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Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes, Fair Skin, Pale Skin, Moreno, Cool, Warm, Tan, Light, Over 50

hair color for blue eyes

What color looks best with brown hair and blue eyes? What hair color is best for gray eyes? What hair Colour best suits pale skin and blue eyes? How do I choose the right hair color for my skin tone? Get more insight on how to choose the best hair color for blue eyes.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

To identify the best hair color for blue eyes, require the consideration of skin tone and even the natural hair color. Look out how to match the blue eyes and skin complexion below:

Hair color for blue eyes

Hair color for blue eyes

  1. Blue Eyes and a Warm Skin Tone

The best hair color for blue eyes and a warm skin tone is all about golden and honey. This all an individual should be looking for to avoid color crashing with the skin tone. Honey blonde, golden blonde or golden browns are all great options.

If a person thinks of going for a new color, then he or she should try out chestnut shades or auburn shades. In case they appear a little bit plain then try highlighting the hair with streaks of red shades like cinnamon. A combination of Chestnut hair with cinnamon highlights can be a great look for the blue-eyed, warm skin toned woman.

  1. Blue Eyes and a Cool Skin Tone

Have ever noticed that cool or ash shades are considered the great option for women with cool skin tones and blue eyes? Also, Intense brown shades can play the great role as well but make sure you keep off from intense browns with red undertones.

A person could even pick to go with all color of black, blond or brown and include shades of ash, honey or wheat for highlights. Choose dark chocolate brown or even black to make the eyes really stand out. Black or blond shades also work very well will blue eyes and cool skin.

  1. Blue Eyes and Dark Skin

Blue eyes and dark skin can be a bit complicated to try match out the two colors, to be honest.  An individual can pick to go with coppers, reds, blacks or golden browns. This will force one to play around a bit more with highlights, though.

If one wishes to give him or herself a modern trend then trying chunky red, blond or even purple highlights, it is more fun and exciting look that still make the eyes and the skin tone to stand out.

  1. Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Women with blue eyes and fair skin usually have a wide of choices when it comes to hair color selection. If you fall in this category consider yourself the luckiest person ever and therefore, don’t panic but try out.

The best hair color for blue eyes and fair skin that are warmer tone go for chestnut shades or coppery reds. Most blond shades also work best in some cases.

  1. Blue Eyes and Olive Skin

Here Beige colors could do a great with olive skin and blue eyes. You can also try sandy or ash colors if going for blond or chestnut or coffee colors in case you could wish to go brunette. If you want to avoid color striking, then cool shades happen to be the best.

The most crucial thing to consider is usually trying as much as you can to get glued to one color throughout. Mostly, try to keep off from highlights since they don’t look good for women with olive skin and blue eyes. Shades of golden could make a good complexion in cases whereby your heart is set for this highlights.

General Tips

  • Go for colorist advice

The coloring of hair at home isn’t bad but you should seek for colorist advice in cases whereby you are a newbie. If you decide to go ahead then keep off from going for more than two shades darker or three shades lighter than your natural color.

  • Select the right kind of dye

Semi-permanent hair color dye is usually considered the best although they fade off more gently than permanent color dye that could mean getting stuck with a color you’re not crazy about for significantly longer or it could mean having to have your hair stripped in case you wish to get rid of the color.

  • Turn down overconfidence

This is one of the greatest action we usually make simply because you were dying your hair at home for many occasions and it becomes successful. It is advisable not to take on more than you can handle.

  • Keep your trust away from the picture.

This can display the model’s hair that has been stripped or bleached or just a straight dye and it should not move your mind to go for it instead seek advice from your colorist. You also don’t know what the model’s original hair color was.

Therefore, you should always stick to the swatches that have similar shades with your hair color. If you follow the directions and your hair take dye well, you can expect the color to come out like the shade that goes with the watch.

  • Read out the instructions

Most of you don’t read the instructions included in the box of dye since you usually consider it as a waste of time but this is not the case. Follow the times the instructions suggest if you want the dye to pop out the same color as the swatch. Otherwise, you could wind up with a lighter or darker shade than you intended.

  • Consider your hair natural color.

Gray hair is more course than your normal hair and it is, therefore, a bit harder to dye. You’re going for a semi-permanent dye that is a shade lighter than your natural color. If you follow the instructions, the grey may not disappear entirely but it will blend in with the rest of your hair.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

Best hair color for fair skin blue eyes over 50 years include:

Fair skin and Blue eyes

Fair skin and Blue eyes

  1. Classic Red

According to Diaz “As we age, cell renewal slows down, making skin less luminous than it once was,” “This vibrant color gives the appearance of younger, radiant skin because it reflects light onto the face the same way healthy, the youthful skin would.”

Again, according to Julius Few, MD, a plastic surgeon at The Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Chicago and New York, he suggested that Classic red also brings out the natural flush in your cheeks, making them look healthier and fuller, rather than sunken, which tends to happen with age. He also said the bold shade gives off a youthful energy.

