the whiteheads on face and possibly acne in future.

Here are some the reasons for blockages of the skin pores:

whiteheads on nose causes

whiteheads on nose causes

  • Oil
  • Dead and dry skin cells
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Excessive oil production by your skin
  • Excessive sweating
  • Hormones
  • Genetic reasons
  • Makeup
  • Bacteria

There is no a fixed age for one’s skin pores to get blocked. However, this commonly occurs on both men and women during their puberty stage. At puberty, there is always an increased secretion of the hormones in one’s body and as a result it stimulates the secretion of more sebum.

Hormonal changes may also occur during the menstrual cycle and also during pregnancy and these may also act as triggers for whiteheads on face.

There are also certain types of cleansers, lotions and cosmetics that can also encourage blocking of the skin pores. Avoiding the usage of too much of anti-wrinkle cream can also be helpful as they might lead to clogged pores.

Once the pores become clogged, the skin is unable to breathe. Oxygen and carbon dioxide do not flow well in the skin. The Oils are secreted but the waste products are not eliminated. The pH balance of the skin is disturbed and the skin is therefore unable to absorb the correct amount of moisture. This leads to the formation of acne, blackheads and pimples.

Each and every hair on the body arises from a pore, though we cannot be able to see each one of them, we can see quite a few. It is very important that every person to have unclogged pores on the skin as it is a required for a healthy and glowing skin.

It is also important as the accumulated dirt if not cleaned, bacteria may soon form into the skin. This may also lead to the inflammation as well.

Hard Whiteheads on Face

hard whiteheads on face

white bumps on face – clogged pores

Bumps form underneath the skin that are not red nor sore, but appear whitish, clear or flesh colored bumps are known as clogged pores. They are formed mostly on the chin, the sides of the mouth or hairline, but they can also be found elsewhere on the face. Clogged pores commonly appear in darker skin tones and on the face.

Most people mistake whiteheads on face for pimples as they may appear to look alike but there is a difference between the two. The whiteheads are different from pimples or blackheads. If one tries to squeeze the whitehead, they may easily break the skin which may result in permanent and reddish scar.

The exact cause of whiteheads on face is still unknown but most of dermatologists suggest that they are caused by the accumulation of hardened sebum in the skin pores. If the skin pores are closed up, the bacteria will remain underneath the skin, this will then begin to grow and after few days the whitehead will start forming.


The Whiteheads usually form on different parts of the face, but are most commonly formed around the eyes and on the cheeks. One should not try to remove whiteheads while alone at home due to the high possibility of damaging own skin.

Removing Whiteheads on Face

The best way that one can prevent the formation of these whiteheads on face is by following skin care regimen, as highlighted below:

  1. Wash your face for at least twice a day with the skincare products that are appropriate for your skin type. Use a facial cleanser that contain salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids as there ingredients help in unclogging the pores.
  1. Exfoliation of skin more often – at least twice or thrice a week. Apply the exfoliating products on the face, in circular motions over the face and concentration on the affected areas of the face forehead, cheeks and nose. A gentle exfoliator that is with small particles will encourage a newer, smoother and also healthier skin cells to grow. This will also help to unclog the skin pores.
  1. One should never forget to apply a skin moisturizer or the hydrating cream even if the skin is oily.
  1. For Once in a week, steam your face for a 5-10 minutes so as to cleanse the skin in deep. Steaming is important for it loosens the debris that can be embedded in the skin. When one steams the face, it widens the clogged pores and also soften the skin so as to cleanse more easily the impurities, the dust, traces of makeup, the dead skin cells and also the sebaceous secretions.
  1. One can also make use a comedone remover or a comedone extractor tool. This is a handy device that is used to help keep the pores free of blackheads and the blemishes. It can remove all the clogged dark bumps on the skin with trapped sebum, bacteria and the excess oils thus dislodging pore blockages and leaving the skin clear and smoother. This tool is meant to be used immediately after steaming ones face.

If one might just be having a few whiteheads on the face, nothing should be done on them but to be left the way they are because at times the whiteheads go away just by themselves just after few days.

It’s also recommended that one should not try to squeezing the whitehead alone, it’s better to go to the nearest beauty parlor and seek advice from a beautician or a dermatologist.
The cosmetologists are usually trained on how to remove the whiteheads and also the other forms of acne flawlessly. They use specialized tools to extract the whiteheads and without any risk of skin infections or scarring.
First the cosmetologist steam your face in order to make the clogged pores wider and also to soften the skin so as to cleanse easily. After the steaming, they then remove the whiteheads and the little pimples more easily.
They then uses a sterilized needle to prick gently the tips of the whiteheads. Just a gentle pressure will be needed so as to ease out the pus. This method is not commonly used by the dermatologist and the beauticians as a way to remove the whiteheads. This method looks similar to the way the pimples are popped but a higher degree of attention is needed on this method.