  1. Multi-Tonal Blonde

Multi-tonal highlights combine well with cool, blue undertones in the skin and brighten the face, says Hill, making it a great option for fair-skinned individuals who are looking for a more youthful look without going too far outside their comfort zone.

The combination of golden and honey tones resembles a healthy glow and gives your hair the dimension and shine of thicker, more youthful hair. According to Bonus: The buttery color also softens angular characteristics, which can become more predominant as your face loses fat below the skin with age.

  • Soft Copper

It is believed that light copper can flatter your skin tone by softening the appearance of lines and other signs of aging around the eyes. In case you have a darker hair color, it is worth to ask your colorist for a natural dye which will allow the stylist to create a more natural, translucent shade than heavily pigmented box dyes can offer.

  1. Sun-Kissed Ombré

Ageing has a side effect whereby you end up losing the natural face since concavity and hollowness are created on the cheeks. According to Diaz, “Having lighter pieces of hair that frame the face draws the eyes away from any of those hollow areas, particularly in the cheeks.”

It is, therefore, advisable to visit your colorist for full balayage highlights concentrated around the face and ends of hair.

  1. Light Golden Blonde

Gwyneth Paltrow’s warm blonde brings out golden undertones in the skin for a bright, vibrant glow, this is according to Diaz. A two-time process like this is best left to the pros: ask your stylist to lighten your base color to this shade and add very thin highlights throughout your hair for dimension.

Best Brunette Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Brunette women are mostly considered to be the luckiest individuals ever since they have a wide choice or variety of shades of brown to go for and they still look gorgeous throughout.

The following shades of brown are the best hair color for blue eyes, include:

  • Golden Brown Hair Color

Golden brown hair color is a warm color that stands out to people with golden skin and warm brown or warm green or blue or hazel eyes.  Take a look at actress Emma Watson’s example of adding some dark golden blonde highlights to your golden-brown hair color for a beautiful color combination.

  • Honey Brown Hair Color

Honey brown hair color for blue eyes due to its warm, tawny hue, makes the greatest balance between light brown hair color and dark blonde hair color. if you have the fair complexion and light eyes then, you are amazing in your appearance and even look.  It’s also beautiful on a deeper, golden complexion.

  • Light Caramel Hair Color

Light caramel brown hair color is a warm, tawny shade.  It stands out for people with golden, warm complexions and warm brown eyes.  Keep off from this shade if your complexion is cool or extremely fair or pink since it will cause color striking.  This shade is also a great choice for balayage or ombré highlights in a darker chocolate brown base color.

  • Cocoa Hair Color

Light cocoa hair color is a pale, cool, pearly brown shade that looks awesome to an individual with fair skin and with light blue or green eyes.  It matches neither too ashy nor too warm.  Light cocoa hair color stands out when you add creamy blonde balayage highlights. It’s a great selection if your natural color is light or medium cool brown.

  • Golden Bronze Hair Color

Light golden-bronze hair color is usually considered to be luxurious and rich.  It’s a warm, subtle mixture of golden and red tones that looks gorgeous on warm skin. In case you happen to have ruddy or cool skin then, this color isn’t good for your complexion.

  • Sandy Brown Hair Color

Sandy brown hair color is a light, cool or neutral beige shade.  It is the best shade for people with light, cool complexions and light blue or green eyes.  Sandy brown hair color appears great with beige blonde highlights such that the combination appears sophisticated and elegant.

  • Light Ash Brown Hair Color

Light ash brown hair color is cool especially if your complexion is fair and your eyes are light blue or brown.  This is the shade can stand out if your hair does not have traces of goldish substance. Therefore, to have elegant result it is advisable to add a few cool blonde highlights.  Opt for this shade if your natural color is light or medium cool brown.

  • Dark Brown Copper Hair Color

Dark brown copper hair color is a rich, warm, burnished brunette shade. if your skin is fair or medium and pink, peach or neutral then this is the best color you can put on with confidence.  It makes brown, blue and green eyes pop out, and it’s perfect for people with natural warm or neutral brown hair.


Best Hair Color for Blue Grey Eyes

Pick red shades of dark brown or black hair color if you have grey eyes. Since grey is a quite neutral color it can work well with any hair color. You can even go for big contrast and the effect won’t be dull.

Putting into consideration the following factors:

  • Skin Tone
  • Clothing
  • Natural hair color
  • Weather

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Cool Skin

You are required to go for colors that are either cool or ash to enable a person to stand out. They can be platinum to ash blonde hair colors which happen to be the best hair color for blue eyes.

You can take base shades like intense browns without red undertones, blacks, and blonde. If you need more contrast then, probably go for highlights of wheat, honey, or ash hues.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

In this case, it is advisable to go for beige, golden and honey hair colors. You can try auburn, dark golden brown, golden blonde or chestnut hair colors as base colors.

A gorgeous look can create red hair color which also goes with blue eyes. Those you have fair skin and brunette hair color can go for copper brown shades or honey hair colors.

Blue-veined, cool-toned women are able to pull off a variety of different colors ranging from platinum blonde to brown. However, should you take this route, you ought to generally stick to colors with blue or silver overtones.

If your skin has a yellowish hue to it, it is advisable to try hair colors found the midway between blonde and brown with golden overtones. Light brown or honey blonde are good examples of this.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Tan Skin

Best hair color for Blue eyes can appear awesome in the following hair colors;

  • Vibrant red shades such as bold red
  • reddish brown

Blue eyes color individuals should keep off from bright blonde and brown hair colors. Blue eyes perfectly combine with violet-based red colors. Colors to avoid include copper and golden blonde. Blue eyes look amazing in violet undertone colors and chocolate brown.

Bluish green hazel eye color is rare and having it is such a luck. Copper red, golden brown or blonde shades can accent your eyes. Avoid copper shades.

Best Hair Color for Pale Skin and Blue Eyes Freckles

Those of you who have pale skin and colored eyes and they want to create contrast, black and dark brown hues are great, otherwise, choose between blondes and reds. Since pale skin can fall into the range of cool skin tones, then it tends to look good with light cool hair colors.

Pale skin and Blue eyes

Pale skin and Blue eyes

Try the combination of the pinkish and red undertones of your skin with colors like icy blondes, violet reds, and mocha browns. Other light blondes, such as platinum and champagne, also tend to match pale skin quite well.

If you’re pale but have a warm skin tone (yellow, peach and golden undertones) and brown eyes, consider going for light, warm hues, such as butterscotch, honey and strawberry blonde.

Hair Color for Blue Eyes and Fair Skin

When selecting a hair color to compliment blue-eyes, your skin tone and skin color are among the most important factors to consider.

Guideline tips include:

  • Determine your skin tone.

To identify the type of skin tone you have, you will want to observe the color of your veins on your inner arm in natural light. If your veins appear to have a green tint you are probably one of the less common types of blue-eyed women who have a warm skin tone. In comparison, those with bluish veins fall in the ‘cool’ category.

  • Clothing and jewelry

To ensure that you have gotten it right, take a piece of gold clothing or jewelry and then a piece of silver clothing or jewelry and hold both next to your skin. If the silver suits you better than you are probably cool-toned, whereas if the gold matches you are most likely warm-toned.

Best Red Hair Color for Blue Eyes

They include:

Warm skin tone for best hair color for blue eyes

  • Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair color complements well with deep golden red and rich, warm brown.  It’s an elegant and sophisticated shade of red that is beautiful on people with any warm or neutral skin tone that is from peaches and cream to golden or bisque, and with blue, green, warm brown or hazel eyes.

  • Red Copper Hair Color

Red copper hair color is a rich, bright mixture of red and orange/brown.  This shade will flatter fair-to-medium, peach-colored or golden-toned skin and blue, green or hazel eyes.

  • Golden Copper Hair Color

Golden copper is a warm and spicy hue with a mixture of dark golden blonde and light, bright red.  Go for this shade if your complexion is porcelain, peach, golden or neutral and if you have blue, green, hazel or warm brown eyes.

  • Medium Auburn Hair Color

Medium auburn hair color is a mixture of medium golden red and medium brown.  It is also ideal red shade for people with green or warm brown eyes.

  • Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn hair color is a combination of light golden red and light brown.  It’s a beautiful shade if you have a creamy, peach-toned or golden complexion with blue, green or warm brown eyes.

  • Copper Highlights

Copper highlights can be mixed to darker red shades to add realistic dimension and make red hair color look brighter and more energized. Seek advice from your colorist then, try balayage highlights for a modern, natural effect.  Add copper highlights to red hair color if your skin is fair or golden, and if you have green, brown or hazel eyes.

Cool skin tone for best hair color for blue eyes

  • Red Violet Hair Color

Red violet hair color is a rich with the modern shade that is a mixture of red and purple. It’s beautiful on people with dark complexions and dark eyes.

  • Red Black Hair Color

Red black hair color is very deep and dark with just a hint of red. This usually combines with dark ruby or garnet red highlights or panels to an overall black shade.  It is usually put on if your skin is dark or olive, and if you have brown or green eyes.

  • Ruby Red Hair Color

Ruby red hair color is a clear, deep, rich red blended with gemstone of the same name.  It’s a dramatic shade when combined with a pale, porcelain complexion and with light blue or light green eyes.

  • Red Velvet Hair Color

Red velvet hair color is reminiscent of the luscious hue of red velvet cupcakes. Go for this color if your complexion is cool, dark or olive, and if you have brown, cool blue or emerald eyes.

  • Red Mahogany Hair Color

Red mahogany hair color is a deep, cool, reddish brown color.  It is a good choice if you have fair or medium cool-toned skin and green, blue or brown eyes.


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