How to Get Rid of Whiteheads on Face Fast

how to get rid of whiteheads on face

how to get rid of whiteheads on face

The effective way on how to get rid of the whiteheads naturally is by learning and following good skin care practices. The following are the preventive measures that can be used effectively as a way to control the whiteheads on face from formation:

  1. Washing the hands before touching the face: one is not supposed to touch whiteheads, acne or blackheads. The Dirt and Bacteria on the unwashed hands may aggravate the whiteheads problem. If one has to touch the face, then it’s advisable to first wash the hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap.
  2. Keeping the face clean: Washing of the face at least twice in a day that is in the morning and at night before going to bed, using a cleanser so as to keep the face clean and by doing this it minimizes the chances of oil and dirt to build up in the skin pores. After that then Pat the face to dry, and do not by rubbing. a cleanser that has alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid is recommended, this is because the acids help to unclog your pores and thus ensuring that one is less likely to have whiteheads, blackheads or even acne.
  3. Exfoliating or Scrubbing the face: Exfoliating at least once in a week. Exfoliating is means a gentle scrubbing of the skin. Use a facial scrub that is according to your skin type. Exfoliating is an important so as to get rid of the whiteheads, this is because it helps in removing the dead skin cells that usually clog the skin pores.

To exfoliate the skin more effectively, it is recommended that you have to steam the face before exfoliating so as to open up the skin pores. The following the steps are to be followed;

  • Boil some water in a small pot. After the water is boils, remove it from the stove and place the pot down carefully.
  • Sit on a chair and Place the pot of hot water close to your feet. Get a towel and Place it over your head, then lean over the pot so as to allow the steam to come up on your face. Let it steam for at least 10 -15 minutes. Steaming of the face leads to opening up of the pores wider thus making it easy for your scrub to clean.
  • After the exfoliating, you need to rinse your face thoroughly using clean water. After that use a skin toner to close the pores. Alternatively, you can wrap cotton cloth around an ice cube and run it over the face to close the pores.
  • the other alternative way to steaming your face is by dipping a towel in warm water, then squeeze dry and apply it to the face. Repeat this for a like 10 times to make all of your face warmed up so as to let the pores open up.
  • If you chose not to use exfoliating product, you may use oatmeal and some curd mix as a natural exfoliant that prevents whiteheads on face
  1. Moisturize: Washing the face and exfoliating are good ways to keep the face silky and supple. But both may make the skin dry. By applying moisturizer on the face makes the skin keeps some moisture hence it does not dry. A Dry skin is susceptible to whiteheads. By Applying moisturizer on the face, it does well to the face irrespective whatever type of skin you have. It is recommend to use an oil-free moisturizer with salicylic acid.
  2. Mask: You may also use a clay mask. This is helpful in removing most of the dead skin cells. An Alternative is making use of home-made paste of baking soda and little water. Apply it over the face and let it dry, then wash the face thoroughly with water.
  3. Remove makeup before getting to bed: Makeups clogs the skin pores and also contributes to the occurrence of the whiteheads and blackheads. Make sure you remove the makeups with a good cleansing milk or using baby oil and wash the face every night before you get to bed so as to let your face skin breathe.

It is recommend that the whiteheads on face be removed manually by help of someone, though this can lead to an infection and scarring but if you have to do it then follow the following steps with care:

  • Wash your hands using an antiseptic soap.
  • When removing the whiteheads, you first need to open up the skin pores. Then wash the face and you follow the procedures for steaming as highlighted before.
  • Sanitize the extractor using alcohol before using it, especially its tip before you start using it to extract the whiteheads. Squeeze the whitehead gently using the extractor until the sebum and whitehead is extracted completely. Incase the whitehead does not come out easily, you should not force it because it can cause scarring and infection if forced.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and the message your face with the ice cubes. This will act as a natural toner and will helps prevent infection.

Home Remedies for Whiteheads on Face

how to remove whiteheads from face

how to remove whiteheads from face

The following are remedies for whiteheads:

  1. Drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day, by doing this, it flushes out toxins and detoxify the body system and the skin. This will in turn keep you hydrated and also less susceptible to pimples and any other type of acne.
  2. Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits. This includes those that are rich in vitamin A and E in your diet so as to keep the body system and skin healthy.
  3. Rubbing gently lemon on the face. It works well as an antibacterial agent and the acid in it helps in opening the pores and also removing the whiteheads.
  4. Doing body exercises daily. It does not only help in getting away of excess oils from the body system but also helps in oxygenating the skin to make it firm and healthier.
  5. Regularly changing of the bed sheets and pillows. It helps in keeping the pillow cover bacteria free which can otherwise aggravate skin problems, this includes whiteheads.
  6. Keep the hair clean and neat. Natural oil from the hair runs down on to the face, this is the main cause of pimples and whiteheads on face around the hair line. Clean and neat hair leads to less likelihood of whiteheads forming on to the face.

In case the whiteheads on face and acne do persist or is acute, it is recommend that you consult a dermatologist so as to get rid of them permanently.

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